A Few of My Favorite Things for October

A Few of My Favorite Things For October

Just when I was finally getting used to September and the end of summer, October arrived!  I love the month of October; it is full of spices, pumpkins, and crisp fall days.  The only thing that would make me happier is if I had a fireplace in my apartment to cozy up by.  I truly cannot believe that we are only three months from the end of the year.  To get myself prepared for the holidays, I always like to take the month of October nice and slow.  It seems the closer we get to the holidays the busier life becomes.  It’s nice to spend these crisp fall days inside with your loved ones baking apple pies, starting a fun DIY project, and reading a great book.  Now that I have a baby, I cannot wait for the days that we carve pumpkins and the excitement of Halloween.  As we’re now well into the first week of the month, I think it’s about time I share with you a few of my favorite things for October.  I would love to hear what’s on your list, so don’t be shy and leave a comment!

HALLOWEEN:  I may never have really liked the holiday myself, but children make this event even more fun.  I am definitely not one for dressing up, but I cannot wait to put Cooper in a costume.  He won’t remember a thing but I only have a few Halloweens before he starts calling the shots so it’s time to have some fun.

TRICK OR TREAT:  While some may love to dress up, my favorite part of Halloween is the treats.  I have always had a weak spot for candy, and if you live in NYC then you have to make a visit to Economy Candy.  It is a tiny store jam packed with every candy known to man.  It isn’t cutesy like other stores; it is an old-fashioned candy shop.

HOME GOODIES:  Curling up with a book and some tea by the fire is my favorite fall day activity.  As I mentioned above, I am lacking a fireplace.  However, candles are the next best thing and I am now obsessed with Diptyque’s beautiful scents.

DAMON THE MARTIAN:  Let’s go to the movies!  Around this time, the films that are vying for an Oscar start to trickle into theaters.  Last weekend Martian was released and, even though I have a fear of being lost in space, I really want to see this one.  If you’re on the fence, check out the podcast Movies & Films with Johnny and Friends to hear what our guest reviewer thinks of the film.

BUNGEE BALLET:  I need to get serious about working out now that I am over my recovery stage after giving birth.  I have a wedding and the holidays to get through and I want to look my best.  I recently tried a new Pilates workout where they combine ballet moves with bungee cords.  Let’s just say I am in pain and it’s awesome!

NECK SCARVES:  Make a statement this fall with my favorite new accessory: silk neck scarves.  This style has flown under the radar for too long and now it is their time to shine.  I am very fortunate to have inherited lovely silk scarves from my grandmother, but I suggest you visit your local vintage shop and find the perfect one to rock this season.

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Currently Coveting: The Sweater Dress

Cozy up this season with one of my favorite trends, the sweater dress.  When you think about knitwear, a chunky sweater that you can wear with jeans comes to mind.   But since I am really not a pants girl, I am always looking for ways of staying warm while wearing a dress.  That is why the sweater dress is ideal for me.  Wearing a chunky sweater that goes over the knees takes care of two musts: staying warm and looking chic.  One of the great things about the sweater dress is how effortless it is.  Find one that complements you and pair it with tall boots and tights and you’re good to go.  Just make sure your sweater dress isn’t too tight; opt for a style with a little more flare to make it more modern.   There are some fabulous options out there at the moment, and for today’s Currently Coveting, I have rounded up my favorites.  I’d love to hear, in the comments below, which one you like the most, and if you plan on wearing this style for fall.

Currently Coveting: The Sweater Dress

Currently Coveting: The Sweater Dress Currently Coveting: The Sweater Dress







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Fashion Must-Haves For Fall

Fashion Must-Haves For Fall Fashion Must-Haves For FallFashion Must-Haves For Fall
Fashion Must-Haves For Fall



 1. CAMEL COAT:  This time of year, I always invest in a new coat. Winter can be long and cold and by the end of it you can be sick and tired of your outerwear.  That is why I like to start off fall with a new coat; it gets me excited for the colder days instead of dreading them.  If winter depresses you, good news!  Brighter colored coats are in and my favorite color of the moment is the chic and elegant camel.


2. SATCHEL:  There are no rules about what bag you should be carrying for fall, but we do tend to need more stuff this time of year.  That is why I love carrying a larger bag and I am a big fan of this satchel. It’s versatile, sleek, and perfect for carrying around and organizing my crazy life.


3. TURTLENECK:  When choosing a warm layer, make sure that a turtleneck is high on your list. Sure it’s a classics, but it seems to be a very popular choice for your go-to sweater this season. Wear it with wide leg pants, a mini skirt, or underneath a sleeveless dress.


 4. SWEATER DRESS:  I love dresses and cold weather doesn’t keep me from wearing them.  I am very happy that sweater dresses are making a comeback this season because nothing keeps you warmer than chunky knitwear.


 5. SUEDE BOOTS:  Fall and boots go together like peanut butter and jelly.  They don’t make sense without each other.  Since suede is trending right now, it only makes sense that you invest in a great pair of suede boots.  Whether they have a short or tall heel, over the knee, or a bootie, you should have at least one pair in your closet.


6.  DANGLY EARRINGS:  Out of all of the accessory options, I have always favored earrings.  This season, I am happy to say that long dangly earrings are making a comeback and I couldn’t be happier.  Dangly earrings can be delicate or make a statement.  Either way, they are a fabulous accessory that will only elevate your style.


7.  MINI SKIRT:  Because the 70’s are influencing fashion right now, mini skirts are in.  Whether you wear them flared or straight, this style is coming in all kinds of prints and colors.  Wear them with tights, tall boots, and a turtleneck and you will be a street style star in no time!


8.  WIDE LEG TROUSERS:  I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I am not happy that bellbottoms are in-style right now.  That being said, if I am going to break away from my skinny jeans, I am definitely on board with the wide legged pant trend.  They are sophisticated and elegant.  I highly suggest you get a pair in white, but if you aren’t ready for that commitment, any color will do.




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Style Guide: Feeling Fancy

This weekend, I am attending a dear friend’s bridal shower.  It got me thinking; what does one wear to a bridal shower in September?  All I want to do is show off my new fall purchases, but the warm weather just doesn’t want to go away.  While I’ve been delving into my closet for the perfect ensemble, I decided to use it as my inspiration for today’s post. I chose this beautiful smudge spotted silk dress from one of my favorite retailers, Jigsaw.  I think the playful print works well for spring and summer because it reminds me of flowers, but the dark contrasting colors works perfectly for both fall and winter.  To sum up, this dress is as versatile as they come and perfect to wear to a bridal shower without upstaging the bride.  Throw together the perfect accessories for the right occasion and you’re all set.  I chose to pair it with a clutch and some sparkly jewels, but swap them for a tote and a wristwatch, and you’re ready for work.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see what I end up throwing together for the event!


1. Giles & Brother – Skinny Railroad Spike Bracelet | 2. Vince Camuto – Charlotte Pump | 3. Jigsaw – Smudge Spot Silk Dress | 4. Kate Spade – Butter Up Studs | 5. Gigi New York – Harbor Blue All In One Clutch

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Color Crush: Marsala

My current Color Crush happens to be, Pantone’s Color of the Year, Marsala.  Everyone seems to have a different interpretation for what Marsala actually is.  Sometimes it looks like burgundy, berry, or other times even eggplant.  Personally, I feel that Marsala looks a lot like oxblood to me.  Regardless of how the color looks through your eyes, pick your favorite shade of Marsala and you’ll be fine.  It is a fantastic color for the season and one you need to have in your closet.  I have a feeling I may go a bit marsala overboard while shopping, but it’s very rare for me to venture out of my all black and grey wardrobe, so why not go for it!  Rich colors are what fall is all about, and whether you go head-to-toe, or just a pop of color, it’ll up your style game.  I am loving the color in sweater form, but I think any of these items that I chose are fabulous!  Need a few style tips?  Marsala goes fabulous with grey, cobalt, navy, camel, black (of course), and even blush!  I would love to hear what you think of the color and how you plan to wear it this fall.  Maybe these picks will help you decide.


Color Crush: Marsala | www.eatshoplivenyc.com Color Crush: Marsala | www.eatshoplivenyc.com Color Crush: Marsala | www.eatshoplivenyc.com Color Crush: Marsala | www.eatshoplivenyc.com

1. Ann Taylor – Suede Dress | 2. Asos – Bucket Bag | 3. LuLu’s – Burgundy Sweater | 4. Reiss – Leather Mini Skirt | 5. Zara – Dress With Bell Sleeves | 6. Asos – Coat | 7. Zara – High Waisted Trousers | 8. Halogen – Delicata Square Silk Scarf | 9. Zoya – “Toni” Nail Polish | 10. Nine West – “Howley” Ankle Strap Pump



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Weekend Style Guide

Lately, I have wanted to reintroduce my Weekend Style Guides.  When I first stared this blog, I released one every week.  The main reason was because I have always had trouble deciding what to wear over the weekends.  As a dress girl, I have no problem during the week when I am social at work and going out, but casual wear is another story.  How do you look stylish without being frumpy?  That has been an eternal struggle for me.  Thanks to this blog, I have finally found my weekend groove and, I want to share with you what inspires me when it comes to getting dressed on the weekends.  Right now, the weather is definitely influencing me.  It’s supposed to be warm but with rain, so what do you wear?   Well this post has the perfect solution for you.  When rain and heat are in the forecast, overalls are great for covering up and staying cool.  I, for one, love this style, and, even if you’re not a believer, hopefully this outfit will change your mind.  So what do you think?  Would you like to see more Weekend Style Guides?  I’d love to know what you’re go-to weekend attire is, so leave a comment below!


Weekend Style Guide

1. Chic Nova – Striped T-Shirt | 2. Asos- Darla Sneakers | 3. TopShop – Overalls | 4. Shinymix – Geo Gem Cuff | 5. Sole Society – Bucket Bag 


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Currently Coveting: Suede

This fall, suede is the fabric of the season.  There is no question that the 70’s have influenced the fashion designers’ fall collections and, one thing that has made a real comeback, is suede.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love leather, but there is a sophistication that suede has that leather lacks.  It can look retro yet professional, it can stand on it’s own or blend in with any outfit; basically suede is a versatile fabric that you need in your closet.  If you are going to wear one suede item this season, make sure that is a flared skirt.  I plan on pairing it with a mock turtleneck and leather booties.  It will be the perfect stylish outfit for a fall day.  There are a lot of fabulous options out there that I have added to this week’s Currently Coveting post.  One thing that I am loving is that designers are all embracing my favorite rich fall hues like chocolate, charcoal, maroon, and camel.  So tell me, have I convinced you to wear suede?  If not, maybe these items from my favorite retailers will do the trick!

Currently Coveting: Suede Currently Coveting: Suede Currently Coveting: Suede Currently Coveting: Suede

1.  Ann Taylor – Suede Cropped Jacket | 2. Dolce Vita – Hanover Fringe Bootie | 3. Zara – Suede Effect Dress | 4. Zara – Suede Crop Top | 5. Ann Taylor – Suede Tassel Belt | 6. TopShop – Suede Button Up Flared Skirt | 7. Asos – Shift Dress | 8. Mango – Suede Jacket | 9. Asos  – Fringed Cross Body Bag 


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