Let’s Go Shopping

I need your guys help!  I have started a very important search for the perfect cognac handbag.  Now this bag needs to be big enough for my crazy life but, at the same time, be chic, classic, and on trend.  Why cognac?  Firstly, I seem to buy only black handbags, so I need to get out of my rut.  Secondly, cognac is a very versatile color but stands out while your typical black bag blends in.  I used to think that wearing black shoes and clothes meant you had to wear a black handbag.  I know better now and, I have to say, I love how a cognac bag elevates an outfit.  I invest in a bag a season, so I decided that it is time to pick my new bag, and I am determined that will be of the cognac variety.  So, help a girl out!  Which bag should I get?


Let's Go Shopping Let's Go Shopping Let's Go Shopping Let's Go Shopping Let's Go Shopping Let's Go Shopping











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Weekly Finds



Another week of motherhood has gone by and it was a great one!  Cooper and I had a play date just about every day and there is nothing like seeing your baby laugh and talk with his mini peers.  Highlight of the week, Cooper’s first time on a swing!  It was a bittersweet moment because I know I’ll blink and he’ll be going off to college.  Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but I am well aware that every day is precious because time does move fast.  This week’s links that I have discovered for you mamas is all about functionality.  When you have a new baby, the smallest tasks can be so hard to accomplish.   That is why you need all of the help you can get.  Hope these links help make your day-to-day life a little easier.  Have a great weekend and don’t forget to find some mommy alone time!


WRAP UP:  I am in love with this wrap-around cardigan.  This sweater can be styled in several different ways, keeps you warm, and can cover you up while you feed your little one.  It’s a win-win in my book and I may just get one in every color.


SAFETY FIRST:  All signs are pointing to Cooper being an early crawler.  That being said, it’s time to get ahead of the game and baby proof my apartment.  How hard can it be right?  Hopefully these tips will help.


DRESSES FOR YOU:  I love Sonnet James’ slogan: play dresses for playful moms.  This sums up perfectly how I want to dress and feel every day.  I am a dress girl so this collection really speaks to me.  I want to keep wearing dresses but I need to be comfortable.


ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE:  As mothers, we need a diaper bag; there is no getting around it.  However, there are no rules out there that state you have to carry a bulky bag that screams, I have diapers in here!  Check out these elegant and chic diaper bags from Kate Spade New York.  No one will even suspect what you’re carrying inside.


KEEP THEM BUSY:  Now that Cooper is four months old, I have to work overtime to keep him entertained.  I have discovered this fabulous toy that will stimulate him and still keep him under my watchful eye.  Also, when he outgrows it, it turns into a tabletop so he can draw on it.  Win-win!


ME TIME:  I know it can be hard, but finding time for yourself is super important for any mom.  I struggle with this everyday. Heck I’m  working overtime to get this story finished before naptime ends.  Hopefully this article from Glitter Guide will help you find the balance between mom time and you time.




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Color Crush: Burgundy & Blush

I love burgundy and I love blush, so why not wear them together! In recent Color Crush posts, I have featured both of these colors as hues you should have in your wardrobe. Now I am here to show you how fabulous they are when worn together. Burgundy is rich and dramatic, whereas blush is light and romantic; this duo is match made in heaven. There are no rules when it comes to mastering this color combination. Just find your favorite styles and play around with them. You can push yourself a little further by incorporating navy, camel, or forest green. There are many ways to wear this look. I have put together two outfit combinations, one for day and the other for night. Whether you dress this look up or down, hopefully this post will get you in the right direction. So how do you plan on wearing blush and burgundy together? I’d like to hear what color combination is your favorite!


Color Crush: Burgundy & Blush

1. H&M – Knit Sweater | 2. Sole Society – Ashford Shoulder Bag | 3. Loren Hope – Marigold Siren Studs | 4. TopShop – Joni Jeans | 5. BP – Colorblock Scarf | 6. Sam Edelman – Paige Fringe Ankle Booties



 Color Crush: Burgundy & Blush

1. Mango – Flowy Textured Blouse | 2. Asos – Square Clutch | 3. BaubleBar – Lip Service Bracelet | 4. Zara – Lace Pencil Skirt | 5. Zara – Long Blazer | 6. Ivanka Trump – Tenice Pointy Toe Pump


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Movies & Films Review: Spectre and Brooklyn


The British Are Coming! The Irish Are Coming!

By Johnny Pomatto





There’s been a lot of notice taken recently of Daniel Craig’s highly publicized press tour, where he has appeared to suggest that he has grown tired of playing the iconic character of James Bond.  But his occasional disdain only solidifies his place as one of the greatest Bonds to ever hold the PPK, as you may need reminding that Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and George Lazenby were also frequently vocal about their bored hatred of playing the character as well.  (The only one who ever loved playing him was Pierce Brosnan, who in my opinion is responsible for some of the worst entries in the series.)  But Craig’s indifference seems to be being punished, (not monetarily), by an audience and critic base that is determined to declare SPECTRE, the 24th film in the endless franchise, a sub-par effort, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  But don’t listen to me.  I’m obviously a James Bond fanatic who sometimes believes that the very best Bond movie is whichever one I’m watching at the moment.  Still, while SPECTRE is not representative of the best or worst of the series (or even just of Craig’s personal canon), it is full of enough fun to recommend to even the most casual of Bond fans.

Daniel Craig’s films, which have been some of the most beloved and successful in the franchise, took Bond into a much darker and more human place.  This Bond was known to be indifferent to the preparation of a martini and have a more sensitive and enlightened attitude about his sexual conquests.  So people seem a little upset that Craig is now starring in a film that embraces the traditions of classic Bond films, and while much of SPECTRE seems to be winking and nodding to specific films of Connery’s, Moore’s, and Lazenby’s, I actually feel that they might not have gone far enough in returning to those classic tropes.  At the end of 2012’s “Skyfall,” Bond was passing Moneypenny at the desk to go into the office of a new M, who was waiting for him with a dossier containing details of an upcoming mission.  Finally Craig’s Bond was finished with being the rogue, reckless agent, and was ready to take on a mission and serve his queen and country.  But it’s not long at all before Craig is once again defying orders and going rogue in this new film, but at least it’s in an effort to battle the mysterious, evil, and titular organization, Spectre, which has been absent from the films since 1969’s “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” due to rights issues and petty lawsuits.  Perhaps Bond battling wits with a good old fashioned evil genius is too silly for modern movie-goers, who didn’t get to know this character until he was rebooted in 2006’s “Casino Royale,” although if they want to see just how silly the saga can get, I would direct them to any of Roger Moore’s later installments.  In truth, the string-pullers behind the franchise have been building to a story like this for quite some time, even going so far as to create “Quantum” in Craig’s second film, a Spectre stand-in that never quite took off due to a script dampened by the writer’s strike and uninspired direction from Marc Forster.  But here we have “Skyfall’s” Sam Mendes again, who if nothing else, makes this film look absolutely gorgeous from its spectacular cold open in Mexico City to its final shot.

Spectre is controlled by none other than Christoph Waltz, who at this point can play a scenery-chewing villain in his sleep.  He doesn’t phone in his performance by any means, but I would have liked to see more of him.  Much of Waltz’s character is saved for the film’s third act, for somewhat understandable reasons.  It’s possible that Waltz’s late introduction is only a tease for a larger role in subsequent installments, but perhaps that’s wishful thinking.  Accompanying Bond on his globetrotting adventure is the stunning Lea Seydoux, who wears her “Bond girl” role well, and is even given a more complex and conflicting character to play than some of her earlier counterparts, even if some of her later developments seem a bit hurried.  Backing Bond up further is the more active than usual M, Q, and Moneypenny, (Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, and Naomie Harris), though much of MI:6’s burrocracy seems like a retread of similar storylines in “Skyfall.”  To describe any more of the story would be getting into unsubtle spoiler territory, but the entire film contains thrilling action set pieces and chases, and even if the connection between those dots occasionally toyed with my expectations, I was always eager to see what would happen next.  If I have one major complaint about the film’s action though, it’s that one should never stage a chase sequence down a snow-covered mountain without someone, ANYONE, picking up a damn pair of skis!  Depriving me of the first decent ski chase in almost thirty years felt like a cruel tease and left me longing for this once proud tradition of the series.  In fact, I was almost never disappointed by what was included in this film, but I only blame myself for expecting certain events that ended up not happening.  At one point I was certain that what I was watching was actually a thinly veiled remake of one of my very favorite Bond films (I won’t say which one), but when I found I was misdirected, I realized that perhaps I was too clever for the film’s plot, which was equally trying to appeal to new fans of the saga, as well as those raised on it.

I know I’ve spent the majority of this review picking apart the things that came up short for me when I vowed to defend this film at the start, but this only demonstrates my true love for Ian Fleming’s character and the high standards I look for when a new installment comes along.  But even with my few quibbles, I must say I had the time of my life watching SPECTRE and expect to revisit it many times in the future.  There’s not a single James Bond film that doesn’t have a few clunky, odd moments that threaten to derail it.  “Live and Let Die” for instance, is a ridiculous mess, though I love every minute of it.  Can you imagine the horrible world we’d be living in if we only saw and endorsed the GREAT Bond movies?  That’s not a world I want to live in.  I had just as much fun picking SPECTRE apart as I did relishing in its most enjoyable sequences.  This places the bar just where it needs to be for Daniel Craig to deliver a final chapter to his arc that will make us all stand up and cheer.  I’ll be first in line to see it.


Movies & Films Reviews: Brooklyn



A few weeks ago, when the legendary Maureen O’Hara died, I was compelled to revisit one of my all time favorite films, “How Green Was My Valley.”  As I watched it, I might have said to myself “They just don’t make them like this anymore,” but upon seeing John Crowley’s BROOKLYN tonight, I was happy to discover the rare occurrence when that statement is incorrect.  Beautifully adapted by Nick Hornby from Colm Toibin’s novel, BROOKLYN depicts a life in 1952 New York that is unapologetically nostalgic and romantic.  Saoirse Ronan plays Eilis, a young Irish girl who leaves her home and family to start a new life in America.  She has the advantage of securing a job and a room at a boarding house, but aside from that she’s on her own and terribly homesick.  However, BROOKLYN is not like last year’s film “The Immigrant,” where predators and danger lurked behind every corner, ready to exploit young Marion Cotillard.  BROOKLYN is more about wonder and discovery.  There are no villains in the film, (the closest we come to that is the odd snobby girl or busybody), and even what little prejudice Eilis encounters is presented as charming and cute.  So we can relax in knowing that Eilis is perfectly safe and the only thing threatening her are her own doubts and emotions.

Before long, Eilis falls in love with a familiar but sincere Italian boy named Tony, (Emory Cohen) who is absolutely smitten by her.  Tony opens up the magic of Brooklyn to Eilis, taking her to dances, Coney Island, and home to meet his colorful family, and soon she is no longer pining for what she has left behind.  When circumstances call Eilis back home to Ireland, we’re confident that her love for Tony will be enough to ensure her trip will be temporary, but the comforts of the familiar and an encounter with a charming Irish boy, (Domhnall Gleeson) tempt Eilis more than she expects.  The movie doesn’t insult us with the kind of love triangle we would find in a film like “Twilight” or “The Hunger Games.”  In fact, the individual people vying for Eilis’ affections aren’t nearly as persuasive as the emotions inside her heart, and to say this film is emotional is an understatement.  Whether witnessing a spotless, bright, and colorful New York City, or the green hills and sandy beaches of Ireland, BROOKLYN is a gorgeous film and it sets a charming tone that is impossible to resist.  I was overjoyed by this story and the only times I stopped smiling, was to wipe away the occasional tear.  Even when sadness enters this tale it is devised to pull on the heartstrings rather than devastate you.  Director John Crowley blew me away with his debut film, “Intermission,” but didn’t make much of an impact in the decade or so that followed, until now.  The color palate of the film is instantly reminiscent of the films of John Ford and Douglas Sirk, and it’s a world that you can’t wait to spend more time in.  Crowley frames the streets of Brooklyn like paintings, yet when he pushes in, he provides some of the most memorable and lovely close-ups I’ve seen in recent memory.  Of course, those close-ups are helped when you have such a lovely actress as Saoirse Ronan anchoring your picture, who delivers a transcendent performance that Maureen O’Hara herself would be proud of.  She is also supported nicely by the perfectly cast company of actors, which includes Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent in scene-stealing roles.  In case you can’t tell, I was completely and utterly enchanted by BROOKLYN and it’s one of my very favorite films of the year.  I would not be at all surprised if it became as beloved and classic a film as the ones it’s trying to emulate.



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Weekly Finds

Links I Discovered This Week


Usually every Friday I post my Weekly Finds and share with you stories and brands I have recently discovered.  However, I have decided to change things up a bit.  In case you’ve missed it, four wonderful months ago, I had a beautiful baby boy.  Cooper has changed my life for the better and, until today, I haven’t found a place for him and my role as a mother in this blog.  I have decided that from now on I am going to dedicate my Weekly Finds to mommy specific articles.  What I have discovered since I became pregnant is that you never feel more alone and stuck on a desert island.  But we moms aren’t alone, and it’s time I start connecting with my readers about what I am really going through on a day-to-day basis.  So without further ado, my little boy Cooper turned four months last weekend.  I cannot believe how fast time as flown by.  Everyday he is changing and growing more confident and independent.  It makes me so happy and yet so sad for the days where he just laid in my arms all day.  This week was a fun one; we had a few play dates and I actually got to have my very own date night with my husband.  I encourage all of you moms out there to do this as much as possible.  Spending time with your husband is key and It’s amazing how little of a priority it becomes.  In other news, the weather was beautiful in the city.  I can’t believe I was walking around yesterday in short sleeves.  I definitely did not let the nice weather go to waste, Cooper and I practically lived in Central Park.  I am looking forward to this weekend.  We have some plans but mostly I am looking forward to getting some time for myself.  Do any of you mothers out there struggle with wanting to leave the baby with your husband for some R&R and spending it all together?  There is a balance out there and I plan on finding it this weekend.  So, without further ado, here are the mommy links that I discovered out there. When it comes to being a mom, the Internet can be your worst enemy.  But when you are in need of some advice because you’re confused, scared, or just tired, it can be your best friend.


BRANDS I LOVE:  I have recently discovered the store Sweet William.  It is a bit on the pricey side but it has some beautiful clothes and toys.  Considering how messy kids are, this stuff can be extravagant.  But every now and then it’s fun to splurge on something special and unique.


DECISIONS, DECISIONS:  Are you a working or stay at home mom?  Let’s get one thing straight, either way you are working, it just looks different.  I am choosing to do a part time work situation.  Right now spending 70% at home and 30% at work.  This article really helped put my choice in perspective.  Just remember that sometimes we have a choice and sometimes we don’t, but no matter what, we need to respect each other.


PIN OF THE WEEK:  The way we talk to our children is key and this article breaks down exactly how important communication is for their development.  I particularly like the part where it says that parents think because they are bad at math they have no business teaching it to their kids.  I totally related to this.


FOODIE IN TRAINING:  Next month I will be starting Cooper on solid foods.  With most milestones, we feel inclined to study up on all of the pros, cons, strategies, and trendy methods.  I may not be one of those research heavy moms, but this is something I want to get right.  If you are in the same boat as me, hopefully this article will help.


BLOGGERS I LOVE:  For a while now I have been in an avid reader of the blog, Love Taza.   Naomi is a stylish mom living in Manhattan and raising her three kids.  I look up to her with awe and I will probably feature her weekly in this section.  Today’s post I am sharing with you is all about her experiences with the company Blue Apron.  I have heard a lot about them and I love how she is using it to keep her little one entertained.  Do you use Blue Apron?  Would love to hear what you think!


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Currently Coveting: Capes

Do you ever look at the street style section of The New York Times and wish you were in it?  Well don one of these fabulous capes and you very well could be!  I think every fall, whether they are in style or not, capes land on my currently coveting list, and this season is no exception.  When it comes to cold weathered seasons, outerwear is a key element for your daily style.  It is the first thing people see and, if you are spending most of your time outside, it could be the only thing they see.  You want your outerwear to make a statement, be unique, and keep you warm.  A cape checks all of these boxes because it is chic, mysterious, and an alluring alternative to a coat.  If you want to be on pointe with today’s trends, pair your cape with wide leg pants or a mini skirt (see last week’s post).  If you want to keep it classic, wear a classic pencil skirt or a sheath dress.  Regardless, keep proportions in mind so that you look fabulous not frumpy.  If you have a sleeveless dress and you’re afraid you won’t be warm enough, throw a light turtleneck under it to keep your arms covered.  I hope you are as excited to wear a cape this season as much as I am.  See below which capes I am currently coveting, and maybe you will find the cape of your dreams.

Currently Coveting: Capes Currently Coveting: Capes Currently Coveting: Capes

Currently Coveting: Capes


1. She In – Turtleneck Cape | 2.  Asos – Diagonal Cape with Leather Trim| 3. Zara – Hooded Cape | 4. TopShop – Tonal Knitted Cape | 5. Mango – Wool-Blend Cape | 6. Zara – Hand Made Cape | 7. Miss Selfridge – Collarless Cape | 8. Asos – Heritage Check Cape


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A Few Of My Favorite Things For November

A Few of My Favorite Things for November


You guys… it is November!  This month is a personal favorite of mine, but I find myself feeling more stressed than usual.  I am one of those crazy people who actually loves the holidays!  We get to spend the next couple of months surrounded by family, food, and tons of festivities.  However, as I get older and have even more responsibilities, I am getting a bit overwhelmed.  This month, in particular, I have some big firsts coming up.  I am taking my baby on his first airplane ride to introduce him to my extended family for Thanksgiving.  Even though I love Thanksgiving and couldn’t be more excited for this trip, I have a lot to do to prepare for it.  On another note, now that my baby is getting bigger, I am getting more and more busy.  I feel like I finally have a bit of a social life back, which is a huge relief.  There are a lot of things that I want to share with a few of my favorite things that I am craving and would like to accomplish this month.  I’d also love to hear from you so please let me know in the comments below what you love about November!

FRIENDSGIVING:  One of my dear friends hosts a friendsgiving every year where we all get together after the actual holiday to eat another turkey dinner.  It is a great evening of laughter, food, and friends.  I highly recommend you to host your own friendsgiving because, after all, your friends are your second family.

FOR THE HOSTESS:  When invited to someone’s home for something like Thanksgiving, you should never arrive empty handed.  There are of course the gifts that benefit the night like wine or dessert, but what about a gift just for the hostess to enjoy to really say thank you.  Anthropologie has some fabulous items that I believe any hostess would love.

TASSELS This fabulous BaubleBar tassel bracelet is back in stock and I have to have it.  Recently, I have been into stacking bracelets and this is the perfect addition to my collection.

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT:  Our initials are a big part of who we are and it is very trendy to put them on every item in your closet and home.  Before you say you’re not into that, answer me this; do you own a monogramed mug from Anthropologie?  I thought so!  I, for one, am definitely into this new fad and totally want every one of these Kate Spade items monogramed.

ALWAYS BE PREPARED:  If you’re like me, then you have every intention of writing Christmas cards but then get so busy you never do them.  This year, get a head start by writing those notes by the end of the month.  You’ll be ahead of the game and you’ll have more time for shopping.

CYBER MONDAY:  Speaking of shopping, Cyber Monday isn’t until the end of the month, but it is a very important day.  Who doesn’t love shopping in their pjs?  Even though it’s a lot of fun, it can be very overwhelming.  Get prepared by creating a shopping wish list on Pinterest so you know exactly what you want to buy when the big day comes.


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