Weekly Finds

Weekly Finds

TGIF!  I can’t believe that this is the last weekend of July!  Where has the summer gone?  I need to look back at my summer bucket list and make sure that I get it all checked off before it’s too late!  This weekend I will be heading out of the city to my in-laws home in the country.  That’s what New York City summers are all about:  escaping this concrete jungle.  Since I’ve been traveling a lot lately, I do miss the city and would like to spend time in August exploring instead of fleeing.  Have a fabulous weekend and I hope you find something inspiring in this edition of my “Weekly Finds”.  Share below what you discovered this week too!

WEEKNIGHT MEALS:  I try to prepare healthy dishes during the week, but sometimes I get in a rut of cooking the same things over and over.  These recipes promise to not only keep you on track with your meal plan, but they’re also tasty.  Worth a try!

BLOGGER LOVE: I am a big fan of the blog Poor Little It Girl and her post this week on the Piperlime brand, Sunday in Brooklyn, really caught my eye.  I’m so glad I have found this collection.  Hopefully, I’ll find a way to work it into my future style posts.  I must have it all!

LOVE IT/HATE IT:  Have you had a chance to drop by Blake Lively’s new lifestyle blog, Preserve?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the site as well as what you think it means for the blogging world.  I personally feel it’s visually too dark and a bit pretentious, but that’s just my opinion!

APARTMENT DÉCOR:  As you may know, I am in the process of revamping my apartment.  This week I FINALLY bought the Parson desk from West Elm that I’ve been coveting for a year!  Now that I have my very own home workspace, I need to design the desktop surface that will be both visually appealing and practical.  Here’s a great article to inspire me.

FOODIE: Restaurant Week’s name should be changed to Restaurant Month because that’s what it’s practically turned into.  From now until August 15th drop by any of the eateries on this list and find great deals for both lunch and dinner.  This is the perfect time to dine at an expensive restaurant you’ve always wanted to try.

PIN OF THE WEEK:  EOS is my favorite brand of lip balm for a couple of reasons.  First of all, it gets the job done and second, I like the cute pod case.  I discovered this pin recently, and I love the idea of using old EOS containers as traveling containers.  It’s a great way to recycle in style. (Note that the pin’s link is blocked but the idea isn’t)

BEAUTY:  My hair and I don’t always see eye to eye and, in the summer I just need an easy way to get it out of the way.  Therefore, I am determined to master at least one of these pretty braided hairstyles before the summer’s end!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Once upon a time, I lived two hours away from a mall and online shopping didn’t exist.   Each summer, I would make the long trek to Nordstrom for their annual Anniversary Sale to go back-to-school shopping.  Even though I’m well out of school and shopping has changed drastically, I have still kept up with this tradition.   This legendary sale allows you to shop Nordstrom’s Fall 2014 collections at a reduced price.  I know it’s hard to imagine wanting to try on thick coats and boots in the middle of summer, but trust me, it’s well worth it!  It is a great way to get a head start on the must have styles and trends that will be popping up in stores soon.  The sale is open to the public until August 4th in stores and online.  After that, the fabulous new fashions will go back up to full price and it is a harsher reality.  The following are a few of my favorite cool-weather pieces I must have for a stylish fall.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


In This Post

1. Moon and Lola – Personalized Pendant Necklace  | 2. Franco Sarto – Linden Bootie | 3. DVF – New Jeanne 2 Wrap Dress | 4. Trina Turk – Scarlett Plaid Coat | 5. Kate Spade – Manhattan Map Wool Scarf | 6. Caslon – Zip Hem Tunic Sweater  | 7. Danielle Nicole – Adeline Satchel  

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Movies & Films Review: Boyhood

This Boy’s Life

By Johnny Pomatto


Director Richard Linklater has always been fascinated by the effects of time.  His “Before Sunrise” series has successfully followed the romance of two characters over 18 years, with nine-year gaps in between each film.  When a new “Before” film comes out it’s up to us to figure out the details of what has transgressed over the last 9 years, just based on their current, real time interactions and conversations.  Linklater’s new masterpiece of a film, BOYHOOD, takes things a step further.  Linklater filmed his actors over 12 years, taking his young protagonist from age 5 to 18 in the process.  In sharing with us the adolescence of a boy named Mason, played by Ellar Coltrane, Linklater has provided us with not just an unforgettable character, but he’s done nothing short of a creating a life.

From the opening shot of Mason gazing up into the clouds, I was half expecting the tone of BOYHOOD to be almost dreamlike and surreal.  It seems like it would be easier to shape a life that would have to evolve over time if you kept things abstract and vague.  However the world we see between 2001 and 2013 is very familiar to us.  Mason loves “Harry Potter” books, and his sister, (played by Linklater’s daughter Lorelei) sings the latest Britney Spears chart toppers.  The in home lighting effects have that warm, bright florescent glow of what we remember from our own homes.  This is very much the world as we remember it from the last 12 years.  You might catch yourself reliving memories of your own as you watch Mason and his family during a particular time and place.  For the first half hour or so of the film, I was hyperaware of anytime there was a change in Mason’s appearance.  I’d instantly notice when a year had passed and then thought about what events the characters may have experienced in the previous year and what they might have to look forward to in the next one.  However, I got over this pretty quickly once I became fascinated by the characters themselves and not the world around them.

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Happy Weekend!

photo copy 2

Greetings from sunny California! By the time you read this post, I will be sitting on my parents’ deck overlooking a sea of pine trees and enjoying very dry heat! I hope you enjoyed our posts this week. If you’re planning on seeing Dawn of the Planet of the Apes this weekend, you should read the review from guest blogger Johnny Pomatto. Hopefully it’ll motivate you, as it was his favorite blockbusters of the summer. The reason for my California trip is for the wedding of my two dear friend which is why I was inspired to write this post about wedding attire. So check this out if you haven’t already. The week started off strongly on social media. As you may know I love Twitter and I spend a large portion of my time tweeting with my favorite bloggers and readers. But by the end of this week, I was burnt out and I found myself needing to take a break from social media. I’ll be back Monday but, for now, I am going to shut off my computer, read a book, relax, and enjoy quality time with my family. I hope your weekend is as good as mine will be and I’ll see you all next week for my new stories!


A Night at the Museum

Have you ever wanted to spend an evening after hours in a museum?  Last week, I had a very special evening when I attended The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Young Members Party.  It was thrilling to get the opportunity to dress up in a festive cocktail dress and my designer shoes and spend the evening feeling connected to the arts and New York City.  There was a definite “Night at the Museum” vibe when I was strolling through the empty galleries and was able to have my own private showing of the extraordinary paintings and sculptures.   Several wings were open to the public, including the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit.  I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to view the gorgeous gowns while the museum was closed to the public.  I was blown away by the exhibit and pleasantly surprised by the projections demonstrating how James crafted each piece.  This was truly the highlight of my night.  I had plans to view the exhibit, of course, but to be alone in the room without swarms of people made it a very special experience.   If you haven’t had the chance to visit the show, you must!  Charles James created works of art and the dying technique of couturier is a sight to behold.

For the party portion of the night, we took in the breathtaking sunset views of midtown and Central Park from the rooftop, enjoying the Dan Graham lyrical sculptures of curved steel and glass.  Most of the guests congregated there while we sipped rose until the crowds made it unbearable.  Ending the evening in the main entrance hall, my husband and I danced the night away to a band playing Gershwin and Porter.  To say that I was on cloud nine is the understatement of the year!  Alas, the clock struck midnight, the evening came to an end and I floated away with music still playing in my head.  I don’t often attend such posh events, but now that I have gotten a glimpse of how the other half lives, I want more!

See images of the fabulous evening below!



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Wedding Guest Style Guide

If you are going to a wedding this year, one thing is for sure, you’re going to need a fabulous outfit!  Now, most of us don’t get off with just one wedding a year, and now that wedding season is in full force, you’ll probably need more than one ensemble.  Every couple has their own unique style, but this often means that one wedding may be a daytime garden event and the other black tie.  I know what you’re thinking:  black tie in summer?  But it does happen!   My tip for you is pick a dress that can be easily dressed down, such as a basic summer maxi, so you can wear it again.  As for a garden and/or backyard wedding, the key is to keep it comfortable and laid back while remaining festive.  For a garden wedding, I feel it’s best to wear separates.  That way it is versatile and you get more than one use out of it.   I know it may seem overly complicated, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!  These two wedding guest style guides show how to be effortlessly chic, no matter what the dress code is, without upstaging the bride.

For even more outfit ideas, check out my “Wedding Guest Style” collection on Mavatar.  Happy shopping!



1. Humble Chic – Multistrand Beaded Necklace | 2. Jules Smith – Allie Ring | 3. Jigsaw – Blue Depths Silk Top | 4. Jigsaw – Blue Depths Silk Skirt | 5. Gigi New York – All in One Bag | 6. Franco Sarto – Orlina Pumps

Wedding Guest Style Guide

1. Stella & Dot – Reverie Chandeliers | 2. Julie Vos – Coin Stone Charm Bracelet | 3. Mango – Blush Beaded Collar Gown | 4. Vince Camuto – Horn Clutch | 5. Mendbur – Milan Satin Sandal

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Movies & Films Review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Human See, Monkey Movie

By Johnny Pomatto

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Review

In a summer that has given us almost exclusively forgettable, insulting sequels, DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES has come to save the day.  When the previous installment, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” arrived a few years ago, we were right to be wary.  After all, the sci-fi masterpiece that was the original film had been desecrated by several enjoyable but increasingly silly sequels, and Tim Burton’s 2001 remake, one of Hollywood’s biggest misfires of the millennium.  But “Rise” was a glorious origin story with obvious respect for its source material, without constantly referencing it with cutesy nods and imagery.  Best of all, it introduced us to Caesar, played by Andy Serkis who proved more than ever with that role that motion capture could produce performances strong enough to make you forget you were watching computer animation.  Caesar was just as real and engaging as the living, breathing movie stars, such as James Franco.  Finally we were given a “Planet of the Apes” movie that wasn’t about a Charlton Heston stand in reacting to talking monkeys.  Caesar was our protagonist and we were eager to follow him anywhere, even knowing full well that his actions would eventually lead to the downfall of mankind.

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