How To Throw A Galentine’s Day Party

How to Throw a Galentine's Day Party


Valentine’s Day has always been about romance, so why not spend it with the real love of your life, your BFFs? Your gal pals have been through everything with you and there is no reason why you can’t celebrate this holiday together. This year, invite your girlfriends over and celebrate what has become popularly known as, Galentine’s Day! What is Galentine’s Day, you may ask? It is when you make plans with your girlfriends, whether you have a significant other or not, and have some bonding time together without boys. So grab your PJs and I’ll tell you how to throw a fabulous Galentine’s Day party!



First things first, you can’t have a party if you don’t send an invite.  Whether you go with an e-vite or a tangible note, it’s very important to send a proper invitation.  Let the ladies know that they are coming over for something special.  This is more than just a get-together; this is going to be an event!



There should be zero pressure about what to wear for a GD party. However, why not pay homage to the slumber parties of your past and ask your guests to bring their PJs and slippers?  This will set the mood perfectly and everyone will be ready for a relaxing night of movies and games like light as a feather, stiff as a board.



Keep it simple and classic.  What did we eat at slumber parties when we were kids: pizza and junk food!  I say recreate the magic by ordering pizza and having the girls make their own sundaes.  Pick up ice cream from Shake Shack and get toppings from Dylan’s Candy store.  It’ll be like we’re kids again.



If we keep with the teenage slumber party theme, I’d say make root beer floats.  However, being an adult does have its perks.  Pop open the bubbly, and make a signature cocktail.  Bonus points for if it’s pink!


I don’t know how teenage girls play truth or dare in this day and age.  How can you call the boy you have a crush on and hang up when his mom answers now that there are cell phones?  There are a lot of fun activities you can do that won’t lead to any embarrassing moments.  While you eat and drink, pop in a movie and get in the holiday spirit with a popular rom-com.  For some nostalgia, pick a flick from your youth like Clueless, or if you’re in the mood to cry together, pop in The Notebook. During the movie, give yourselves an at-home manicure or facial.



Just because it’s not a date with your significant other doesn’t mean there can’t be jewelry.  Surprise your girlfriends at the end of the night with a gift to remember the night.  A personal favorite of mine would be to get pretty bracelets for everyone.  Every time they wear it, it will remind them of the fun night they had with their girlfriends.


Hopefully this night will be so much fun that it’ll be a tradition for years to come.  Just remember, no boys, no drama, and lots of champagne!  Happy Galentine’s Day ladies!




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Movies & Films Annual Johnny Awards!




Oscars So White, Johnny Awards So Right.

By Johnny Pomatto


More than in any other year that I can remember, there has been a tremendous amount of outrage in reaction to the Academy Award nominations, with accusations of exclusion and lack of diversity.  This has even prompted the Academy to vow an increase of diversity of their members over the next few years, implementing new guidelines that might force some of the older, out of touch members to resign.  While a more colorful Academy would be a step in the right direction in satisfying those upset, I believe that it still glosses over many of the real issues affecting diversity in the film industry.  Much of our anger towards the Academy has been misdirected.  The outrage over the all white nominees didn’t begin until the day the nominations were announced.  Why so late?  There was almost nothing that surprised me about the names read aloud that morning because they were all the names that had been bandied about for the last few months during the increasingly growing “campaign season.”  “The Academy,” a massive organization full of varied voters with individual opinions nearly impossible to track, merely voted for exactly whom the studios directed them to vote for.

It is a known fact that people en masse no longer go to the movies, and this is especially true for people in the film industry. Most industry people will go 11 months out of the year remaining oblivious of what films are even being released, only to play catch up, best they can, when their various guilds start sending them screeners at the end of the year.  Even then, they’re on the honor system and often don’t watch all of the films they might vote on later, and many of the films that deserve to be in competition are often not delivered in screener form to all voters.  This is not a free service that the Academy and various guilds like the SAG and WGA provide.  While just about any movie is available upon request by studios, a truly aggressive awards campaign will cost a studio somewhere between 10 and 15 million dollars.  Usually it is only the high profile studio films that can afford such a push, so smaller, more independent films have a much harder time getting into people’s homes and being seen, with occasional exceptions, such as last year’s “Whiplash,” which had multi-millionaire producer Jason Blum spending a huge amount to make that small film feel more mainstream.  If only other films were lucky enough to have similar angels to champion them, though I try my best to do my part.

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Currently Coveting: Elie Saab Spring 2016 Haute Couture Show

Let’s talk haute couture!  Just because this blog is about affordable style, doesn’t mean that we can’t discuss high-end fashion.  Last week, Paris held the Spring 2016 Haute Couture fashion shows.  There were a lot of designers who stood out to me.  There was the dollhouse Chanel show with textured tweed and capes and the stunning tulle gowns at Giambattista Valli.  Still, Elie Saab stood out above all the others.  If I ever receive an invite to an awards show, a girl can dream, I would want to wear a gown by Elie Saab.  The collection, inspired by India, was a work of art.  Each gown was elegant and romantic with its sequins and beadwork.  The show itself had an element of fantasy with its tropical jungle backdrop.  The models looked more like faeries gliding down the runway in gowns of gold, pink, and blue.  Perhaps with a different designer this could all look costumey, but Elie Saab’s gowns shone on the runway.  Maybe in another life I will come back as a princess and I’ll have a reason to wear one of these shimmering gowns.  Elie Saab has always been considered a favorite amongst celebrities come award season. I’m crossing my fingers that one of the nominees will wear one of these beauties at the Oscars later this month.


Do you follow the couture fashion week?  They are the most creative shows, not only with the exquisite craftsmanship of the designs, but the presentation themselves are on a whole other level.  If you would like me to cover more shows in the future, leave a comment below.


















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A Few of My Favorite Things For February



I’m sitting in my apartment on this warm February morning.  Wait!  What?  It’s warm in February?  Usually this month is unbearably cold but, if the weather stays in the high 40s, low 50s, it will be quite pleasant.  I always find February to be a tedious bore, but there are still some things to look forward to.  For one, Valentine’s Day can be annoying to some but as a girly girl, I am a sucker for it.  I am that person who dresses up all in pink, eats candy hearts, and loves a romantic candlelit dinner.  What about you?  Do you like celebrating this day of love, or do you think it’s a corny holiday invented by Hallmark?  Even though I usually spend February counting down the days until March, I was still able to come up with a list of my favorite things for this month that will hopefully make it more bearable.  Just remember, even though it’s leap year, it’s still a shorter month.  Once it’s over, we’ll be one step closer to spring!  Don’t be a stranger; let me know in the comments below what your favorite things are for February.


GALENTINE’S DAY:  There are a lot of things we have thanks to the TV show Parks and Rec: a love for mini horses and Chris Pratt, but, most importantly, Galentine’s Day.  Leslie Knope created this girls only holiday as a way of taking time away from the boys in our lives for some much needed female bonding.  Whether you like Valentine’s Day or not, invite the girls over for a PJ party with spa activities, junk food, girly drinks, rom-coms and make it a girls night to remember!


LET’S PARTY: ‪On February 28th invite people over for an Oscar party!  As a film lover, I have always enjoyed every aspect of the Oscars from the red carpet show, honoring the history of film, the host’s monologue, and to see whether your predictions come true.  So pop open the champagne, fill out your ballot, and take a tip from these fun ideas on how to host the perfect Oscar party.  Check back the next day and see who made my best and worst dressed list!


FASHION MONTH:  It’s that time of year again, when we are all obsessively glued to our computers watching fashion show after fashion show.  Starting in New York and ending in Paris, I can’t wait to see what beautiful creations walk down the runway for Fall/Winter 2016!


GETAWAY:  Whether you prefer traveling by plane, train, or automobile, February will go by a lot more quickly if you have a fun trip planned.  I will be going to California later this month and I couldn’t be more excited.  I found this fun article about the best winter road trip destinations you can take.  There are so many places on this list I want to visit.  How about you?


HIDE OUT: I know I said it’s going to be a warmer month than usual, but it’s still not cold enough to enjoy drinks at a rooftop bar. A while back I posted my favorite bars to go to in NYC to escape the cold weather. I still recommend them all and think they are the perfect places to go for a drink in a cozy bar on a cold night.


COUCH POTATO:  Why leave your apartment this month if you don’t have to?  Here is a great list that breaks down all of the new movies and TV shows streaming online.  So I have to ask, are any of you going to watch Fuller House?  I was, of course,  a fan of the original, but I’m not sure this reboot is necessary.




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Currently Coveting: Fashionable Activewear

Ever since I’ve had my son, my life has changed for all of the obvious reasons.  One of these changes that have struggled with is my daily wardrobe. I used to wear dresses and skirts every day but that no longer suits my lifestyle.  Lately, I have found that activewear is the most comfortable thing to wear throughout the day.  Luckily for me, there are a lot of brands out there designing fitness clothes to be as fashionable as they are functional.  Now it is really easy to find cute pieces that you won’t mind being seen in outside of the gym.  For you non-moms out there, this stylish clothing has benefits to you as well.  It has become trendy as friends and co-workers have ditched the bar and instead exercise together.  Now, post workouts, a juice or acai bowl has become the new cocktail hour.  Not only are these clothes perfect for hanging out after your class, but also they’re perfect for the gym itself.  Who wants to workout in drab boring clothes?  If you’re wearing a neon shirt or colorful printed pants, it’ll only motivate you more while exercising.  Gone are the days of wearing stretched-out spandex and ratty old tee shirts; it is time to up your game.  The best part of any trend is that once it is popular, everyone starts to make it.  When you have baby and you only feel like wearing sweats, it’s really nice to have a lot of options.  I just want to get through my busy day in comfortable clothes without looking like a slob.  Since I love fashion, I want to make sure that no matter what I am wearing I feel good in it.  So, I did some research and found chic clothes perfect for running after a baby or sweating it out at the gym. Whichever you need activewear for in your life, I hope these styles inspire you.


Every Wednesday I post what I am currently coveting and I would love to hear from you what you’re interested in finding.  You never know, I may feature it in the future!


Currently Coveting: Fashionable Activewear
Currently Coveting: Fashionable Activewear Currently Coveting: Fashionable Activewear Currently Coveting: Fashionable Activewear


1. Lorna Jane – Gym Bag | 2. Lou & Grey – Drawstring Top | 3. H&M – Running Top | 4. Fabletics – Salar Leggings | 5. H&M – Outdoor Jacket | 6. GapFit – Racerback Tank | 7. Forever 21 – Water Bottle | 8. Athleta – Tie Dye Leggings | 9. Lorna Jane – Eclipse Sports Bra | 10. Nike – Darwin Sneaker


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3 Ways to Wear Boots This Winter

Thanks to the first snowstorm of the year, the east coast has been hammered with snow.  How are the rest of you faring this winter?  When it’s this cold and snowy out, all you want to wear are a pair of warm boots.  I know what you’re thinking.  How can I possibly wear boots all of the time?  I have the answer for you.  The great thing about boots is that they are incredibly versatile.  They don’t come in fancy colors or crazy patterns.  They can blend in and add sophistication to any outfit.  When you need a professional look for work, a heeled bootie is the perfect combination to pair with a dress or skirt.  This style can also be transferred for an evening out.  If you want to dress up the look, wear a suede boot, carry a clutch, and chose dramatic baubles.  For a casual outfit for the weekend, a light hue with a chunkier heel or a flat version is the way to go.  I am a big fan of booties and I have chosen to feature them in this post because of their adaptability.  Winter can be long and tedious but there are many fabulous ways to style boots so you can stay warm and still look chic.  Here are three different outfits so you can wear boots all day every day.  How will you style your boots?



3 Ways to Style Your Boots

1. Dorothy Perkins – Checker Shirt | 2. Vince Camuto – Edah Bootie | 3. TopShop – Split Pocket Pencil Skirt | 4. Daniel Wellington Watch | 5. Asos – Tote Bag


3 Ways to Style Your Boots

1. BaubleBar – Astral Collar Necklace | 2. Sam Edelman – Kourtney Bootie | 3. Dorothy Perkins – Paper Dolls Dress | 4. Mango – Fringed Jacket | 5. Charles & Keith – Bow Detail Clutch 


3 Ways to Style Your Boots

1. H&M – Mock Turtleneck | 2. Halogen – Glenna Bootie | 3. TopShop – Joni Jeans | 4. Jigsaw – Check Poncho | 5. Madewell – Transport Tote




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Currently Coveting: Winter Accessories

Today’s Currently Coveting post is all about a major fashion necessity: winter accessories.  Now this season has been a bit confusing.  One day the weather is in the fifties and the next in the thirties.  I am not one to complain about a warmer winter, but I don’t think it’s going to stay that way.  That being said, we need to have a plan of attack and that means stocking up on winter accessories. Good news is that, due to incoming spring fashions, most stores are having sales on these items, so it’s the perfect time to buy.  When picking my new winter accessories, I keep certain things in mind.  I want accessories that keep me warm and are unique and stylish.  When you’re bundled up the first think people see are your accessories.  So I am all for making a statement instead of picking dark colors that will just blend in.  Have fun with prints, colors, and texture.  My favorite styles right now are faux fur accents, sparkly embellishments, and the classic blanket scarf.  Anything that makes you stand out in a crowd of black coats is good in my book.  I have rounded up a few items that I love and think would complement any winter coat from a wool variety to a puffy marshmallow style.  The ultimate goal is to stay warm, but there is no reason why you can’t be cute at the same time!

Currently Coveting: Winter AccessoriesCurrently Coveting: Winter Accessories Currently Coveting: Winter Accessories Currently Coveting: Winter Accessories


1. Kate Spade New York – Felted Hat | 2.  Mm6 by Maison Margiela | 3. Humble Chic – Plaid Blanket Scarf | 4. La Double 7  – Blanket Scarf | 5. Spyder – Faux Fur Fingerless Gloves | 6. Zara – Faux Fur Snood | 7. Club Monaco – Cheska Headband | 8. Club Monaco – Blena Hat

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