The Only Summer Movie Preview You Need To Read

By Johnny Pomatto


This past weekend the summer movie season started with a bang with Marvel’s AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON.  Allow me to clarify.  The aforementioned “bang,” was a financial one.  While Marvel’s costumed heroes are already bringing in close to a billion dollars worldwide, I found the film itself to be a bit tired and soulless, especially compared to some of the better entries into the recent super hero canon.  Hardly a bad film, but undeniably a disappointing one.  It made me wonder, are these sorts of films even made for me anymore?  I like to think that I’m young at heart and still capable of enjoying a big, stupid popcorn movie as long as there’s some savvy wit and style behind it, but as I sat through the endless string of trailers at the multiplex this weekend, I got the feeling that I was no longer being courted for my ticket dollars.  Several of the films coming out this summer seem to be geared strictly towards children.  Not because they’re particularly juvenile, (though in several cases, yes they are), but because they rely on their audience being young enough to not realize that these movies have already been made.  I don’t think I know many adults who are clamoring for films like TERMINATOR: GENISYS, JURASSIC WORLD, or FANTASTIC FOUR, because we all still have fresh memories at the last failed attempts at breathing life into these stale franchises.  These reboots and sequels aren’t intended as second chances to do the franchise justice, but rather attempts to fool the youth into thinking that they are the start of something new.  Don’t believe me?  Go talk to an 8 year old and ask them what their favorite STAR WARS movie is.  Their answer is likely to have something to do with attacking clones or menacing phantoms.  This isn’t to say that I don’t hold out some hope each year to be entertained by the summer movies that make noises like “Boom,” “Kablooey,” and in some cases “Fart,” (I’m looking at you, Melissa McCarthy), but I also revel in the small, independent respites that get sprinkled throughout the season.  So listed below are the 8 MOVIES I’M MOST EXCITED TO SEE THIS SUMMER.  Some big, some small, and while all have the potential to disappoint, a small child inside of me holds out hope that these could be great films, and I’m eager to find out for myself.  Continue reading

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day, when you honor your mom with a special treat to show your love.  It’s a very sweet holiday and, since I am about to be a mom myself, a very important one.  It’s supposed to be another lovely spring weekend so take your mom out to brunch, shopping for the new summer collections, or a day of pampering.  For some moms, like mine, bringing a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of her favorite champagne is a great way to say I love you.  When we were kids, we would make our moms a handmade gift and it would melt her heart.  So if you are the creative type, I am sure this will make her feel very special.  I am not, so champagne it is!  For the occasion, I have put together a few of my favorite little items that your mom will be sure to love.  Just remember, she will love anything that is straight from the heart.

Also, if you need some ideas for activities or places to take her to brunch, check out these past posts: 10 Mother’s Day Activities in NYC & Best Brunch Spots For Mother’s Day.


Mother's Day Gift Guide

1. Kate Spade – Strut Yourself Pouch | 2. KT Collection – Beaded Earrings | 3. Rosana – L’Alphabet Porcelain Tray | 4. Anthropologie – Witherbee Soap Bar | 5. Kate Spade – Picture Frame | 6. Humble Chic – Watercolor Floral Scarf | 7. Voluspa – Candles

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Color Crash Course: Mellow Yellow

We all have that one color that we believe we can’t wear.  No matter how many times people try to persuade us otherwise, you just can’t wear a color that you don’t feel good in.  For me that color is yellow.  However, just because this hue and I don’t see eye to eye, does not mean you shouldn’t be wearing it.  I have pulled together the best yellow styles that will make you shine this season.  Maybe while researching, I will find one that I want to try.  After all, yellow is a great color to wear during the spring and summer.  Yellow is light, refreshing, and eye-catching and is fabulous when worn with white, blue, or nude.  Let me know in the comments below which piece is your favorite and I am sure it’ll be a great fit for your summer wardrobe!

Mellow Yellow

1. Dorothy Perkins – Lemon Embellished Bubble Top | 2. Anthropologie – Miss Albright Tortola Skimmers | 3. J.Crew Factory – Printed Boardwalk Shorts  | 4. Anthropologie – Grassland Melange Necklace | 5. Zeal Optics – Sunglasses | 6. Plenty by Tracy Reese – Thea Lace Dress | 7. Kayu – Malia Pouch | 8. Zara – Double Layer Dress

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How to Style Your Boyfriend Jeans

If you follow this blog then you know that I don’t like wearing jeans all that often. When I would wear them, I usually kept to skinny jeans, but as of late, my new found denim crush is the boyfriend jean.  What I love most about the boyfriend cut is that they are super comfy.  I don’t like wearing leggings around, so to find a jean that I can spend the day in comfortably is a big deal for me.  People can be against the boyfriend jean for a few reasons.  They can be loose fitting, saggy, and often times have intentional holes in them.  I find that whether you are tall, short, skinny, or round, you can make these work by just adjusting your top and shoes.  If your jeans are baggier, make sure your top is fitted; if you are shorter, wear heels with them.  As I write, the culottes are making a major comeback, and I think if you are okay with a flowy baggy pant, why not the boyfriend jean?  I have put together three day to night outfits for you to see just how versatile this pant can be.  Wear your boyfriend jeans with flats and a top during the day and warm it up at night with a light sweater and dressier shoes.  Once you have found the perfect jean for you, the rest will fall into place.  I hope this inspires you as much as it does me.  Now I am off to go shopping for my new favorite pair!

How to Style Boyfriend Jeans    1. TopShop – Scallop Tee | 2. Franco Sarto – Montage Sandal | 3. Lily Pulitzer – Pick Me Up Clutch | 4. Zara –  Boyfriend Jeans  | 5. Calypso St Barth – Halsey Stripe Pullover | 6. Sole Society – Emmaa D’Orsay Heel 

 How to Style Boyfriend Jeans  1. J.Crew – Linen Lace Tee | 2. Kaanas – Bahama Flatforms | 3. Asos – Clutch Bag | 4. Gap – Destructed Boyfriend Jeans | 5. Mango – Denim Jacket | 6. Louise et Cie – Esperance heel


How To Style Your Boyfriend Jeans

1. Zara – Printed Tee | 2. Soludos – Espadrille Sandals | 3. Rebecca Minkoff – Finn Clutch | 4. Mango – Boyfriend Jeans  | 5. J.Crew – Oversized Polka Dot Shirt | 6. Vince Camuto – Tami Heel

Movies & Films: Tribeca Film Festival Reviews

A Week of Films in the Triangle Below Canal

by Johnny Pomatto

New York has no shortage of Film Festivals these days.  The TriBeCa Film Festival has never been my favorite.  Originally conceived as a gift to the people of lower Manhattan after 9/11, it has since devolved into a showcase of leftovers from Sundance and an overpriced exhibition for premier events and upcoming summer movies.  Though it may be a craps shoot, there are usually some gems to be found. Here are some of the highs and lows that I saw at this year’s festival.


The opening night film at this year’s TriBeCa Film Festival was “Live From New York,” a documentary about the history of “Saturday Night Live.”  The premier was a star-studded affair at the Beacon Theater, filled with past and present cast members of the show.  But you wouldn’t find me there.  Not to sound too snobbish, but I feel that in recent years “Saturday Night Live” has lost a lot of its edge and danger.  So instead, I was downtown with the rest of the juvenile perverts, at the delightfully twisted new documentary about another comedy institution, DRUNK STONED BRILLIANT DEAD: THE STORY OF THE NATIONAL LAMPOON.  Douglas Tirola’s new documentary chronicles how an underground college magazine became a defining voice of a comedic generation that launched the careers of people like John Belushi, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, and countless others.  While many are familiar National Lampoon’s later film franchises, this documentary delves into the roots of their more depraved humor, and features some enlightening interviews with the likes of Chevy Chase, John Landis, and P.J. O’Rourke.  This comprehensive history simultaneously left me inspired, invigorated, and depressed.  In the new politically correct landscape, where lip-syncing celebrities pass for mainstream comedy, I feel as if there’s no place left for an institution like National Lampoon, where jokes are offensive by design.  Gone are the days when a racist or sexist joke could be used to call out hypocrisy without the joke teller’s character being called into question. DRUNK STONED BRILLIANT DEAD is an essential film for any comedy fan and it was probably the most fun I had during the whole festival.

Continue reading

Mixed Prints: Florals & Stripes

Florals and stripes are two very popular prints, especially during the spring and summer seasons.  I, for one, am a huge fan of stripes and I want to show you how exciting they can be when worn with floral prints.  I know that this concept can be overwhelming to some, but I am here to show you that there is nothing to be scared of.  There are plenty of understated and effortless ways to combine prints and I have put together three fabulous outfits that show you how!  Take a look and try them out.  Before you know it, you’ll think that florals and stripes go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Let’s start off slow with this first outfit.  For those of you who aren’t ready to make a big statement, I chose to make the floral print as the star and complement it with a striped accessory piece.  This way you can remove it and still look polished or wear it with pride.

Mixing Prints: Florals & Stripes 1. Juliet & Company – Forget Me Knot Earrings | 2. Vita Fede – Titan Bracelet | 3. Sole Society – Felicity Gladiator Sandal | 4. Mango – Cord Floral Dress | 5. Uniqlo – Navy Cardigan | 6. Rebecca Minkoff – Everywhere Canvas

Look number two is all about pulling off a feminine look with an edge.  Not only is this floral leather skirt edgy, but it is also cutout so the print won’t be too harsh when paired with a striped shirt.  Just because it’s warm out, doesn’t mean your leather favorites should be stored away.


1. BaubleBar – Crystal Hera Collar | 2. Club Monaco – Nicolette Skirt | 3. TopShop – Sleeveless Stripe Shirt | 4. Gigi New York – Jenn Bucket Bag | 5. Steve Madden – Nobel Bootie

For the final outfit, I chose a fun, summery look perfect for a day in the park or brunch with friends.  Out of all three, this one makes the biggest statement.  Make sure that whichever floral print you choose to pair with your stripe, there should be a common color linking them together.

Slide2 1. KT Collection – Ipanema Turquoise Earrings | 2. Asos – Clutch with Tassle | 3. J.Crew – Aquatic Floral Blouse | 4. Zara – Striped Shorts | 5. Madewell – Jean Jacket | 6. Vince Camuto – Vestata Mule

Would love to hear from you what your favorite outfit is in the comments below.  If you decide to tackle this mixed print look on your own, keep in mind that balance is key.  No matter what, keep and open mind and don’t forget that in fashion, there are no rules.

For even more options, check out my Florals & Stripes collection on Mavatar.  Happy shopping!

Shop My Mavatar Cart

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Movies & Films Reviews

Sex Monsters, Dogs, and Hipsters Will Kill Us All

By Johnny Pomatto

It may be difficult to find a movie screen this weekend that isn’t playing FURIOUS 7, but for those of you who don’t wish to see fast cars go vroom vroom, here are some alternate suggestions, all of which get my personal recommendation.



The bar for horror movies is set pretty low these days.  Usually the most disposable of genres, they generally adhere to a simple cut and paste template of false alarms and jumps, and even if the trailers haven’t spoiled every plot twist and grisly death, one’s enjoyment might not even be sustained past the first few scares.  But something exciting is happening in the horror movie genre right now, and filmmakers are discovering that it’s not the jolts and jumps that really scare us, it’s the waiting for them to happen.  Much like last year’s outstanding “The Babadook,” David Robert Mitchell’s new film, IT FOLLOWS, is a fine addition to the new genre, Dread Horror.

One doesn’t need to allow any huge thing to happen in a film like this, because our fear of what could happen is far more frightening than anything we might actually see.  Mitchell’s set up is simplistically brilliant.  A teenage girl named Jay, (Maika Monroe, of last year’s equally excellent and similarly toned “The Guest”), wakes up after a sexual encounter to discover that her lover has drugged her and tied her to a chair.  He explains that through their carnal act he has passed something on to her, a kind of sexually transmitted monster, if you will.  It will follow her, slowly but constantly, until it kills her.  Once it does, it will go back to pursuing him again, going down the line until it kills the original host.  Her only hope is to have sex with someone else, thus passing it on to him and securing her safety until that boy gets caught by the ever-following ghoul.  From that point on, Jay is always on the lookout for the spirit as it slowly creeps towards her.  It can take any form and is invisible to everyone else, so even her skeptical but supportive friends aren’t much help.  We, the audience, can’t help but scan the background for signs of the potential spirit as well.  That tiny white dot, way in the distance, that could be the terrifying stalker, and we wait with trepidation, as the figure gets closer and closer.

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