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I want to thank my readers out there because Eat.Shop.Live.NYC had an incredible summer and it’s all because of you!  As we leave August behind and jump into our Anniversary month, I am really excited for what’s to come.  Please leave a comment below to tell me what your favorite articles have been, what you’d like to see more of, or just to say hi!

I cannot believe that it’s already Labor Day Weekend!  Do you have fun plans for the weekend? Where has the summer gone?  I, for one, am taking it easy because I have a busy month ahead.  In case you missed my announcement, starting Saturday I will be collaborating with BattleShop by hosting a Fall Essentials Fantasy League.  So click here to join in on the game!  But, first things first, for this edition of Weekly Finds, I have some interesting and fun things to share with you.  I hope you find them helpful and inspirational.  Have a safe and happy holiday weekend and enjoy what’s left of summer!

I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU: ‘Friends’ famous Central Perk has opened as a pop-up coffee shop in Manhattan.  Will you go for a large bowl of coffee?

DINING OUT: With a new season comes a new batch of restaurants in NYC.  Check out this list and tell us which one you want to try.

RED CARPET:  I love award shows and my favorite part is always the red carpet.  Here is a list of best dressed from the Emmys that I totally agree with.  Who had your favorite look?

SHOP-AHOLIC:  Want to shop the Labor Day sales?  Head over to A Sparkle Factor, Stephanie has the scoop!

BEAUTY INSPIRATION: This two-toned lip is a beauty look I am very intrigued about. Would you try it?

WEEKEND FUN: It’s the last weekend of summer so let’s make it count. Go to a park and host a picnic in the city. I hope this article from Verily Magazine inspires you.


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Play Along with My BattleShop Fantasy League

Turn shopping into a game with BattleShop’s Fantasy League, perfect for fashion lovers everywhere!  I am a big football fan and, this season, I will be participating in a couple of Fantasy Football Leagues.  Therefore, when I first heard about BattleShop, I knew it was right up my alley.  BattleShop combines the fun and competitive aspect that a Fantasy Football league offers, with something even more fun: fashion!  Instead of picking players, you are shopping for clothes to put in your closet.  Starting Saturday, I will be collaborating with BattleShop for a Fall Essentials fashion roster.  Play along with me and build your dream wardrobe for fall.  BattleShop will provide you with a virtual budget.  Your job is to fantasy shop for all of the required items in my Fall Essentials roster and stay within your budget.  You don’t have to be a Fantasy Football player to enjoy this game.  All you need is a passion for fashion and a fondness for shopping.  BattleShop puts it best:  “The exhilaration of kicking a ball through the uprights is nothing compared to kicking someone out of the way for the right pair of Manolos”.

Join for FREE today and play along!  The closets advancing from their voting leagues to the Finals (on 9/7 and 9/8) will have the chance to compete for 3 AMEX gift cards. The top 3 closets with the highest votes win $100 (1st), $50 (2nd) and $25 (3rd) American Express Gift cards. Good luck!

My roster theme is Fall Essentials.  Share with me in the comments below, or via Twitter/Facebook, what I should put in my closet.  Visit www.battleshop.co and sign up and start your very own stylish fashion league!

ESLNY Announcement


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How To Transition Summer Pieces to Fall

So you recently bought a dress that you love, but now that we are approaching fall, you don’t know how to style it.  When I shop, I try not to purchase for a season; I want to make sure that I get as much out of my investment as possible.  You may think that it’s time to store away your summer wardrobe, but you’re wrong.  There is still life left in your summer staples; the key to making it work is layering.   Take this flowy and lightweight dress from H&M.  It has been a great piece to wear on a warm day, but by adding a leather moto and booties, I am ready for the cooler weather.   If a jacket or scarf isn’t enough for you, try wearing a turtleneck or sweater underneath the dress.  This way, you have added sleeves and can really get the most out of one piece.  Being creative with your clothes is fun, practical, and more cost effective.  To help make a smooth transition between seasons, pair your summer pieces with rich colors, bold prints, and more coverage.  The weather is unpredictable, so it’s important to be prepared and stylish no matter what the day brings. What summer purchases are you most excited to transition into fall?

Now vs. Later Style: Summer

1. Stella & Dot – Fiona Bib Necklace | 2. Sole Society – Denver Slingback Heel | 3. H&M – Pink Sleeveless Dress | 4. Asos – Aviator Sunglasses | 5. BaubleBar – Vertebrae Quad Ring | 6. Vince Camuto – Molly Tote (on sale)

Now vs. Later Style: Fall

1. Renee’s Accessories – Dip Dye Plaid Eternity Scarf | 2. C.Wonder – Reverse Stud & Pearl Cuff | 3. 10 Crosby  – Ynez Bootie | 4. H&M – Pink Sleeveless Dress | 5. Mango – Leather Moto Jacket | 6. Coach – Classic Leather Shoulder Purse

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Movies & Films Review

Three Strange Love Stories

By Johnny Pomatto



I wouldn’t dream of spoiling your enjoyment of THE ONE I LOVE by revealing too much about it.  At the core of Charlie McDowell’s directorial debut is an incredibly simple device, but wonderfully clever and ingenious things are done with that idea, so much so that I was angry I hadn’t thought of it first.  The easiest way to describe the film without giving away its surprises is this: Ethan and Sophie, (played by Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss, both giving exceptional performances), are having some troubles in their marriage.  Their therapist, (an amusing Ted Danson), recommends that the two take a weekend away in a secluded country house to reenergize their love.  Once they arrive there, some strange things begin to happen.  And that’s all I’m willing to say, as I don’t want to ruin some of the truly fantastic surprises that take place in the movie.  But I will say that this is one of my favorite films I’ve seen so far this year.  The kind of experience that catches you completely off guard and changes the way your brain works for the rest of the day.  It’s not without some rough edges, but considering Justin Lader’s screenplay is mostly used as a skeleton for improvisational dialogue, it’s incredible how well the loose style compliments the detailed, intricate structure of the plot.

The strange happenings aside, THE ONE I LOVE has a lot to say about relationships, specifically what makes us love one another, and what makes us want to stay with one another past the initial romantic courtship phase.  Duplass and Moss get the chance to play a wide range of emotions and sides of love and desire, and it’s their performances that make the film.  They constantly keep you guessing about what these two really want of each other.  I apologize for being so vague, but I find it such a rare experience to be able to go into a film knowing so little about what to expect.  Even the trailer for the film spends 2 minutes teasing you with the two stars questioning what everything happening to them means, without ever actually saying anything.  I urge you to see the film for yourself and discover the fun surprises inside.  It’s currently playing in select theaters but also available on demand on iTunes and Amazon.  Not everyone may share my enthusiastic reaction.  In fact, as I left the theater after seeing it, I overheard a woman telling her date “I’m so f—ing mad at you right now.”  It’s a challenging story that may reveal things about your own relationship you’re not ready to hear, but that’s all part of the adventure of love.

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Weekly Finds


Weekly Finds 8.22.14

TGIF!  Even though I am extremely happy that the weekend is here, I had another really productive week.  I am feeling really positive about this blog and hope you guys have been enjoying my recent posts!  I think one of the reasons why I’ve been so pumped lately is that my favorite season is almost here and I’ve been having a blast preparing for it.  Now I know that some of you are in a bit of denial.  It’s hard to say goodbye to warm days, the beach, and rooftop bars, but there are good times ahead too. I promise!   Since this is one of the last weekends left for the summer, I hope you all take some time to play outdoors.  I, for one, am heading to the country for some quality family time and, hopefully, some poolside action.  But before you jet off on your wild weekend adventure, check out my latest Weekly Finds post.  There are a lot of great stories online and I am happy to share with you my favorites.  I’d love to hear what you’ve discovered recently, so don’t be shy. Leave me a comment below!

PIN OF THE WEEK:  Remember when you were a kid and you drank root beer floats?  Well this week I discovered this fabulous drink on Pinterest. I can’t wait to try the adult take on a classic drink.

IF IT AINT BROKE:  Rumors are floating around that Tiffany’s new creative director, Francesca Amfitheatrof is thinking about to give the classic blue box a makeover.  I understand that she wants to make her own mark in the company but don’t mess with a good thing!

HEALTHY LIVING:  Do you love restaurants as much as I do?  Then this story about how you can eat healthy while dining out can really help.

FALL CLEANING:  It is that time of year again when I need to give my home a deep cleaning and de-clutter my life.  That is why I am taking on this challenge. Wish me luck!

D’OH:  If you are a fan of The Simpsons then start from the beginning by watching the entire series with FXX’s 12 day marathon.

FASHION INSPIRATION:  I love everything about old Hollywood: the films and fashion.  That’s why I chose this article about how Hollywood starlets like Katherine Hepburn and Rita Hayworth are influencing fashion this fall.

SMART SHOPPING:  Shopping is always a fun adventure but why not make it a smart one with these great tips from one of my favorite blogs, A Sparkle Factor!

BEAUTY:  I am always on the lookout for a new skincare regime, which is why this story on Verso Day and Night Cream caught my eye.  If it really does make your acne spots run away screaming, I have to test it out for myself.

Happy Weekend!

Color Crash Course: Black & White

After a summer of pastels, I know that you are itching to start wearing richer hues.  While I am not urging you away from fall’s gorgeous jewel tones altogether, I do want to focus on one of my favorite pairings: black and white.  I know it is not the most innovative idea, but it is one of those fashion statements that should be a part of every fashion lover’s wardrobe.  Before we continue, let’s get one thing straight; an all black and white ensemble is not trendy, it is classic.  Pairing black and white together is modern, cool, but never in your face.   No matter your age, time of year, or what’s considered “in style”, you can never go wrong with wearing this combination.  Whenever I find myself clueless on what to wear, my go-to outfit is always a variation of my favorite black and white pieces.  With this classic color combination, there are a variety of stylish options available.  Whether you go with a bold abstract print or simple and sophisticated color blocking, you will look polished and chic with this effortless style.  If you need to add a bit of color, brighten your outfit up with red lips and colorful jewelry.  The following are my favorite new black and white combinations to play with now or to debut in the fall. 

For even more options, check out my “Black & White Fashion” collection on Mavatar.  Happy shopping!

Shop My Mavatar Cart

Slide2Slide3 Slide4


1. Mango – Monochrome Knit Sweater | 2. TopShop – Window Pane Skater Skirt | 3. Miss Selfridge – Monochrome Scratch Print Tee | 4. Mango – High Collar Top | 5. Reiss – Otto Dalmatian Print Jumpsuit | 6. Dorothy Perkins – Monochrome – Skater Dress | 7. Banana Republic – Delano Drop Earring | 8. Cesca – Two-Tone Satchel | 9. Whistles – Brigette Spot Flat

Zara’s City Bag: The It Bag for Fall

The Fall Must-Have: Zara's City Bag The Fall It Handbag: Zara's City BagThe Fall It Handbag: Zara's City BagThe Fall It Handbag: Zara's City Bag

If you’re going to carry one handbag this season, make sure it is the City Bag from Zara’s Autumn ’14 collection.  Zara has designed a vintage inspired handbag with ladylike appeal.  This top-handled satchel has all you need for looking sophisticated and polished while carrying around your daily essentials.  When shopping for a fall bag, I want structure, space, and simplicity.  It is there to complement my wardrobe, not dominate it.  The more layers we put on for fall, the more we carry around with us.  That is why we need a bag that not only holds your daily needs, but also looks chic while doing it.  Zara knows that this satchel is a popular item because they have released it in a wealth of fall-hued colors. From vibrant shades such as yellow and orange to classic nude and navy, there is a color for everyone.   I believe the reason why I am drawn to the City Bag collection is that it’s reminiscent of the Louis Vuitton’s Alma handbag I have been coveting for ages!  But thanks to Zara,  I can now have this style I am so strongly attracted to for a much more realistic price.

 Visit Zara’s website to purchase your favorite City Bag!


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