Wear For Summer, Layer For Fall

Sitting at my desk with the window open on this late August day, I have realized it’s the first time I’ve thought of putting on a sweater.  Does anyone else feel the crispiness in the air today?  Even though summer isn’t officially over yet, fall shopping is all I am thinking about.  However, as much as I love all of the new knitwear, jackets, and boots that are on my radar, it’s still not cool enough to wear them.  In-between seasons can be tricky, but they don’t have to be.  When shopping, it is very important that you make sure there is versatility in your wardrobe.  The key is to be able to make a smooth and effortless transition from season to season.  There are a lot of ideas out there that you have to pack away all of your summer favorites and replace them with fall staples.   I am here to tell you that that is simply not true.  You can incorporate your summer pieces with your new fall favorites.  It’s all in the layering.  We don’t have to completely cover-up just yet and we should celebrate that.  Embrace layering and find a good balance to show off your personal style.  For today’s post, I thought it would be fun to take three summer styles and put a fall twist on them. Using three key pieces, I have given you tons of options to make the transition between summer and fall as easy as possible.


A midi skirt can be worn all year round.  Whether you’re wearing it with sandals to stay cool, or boots and tights to keep warm, it is an incredibly versatile style.  I have chosen a midi skirt in my favorite fall color, oxblood, and I think it pairs nicely for both seasons.

Wear For Summer Layer For Fall

1. Joe Fresh – Cap Sleeve Blouse | 2. Matt & Nat – Triplet Cross Clutch | 3. J.Crew – Perforated Eyelet Skirt | 4. Eric Javits – Sun Cap | 5. Rebecca Minkoff – Studded Leather Sandal 

Wear For Summer Layer For Fall

1.  J.Crew – V-Neck Tunic Sweater | 2.  Asos – 70’s Saddlebag | 3. J.Crew – Perforated Eyelet Skirt | 4. H&M – Draped Jacket | 5. Vince Camuto – Annetta Mule |  


I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but white jeans are not just for summer.  I think that not only are they the perfect jean for the warmer months, but they provide a blank canvas for your favorite fall layers.

Wear For Summer Layer For Fall

1. Violeta – Paisley Print Blouse | 2. Sole Society – Ashford Shoulder Bag | 3. TopShop – White Jeans | 4. BaubleBar – Marble Garland Brooch Necklace | 5. Hinge – Drea Peep Toe Sandal

Wear For Summer Layer For Fall   1. Jigsaw – Rib Sleeveless Sweater | 2. Clare V – Flat Clutch | 3. TopShop – White Jeans | 4. TopShop – Trench Coat | 5. Sam Edelman – Paige Fringed Ankle Booties



We all love florals in the spring and summer, but they can be transferred to fall as well.  Keep the proportions in mind when layering, but there are ways to warm up your sundress to get the most out of it.

Wear For Summer Layer For Fall1.  Warby Parker – Kinkaid Sunglasses | 2. Rebecca Minkoff – Leo Envelope Clutch | 3. Mango – Floral Print Dress | 4. TopShop – Jean Jacket | 5.  Sole Society – Huxley Loafer 

Wear For Summer Layer For Fall

1. Zara – Knit Snood | 2. Faith – Belt Tote | 3. Mango – Floral Print Dress | 4. Zara – Blazer | 5. Asos – Early Riser Ankle Boots


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Currently Coveting: Mules

Today’s Currently Coveting post is all about my favorite footwear: mules.  We may be going through a bit of a heat wave right now, but last week there was a crispness in the air that made me think that fall isn’t far behind.  So, I thought it was the perfect time to talk about my love for mules.  They are the perfect shoes for transitioning from summer to fall. They look great with skirts, shorts, and jeans; you really can’t go wrong styling your mules.  Mules have a look like boots but, because they aren’t closed around your foot, you can still wear them when it’s on the hot side.  Since they are a favorite style for fall, there are dozens of stylish mules out there right now.  I’ve rounded up my favorites, plus, I will be styling them in a lot of my upcoming fall posts.  Hopefully, you won’t get sick of them because I never could!

Currently Coveting: Mules Currently Coveting: Mules
Currently Coveting: Mules


1.  J.Crew – Marlow Mule | 2. Mango – Suede Mules | 3. Asos – Hendon Mules | 4. Vince Camuto – Annetta Mule | 5. Kate Spade – Imma Sandal | 6. Banana Republic – Jolyn Mule  

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Weekly Finds

Links I Discovered This Week

Hello weekend, nice to see you again!  I, for one, feel like the week flew by.  Even though it was fast, I did get a lot of work done.  I hope you’ve enjoyed our back to school post this week; don’t you love new office supplies?  Now that the weekend is here, I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my family.  Since our summer days are numbered, we are planning on venturing outdoors and taking the baby somewhere fun.  Maybe Shake Shack in Madison Square Park or walk the Highline; we shall see!  What about you? What fun plans do you have in store?  I have noticed that the weather is changing already. Seems like fall isn’t too far off.  So, when you’re not outside enjoying the sun, check out these links that I discovered this week.

ATTENTION SHOPPERS:  This week, Uber launched Returns, a shopping lover’s dream come true.  Whenever you need to return an item you ordered online, just call Uber and they will return the box for you.  It sounds crazy and too good to be true.  Would you use it?

FIND YOUR WINE SOULMATE:  If you know me, then you know I love wine, so this article was right up my alley.  Discover which wine goes with your zodiac sign.  Mine is Barolo. I cannot wait to try it out and see if we’re the perfect match.

BABY STEPS:  Even though I have a dog and a baby, I am really nervous about getting a plant.  I know it may sound silly, but I don’t have a good track record of keeping plants alive.  Maybe this article will inspire me.

BOOK CLUB:  Have you ever wanted to start a book club, but you don’t know where to begin?  Stylist’s Jamie Klingler tells you everything you need to know to get started!

HIT THE ROAD JACK:  Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, you often get hungry.  Try making one of these road trip snacks by The Kitchy Kitchen and traveling will never be the same again.


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Currently Coveting: BaubleBar Embellished Wood Collection

No matter what your preferred wardrobe style is, accessories are a great way to express your inner fashionista.  They are extremely necessary because accessories complement, enhance, and complete any outfit.  Everyone has a type of jewelry style that they prefer.  I, for one, am drawn to jewelry that is understated and easy to layer. That being said, I like to collect a large assortment of various types of jewelry from dainty chains to large baubles.  Speaking of baubles, this week’s Currently Coveting story is all about my latest obsession, BaubleBar’s Embelished Wood Collection.  Ranging from statement earrings to extravagant necklaces, this collection is all about combining earth tones and sparkly gems.  My favorite part about these pieces is the rich fall colors and I am surprised how well all of the elements are balanced together. Costume jewelry can really elevate your outfit.  It is playful and makes a statement, which is fun no matter what you’re wearing.  Pair any of these pieces over a tee shirt and jeans or with a classic LBD and you’ll definitely turn heads.

**Visit BaubleBar for details on the collection.

 Currently Coveting: BaubleBar Embellished Wood Collection Currently Coveting: BaubleBar Embellished Wood Collection
Currently Coveting: BaubleBar Embellished Wood Collection

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Back to School Shopping with Kate Spade

When I was in school, back to school shopping was one of my favorite things to do.  I loved getting fresh notebooks, colorful pens, and new day planners.  I am here to tell you that back to school shopping is not just for students.  As professional women, it is still important to have day-to-day office essentials.  Where is my favorite place to shop for these things?  Kate Spade!   It is perfect for someone who loves to be organized and that has a girly side.  If Kate Spade were around when I was a student, I would’ve been in heaven.  Now, I can enjoy the pretty gold and polka dotted details like their day planner, pens, and bow push pins.  One thing that is always on my list for back to school shopping is notecards.  Letter writing is a dying art, but I believe it is still important to do.  Whether I am writing a thank you note or saying hello to an old friend, everyone likes getting mail.  Do you like to partake in back to school shopping?  If so, where are your favorite places to get all of your stationery needs?  These are my choices from the Kate Spade stationery collection.  Hope you find something you love here too!

**Visit Kate Spade’s website for product details

Back to School Shopping with Kate Spade

Back to School Shopping with Kate Spade

Back to School Shopping with Kate Spade

Back to School Shopping with Kate Spade

Back to School Shopping with Kate Spade

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Movies & Films Review: Cop Car & Call Me Lucky


Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

By Johnny Pomatto


Movies & Films Review



A film buff goes through most of their childhood hating the MPAA.  There was so much that I wanted to see when I was younger but “the man” said that I was too young to see those tantalizing R rated movies.  It’s too bad though, because there’s lots of R rated movies that are far too juvenile for your average adult but that appeal perfectly to the violent fantasies of bad little boys.  Jon Watts’ new film COP CAR is filled with “adults only” content, but it’s the kind of story I would have absolutely loved to have seen when I was a young lad.  I’m not suggesting that children see this movie, I’m just warning parents everywhere that their kids are going to probably do whatever they can to get their hands on it.

The story follows two young boys, the apprehensive Harrison and hell-raising Travis (played with familiar authenticity by Hays Wellford and James Freedson-Jackson, respectfully).  Harrison and Travis have run away from home, (whether permanently or for an attention-grabbing afternoon is unclear), and while exploring the empty, barren woods of Colorado, the two stumble on the abandoned titular cop car.  At first the boys innocently sit at the wheel of the stationary car, making engine noises and pretending they’re in a high-speed chase, but when the keys drop from the visor and flop in their laps, Travis seizes the opportunity to drive towards the horizon on the open road.  There’s a wonderful kind of wish fulfillment in seeing this incredibly dangerous behavior of these children, while simultaneously reminiscing of my own similar childhood fantasies that I would have loved to live out, if only I had been as courageous and badly behaved as these two kids.  I immediately did my best to remove the element of danger from my mind and sat grinning at the screen to watch these kids go on the kind of adventure I only could ever dream about.

But the danger is still very real.  You see, this is not just some abandoned cop car in the middle of nowhere.  A corrupt local sheriff, (played by a magnificently mustachioed Kevin Bacon) has been in the woods and up to no good.  When he returns to find his empty parking spot, he becomes extremely eager to get his car back before its thieves or any other authorities discover some of the incriminating things he has left behind in its trunk.  Bacon’s redneck charm and determination is so fun to watch that we almost start to root for him to succeed in his villainous, child-murdering plot, but Harrison and Travis are so sincere and naïve during what they continue to view as an innocent and low-stakes adventure that one can’t help but admire the wonder in which their playtime is presented.  Even while their characters are wholly unaware of the peril that they are in, the audience is always far too conscious of it, making us feel like helpless participants in the action.  After the boys discover police paraphernalia in the back seat of the car, we are subjected to a scene in which the children put on oversized bulletproof vests and point loaded assault rifles at one another.  The sensitive and violence-conscious audience I saw this with squealed with terror as the children foolishly played with real guns as if they were toys, and even while the scene filled me with a tense dread of recognizing the scenario as the kind of familiar tragedies we’re used to seeing on local news, I couldn’t help but stay in the same harmless fantasy that the boys imagined themselves to be in, and long for a time when I was just as fearless, if not quite as reckless.

The innocence of the boys’ situation does not last forever, and eventually real peril sets in.  As fantastic as Bacon is in this role, I must admit I was never as compelled by the film whenever the narrative would switch away from the children’s point of view and towards the adult violence that was more in line with other typical films of the genre.  Still, even with a few predictable shoot-outs, Watts makes us feel like we’re seeing this kind of story for the first time, as one would be when viewing through the eyes of a child who can’t comprehend what he’s witnessing.  Watts’ clear love for 70’s era genre pictures is not an entirely unique trait for the director’s peers, but it’s still nonetheless refreshing to see a director with nostalgia for films from before the time of younger key demographics.  I anticipated big things to come his way after seeing this film, and a mere 36 hours after I left the theater I read the announcement that he would be directing a new Spider-Man film for Marvel.  While the idea of seeing yet another Spider-Man film wasn’t initially all that appealing to me, I’ve since gained a lot of hope for his future project.  Watts perfectly captured the joy and excitement of two children getting to play with a very adult toy.  Perhaps his take on a teenager with a super power will feel equally unique and nostalgic.  COP CAR is destined to divide audience and spark debates about glorified violence and tantalizing children with it.  As an adult, I’ll freely admit that some of those aspects of the film appall and frighten me, but as a former child, I’m reminded of the exciting moments in life when playing pretend suddenly becomes very real.  It’s a bit scary, but one never forgets the moments that force us to reluctantly grow up.

MFF 2015


In the last decade, comedian Bobcat Goldthwait has reemerged as one of our most probing and fascinating independent filmmakers.  Having greatly enjoyed such narrative efforts as “Sleeping Dogs Lie” and “World’s Greatest Dad,” I was excited to hear that his first documentary would be a profile of comedian Barry Crimmins, a comic whose name I knew but very little else.  CALL ME LUCKY begins as a typical documentary profile, with talking head comedians reminiscing about how groundbreaking and influential this nearly unknown comedian was when they were starting out on the scene.  I’m not opposed to such a format, and I was perfectly happy to sit and absorb the legacy of Crimmins with the anticipation of seeking out some of his old recordings when I returned home.  I was totally unprepared for the change in direction that the film takes, as Crimmins reveals himself to be a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and while it’s totally understandable that he is not known to the masses outside of the 1980’s Boston comedy scene, it’s almost unforgiveable that Crimmins’ reputation as an activist and crusader has gone ignored until now.  Goldthwait’s film serves as a perfect uncovering of Crimmins’ history, as well as an introspective revisit of the horrific events that shaped him as an adult.  If all of this sounds devastating, I’m pleased to report that the film doesn’t shy away from comedy, and both Crimmins and Goldthwait are able bring humor to even some of the darkest moments.  Many victims of childhood abuse rise above it by refusing to let it define them.  Crimmins knows that his traumatic past is very much a part of who he is and isn’t afraid to interrupt his comedy act by getting personal and challenging his audience to think seriously for a moment or two.  It’s a tactic that makes for a stand-up performance unlike many you’ve ever seen, and it works just as successfully in the film to set a balance between the funny and the devastating.  But devastating is not a word I would use to describe this beautiful and powerful film.  If Barry Crimmins finds a wider audience for his comedy because of his story being told, we will all be luckier for it, but the beauty of Crimmins’ story of redemption is that he never needed our attention for millions of us to benefit from his tireless efforts.  As remarkable as his story his, Crimmins gets our respect by telling it his own way.


Hear more of Johnny Pomatto’s reviews on his podcast MOVIES AND FILMS WITH JOHNNY AND FRIENDS available on iTunes

A Few Of My Favorite Things For August


A Few of My Favorite Things For August


Another month has come and gone and now it’s time to get August started!  I am a very bittersweet about the fact that it’s the last month of summer.  I love the summer but, at the same time, fall and the holiday season are my favorite times of year.   What’s most important is for us to enjoy this month and soak in as much summer as we can.  For me, August is about transitioning for fall.   So, coming up on the blog will be back to school and fall fashion inspired posts.  August may feel like an in-between month, but for those of us living in cold weather states, we need to enjoy every moment of it.  Let’s get down to business already. Here are a few of my favorite things for August…



Love to go sailing on a boat but can’t get away?   Then take a boat ride along the Hudson River!  It is a great way to enjoy a beautiful day and feel like you’ve taken a mini break from the city.  Plus, you get beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline.




Before I even start looking at fall fashion, I check out all of the summer sales.  It’s the perfect time to stock up on swimwear, sundresses, and flats for when summer returns again.


Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.24.36 AM


Speaking of flats, I am obsessed with these shoes by M. Gemi.  They may be on the pricey side, but they are an excellent quality and well worth it.  I need this sleek, sophisticated, and stylish flat in my life, don’t you think?




I like to have friends over for a dinner party at least once during the summer.  To some that may seem really easy, but we are all so busy, it’s a lot harder to get together than you might think.  For my next dinner party, I have to have these beautifully designed flatware and trays by Suite One Studio.




There are a lot of ways to enjoy New York City in the summer.  Whether you’re eating the a king at Smorgasburg, playing games in the park, enjoying cocktails at a rooftop bar, or watching a movie in Bryant Park, there is something for everyone.  Get outside and enjoy the beautiful days ahead!




When it’s so hot out, I try really hard not to overheat my hair by using the blow dryer everyday.  Now I am obsessed with Oribe dry texture spray because it gives my hair thickness without having to use heat.


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