Spring 2015 Shoe Trends: Gladiator Sandals

Yesterday, I showed you my favorite spring shoe, the mule.  Now, I would like to introduce a laid-back Mediterranean trend: gladiator sandals.   After a five to six year hiatus, the Grecian goddess look is popping up everywhere and it is going to be very hard to ignore.  If you are looking for a shoe that is both powerful and pretty, then this is the way to go.  Personally, I prefer a more elegant gladiator sandal that wraps around the ankle compared to those taller ones that hug your whole leg.  I find it very constricting, especially when it’s really warm out.  Don’t let me sway you; I see the tall gladiator’s appeal and believe that, as long as you don’t wear them with a Grecian dress, you can make them edgy.   My favorite way to style the gladiator sandal is with a maxi dress, shorts, or a midi skirt.  I’ve put together a selection of this style from sky-high to short for you to find the perfect one for you. So, now it’s up to you to decide.  I’d love to discuss with you if you’ll be trying this latest shoe trend this spring!  Drop by tomorrow for the third spring shoe trend.

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3

1. Joe’s Jeans – Pearce Caged Sandals | 2. Rebecca Minkoff – Georgina Studded Sandal | 3. Kenneth Cole  – ‘Mel-A-Knee’ Sandal  | 4. Zara – Roman Sandals | 5.  Aldo – Grelari Flat Sandal

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Spring 2015 Shoe Trends: Mules

After the most recent snowstorm that hit New York City, it’s hard to believe that we’ll ever be wearing open toed shoes, sandals, and flats again!  I’m here to tell you that spring is on its way and wearing boots will soon be an option and not a requirement.  There is a lot of exciting new shoe options for spring mixed with some old favorites.  This week, I will tackle three different shoe trends I am excited about for spring.  Today, I want to discuss with you one of my favorite styles, mules.  This shoe style was super hot last year and now it is back and better than ever.  The best thing about mules is how effortless they are.  As much of a fan I am of flats, mules give you the height that I love.  You can just thrown them on with a pair of shorts or boyfriend jeans for a chic casual look, but they also look great paired with a shift dress for when you want to look more sophisticated.  So what do you think, are you onboard with mules, or do you prefer a sleeker look?  Come back again tomorrow for another hot trend!

Slide1 Slide2

1. J.Crew – Marlow Fabric Mule | 2. Kate Spade – Baylee Mule | 3. Madewell – Finch Mule Sandal | 4. Forever 21 – Peep-Toe Mules

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Weekly Finds

Links I Discovered This Week


Isn’t it great when you have a productive and satisfying week?  Work has been great.   On top of that, my husband started a new job, so everyone in my house, including the dog, are ready for a calm and relaxing weekend.  There really isn’t much on the schedule, just spending quality time together and refueling for another busy week.  One thing to be happy about is that it’s the last weekend of February!  Don’t you just love this short month?  It’s going to be another cold one, but snuggling up on the couch with my dog and a good book will make it bearable.  Take a look at the links I discovered this week, love to hear what brands or blogs you love right now!


LET’S PARTY:  Forget the Oscar red carpet dresses; the real fashion was at the after party!  My personal favorite is Emma Stone who wore a dress from Altuzarra’s Fall 2015 collection that showed at NYFW just last week.  (Side note I also featured it on my blog)

PIN OF THE WEEK:  Madeline Blogs featured a recipe this week that looked so delicious I have to try.  I will keep you posted on how my Farfalle with Salmon Cream Sauce turns out!

CH-CH-CH-CHANGES:  While most designers were presenting their collection at New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks, Tom Ford is breaking away and doing his own thing.  Last Friday, Tom Ford presented his fashion show in Hollywood. What do you think this means for the fashion industry?

CHOP IT OFF:  One trend that was hard to ignore at the Oscars was chopped hair.  After seeing all of the short hairdos on the red carpet, it made me want to give it a go. If you too have the desire to chop off your locks, read this piece on how Lauren Conrad suggests you ready for the big change.

TAILOR MADE:  Have you spent your whole life searching for the perfect pair of jeans?  Well, StyleCaster’s article gives you tips on how to buy and tailor denim so you can have the jeans of your dreams.

FASHION FORWARD: J.Crew wants to tell you how to dress this spring.  After viewing their lookbook that head stylist Gayle Spannaus released, I think you should listen.


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Currently Coveting: Powder Blue

In the past, pastels were strictly spring colors.  When the flowers started to bloom, it was customary to dress up in light pinks and blues and look like an Easter egg.  In my opinion, pastels had a bad rap until they became trendy to wear them all year round.  Now, soft pastels are a chic way to bring color into your cold weather wardrobe.  The best way to achieve a polished outfit is to add pops or your favorite hue to your basics.  Right now, I am playing with powder blue.  There is something comforting about wearing powder blue that makes us feel warm and cozy while we wait for winter to end.  It is also a great transitional color for those weird weather days when you just don’t know what to wear.  If you’re in need of styling tips, powder blue looks great with white, brown, orange, and grey.  So the next time you go shopping, keep an eye out for the perfect powder blue piece for you. In the meantime, check out these picks below to give you a push in the right direction.


Powder Blue


1. Jigsaw – Color Block Sweater | 2. Club Monaco – Colleen Cashmere Hat | 3.Rebecca Minkoff – M.A.B. Mini Tote | 4.  BaubleBar – Sky Rocket Earrings | 5. COS – Contrast Shirt Dress | 6. Dorothy Perkins – Leather Jacket | 7. Zara – Suede Cowboy Boots

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6 Trends from NYFW Fall 2015

Last week, New York City was all abuzz with Fashion Week shows.  If you work in the fashion industry or are just a fan, it is the most exiting and important time of year.  When the designers show at Fashion Week, they are revealing their Fall 2015 collections.  This gives the retail buyers and magazine editors a preview of what’s to come.  So, let us put upcoming spring fashion on hold, and jump ahead to next fall.  My favorite season is fall which is why I look forward to this fashion week the most.  However, this year’s 70’s inspired collections had me running the other way.  I can never get behind the psychedelic prints and bell-bottom pants.  That being said, fall styles weren’t all inspired by the decade of love.  Because of the season, there was an abundance of luxurious fur, textured layers, caped outerwear, and stunning embellishments.   Unlike most seasons where rich fall colors shine, these collections presented a lot of neutrals, pastel pinks, and bright oranges.  There were five trends that resonated with me, as I saw them appearing in several shows, and hope that they will influence where fashion styles are going next fall.  Share with us which trend do you see yourself wearing!

To see the designer’s complete collections from NYFW visit www.style.com

1. Fringe

For the second year in a row, fringe has made a big statement on the runway.  Several designers featured it from subtle to dramatic details.  You may think that this trend is a tricky one to pull off; it works really well on coats, bags, and skirts.





Sally LaPointe




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Oscars 2015 Best Dressed List

Last night was the movie event of the year: The Oscars.  But, before any awards can be handed out, there is the highly anticipated red carpet show.  After NYC’s fashion week, you’d think we’d be sick of fashion, but think again!  Out of all of the red carpet events, this is the one where the stars are expected to bring out the big guns and impress.  There shouldn’t be wild or extreme statements, like at the Grammys.  Instead, the Oscars are about Hollywood glamor and elegance.   Can we expect everyone to be as stylish as Lupita Nyong’o?  Of course not!  She is a style icon and those don’t grow on trees.  If I were going to the Oscars, I would pick a dress I could move in, walk up stairs without tripping (looking at you Jennifer Lawrence), and sit comfortably for hours.  I know there are a lot of people out there who wonder, why we should care about the red carpet.  When the Oscars were first filmed live, it was exciting for those at home to see their favorite stars in glamorous outfits.  Even though today the stars are over exposed, the tradition continues.  One reason why I love the Oscars is because of the history of filmmaking and fashion is a big part of that.  In the past, the stars wore either clothes they owned or what the studio costume designer like Edith Head designed for them.  One memorable moment in Oscar history is when Claudette Colbert showed up in her traveling suit after winning for “It Happened One Night”.  She was so sure she wouldn’t win that she was on board a train to New York when she was brought to the award ceremony.

I found myself intrigued more than ever to watch last night’s red carpet show because of the female actors, like Reese Witherspoon, who launched the #askhermore campaign.   Taking to social media, actresses are requesting that reporters ask them more compelling questions than “Who are you wearing?”.  You saw some change, not from the E! Network, but, there was promise for a brighter future.  We will always want to know what the actresses are wearing but that can be answered without making them feel obsolete.

Each year the stars are criticized for not taking enough risks and being boring.  Viewers long for gowns that are works of art, amaze us, and become iconic.  So what’s the verdict?  Which celebrity made your best-dressed list?  There were a lot of surprises and some let downs.  I found myself having to go back and review a lot of the gowns before making my mind up about them.  I felt that, unlike pervious years, there was a lot of originality, fewer trends, and more risk takers.  For instance, only Marion Cotillard could wear a 60’s mod Dior gown and not look like she’s wearing a puffy sheet.  Even though most dresses stood on their own, there was still a lot of red and sequins, but that’s to be expected for this event.  After a lot of back and forth, here is my complete list of the best dressed of the night.  Leave a comment below if you agree or disagree and let’s discuss!

#1. Lupita Nyong’o – Calvin Klein

Oscars Best Dressed - Lupita Nyong'o

It took 6,000 pearls to complete Lupita’s stunning dress and it paid off.   When I first saw this dress, it was a very up close shot and I wasn’t in love with it.   I couldn’t believe it was by Calvin Klein who is notorious for their clean simple silhouettes.  But as I saw her from afar posing for photos, I could see how elegant and dramatic it was.  She was the only one there who could pull off this dress.

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Weekly Finds

Links I Discovered This Week


Happy weekend!  Great news everyone: Weekly Finds is back!  Even though it’s only February, this year has been a whirlwind of excitement and chaos.  It’s nice to have my good ole reliable schedule back to normal and start doing what I love, blogging with you!  Thanks to President’s Day, we had a shorter week, but I spent most of it catching up on the fabulous collections walking down the runways at Fashion Week!  Stay tuned for next week’s recaps of what NYFW trends we’re excited about for next fall.  Other than fashion, a big priority this week was trying to stay warm!  I can handle snow but these freezing temperatures are making it really hard to leave the house.  This weekend, I have two annual events I look forward to all year.  Firstly, it’s my friend Jena’s birthday and she always celebrates in style.  I can’t wait to put on my dancing shoes and have some fun.   Secondly, the Oscars are this Sunday!  As you know, our movie reviewer Johnny loves films; did you see his Oscar picks this week?   But let’s face it, we only care about the clothes anyways!   I will of course have a red carpet best and worst dressed list so get excited for that.  I will be live-tweeting the Oscars’ red carpet and show so be sure to follow along here.   So, stay warm this weekend and hope these links inspire you!

TRAVEL EXPERT:  I’ve always stayed at hotels when traveling, but I am intrigued with Victoria McGinley’s idea of renting an apartment or home instead.

OSCAR FASHION:  Are these the Best Oscar Dresses of all time?  I may not agree 100% with these choices, but this article definitely has most of my favorites.  After Sunday, who do you think will be added to this list?

DECORATING:  Why keep your shoes hidden in your closet stacked up in boxes when you can display them for everyone see like this?

WINTER FUN:  Stuck indoors with nothing to do?  Check out Verily Magazine’s list of new hobbies to try before winter ends, which hopefully will be soon!

LET’S PARTY:  This article has great tips for throwing a killer Oscar party!  My only addition to this list would be to drink champagne!

FIGHT THE COLD:  When I moved to New York, I was given an ankle length coat, and it has been a lifesaver!  Style Caster has done it again with another fabulous selection of ankle length coats you should own.

JEWELRY OBSESSION:  Tassel earrings are my new favorite accessory and A Sparkle Factor thinks so too with this fabulous post.  They are colorful, dramatic, and fun.  Which one is your favorite pair?  Mine are the Oscar de la Renta’s!

DRINK UP:  I have unfortunately given up one of my first loves, coffee.  However, I am not crazy enough to give up chocolate too.  That’s why I was very happy to come across this recipe for Nutella Hot Chocolate on Dearest Darling’s blog!

Have a great weekend!!

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It’s the Fifth Annual Johnny Awards!!

By Johnny Pomatto

It’s that time of year again, people.  This Sunday night will be The Academy Awards.  There was a time when that was the most important night of the year to me.  That’s become less and less the case with each passing year.  I’ve talked at length on this blog about how Oscar campaigning and Academy Screener DVD’s have threatened to destroy the voting process, so I won’t bore you with any more details on the subject.  You can find all of that HERE.  All you need to know is that there’s only one award show that matters anymore and that’s THE JOHNNY AWARDS!  No studio campaigning has affected my decision-making.  Below you’ll find my picks of what I believe are the best performances of the year, or at least my personal favorites.



Patricia Arquette- BOYHOOD

Jessica Chastain- A MOST VIOLENT YEAR           


Tilda Swinton- SNOWPIERCER


And the winner is… PATRICIA ARQUETTE in BOYHOOD.  This award could have easily gone to Jessica Chastain, who gave her best performance to date in A MOST VIOLENT YEAR.  If only her film could have given her character as much to do as Chastain was clearly capable of giving.  It’s an excellent performance but I wanted more of it.  Rene Russo also gave an outstanding performance in a role that was underwritten and designed to merely support Jake Gyllenhaal’s star showcase.  She held her own opposite his manic powerhouse, and was the perfect calm to counter his persona.  Tilda Swinton continues to prove herself as one of the most daring and care-free performers in film history.  She clearly doesn’t care about awards and I wish more actresses followed her example.  Uma Thurman shocked and stunned in her sole scene of a movie that’s most famous for its generous close-ups of genitals.  But if I’m going to align myself with any likely Oscar night lock, it will be in this category.  I have not always been a fan of Arquette’s work.  For every great performance she’s given (“True Romance,” “Ed Wood”), she’s had others that I’ve found really grating and annoying.  However, her performance is what drives and truly supports the quiet, meandering nature of BOYHOOD.  Some have argued that she deserves to be in the Lead Actress category for that very reason.  But while Arquette’s performance is unforgettable, it never attempts to steal focus or be the center of the story its telling.  Just like the character she portrays, Arquette realizes that everything she is doing in this film is to help guide and tell the story of this young boy’s journey to manhood.  She’s as much the film’s mother as she is to little Mason.

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Style Guide: Winter Whites

Staring at my clothes, trying to find something warm to wear, my white jeans are calling out to me to be worn.  I know that there are several people who are against white jeans because they get dirty easily.  The key is to buy a reasonably priced pair, like the ones below, so that you won’t be terribly upset when they get stained.   Despite their flaws, I love white jeans.  I always looked at them as a spring and summer item, but today I saw them in a new light.  Who cares if it’s negative degrees outside?   I refuse to wait until spring to wear these jeans.  I dug through my wardrobe and put together an outfit that, I believe, works perfectly for winter.  All you need is a cozy sweater and you’re good to go.  My favorite way to style white jeans during the winter is with a pastel sweater like blush or lavender.  When pairing soft colors with crisp winter white pants, you have yourself a polished and clean outfit.  I would love to hear from you if you end up giving it a try!

Style Guide: Winter Whites

1. Michael Kors – Stud Earrings | 2. Vita Fede – Titan Bracelet | 3. Ivanka Trump – Vivian Hobo Bag | 4. Mango – Julie Jeans | 5. Dorothy Perkins – Blush Pleat Back Sweater | 6. SixtySeven – Sophia Perforated Bootie

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Valentine’s Day Outfits

Valentine’s Day is this Saturday, which means that we have all day to enjoy it!  Whether you are brunching with your best gal pals, hibernating at home watching rom-coms, or going out for a fancy dinner, these outfits are perfect for all occasions.

Casual Day At Home…

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, does not mean you are required to leave your house.  You can have just as much fun in these cozy sequin pajamas relaxing on the couch.  Order in from your favorite take-out place, have a movie marathon, and snuggle with the person or pillow that you love.

Valentine's Day Outfits

1. Anthropologie – Eye Mask | 2. TopShop – Blanket Scarf | 3. Kate Spade – Suki Flats | 4. J.Crew – Sequin Floral Pant  | 5. H&M – Knit Sweater | 6. Kate Spade – Let Them Eat Cake Mug

Fancy Night Out…

Embrace the holiday by dressing up and going out on the town!  No matter where your plans take you, there’s nothing like a fancy dress, high heels, and a bold lip to put you in the Valentine’s Day spirit.  FYI, this evening does not require a man, go out with your gal pals and enjoy special cocktails.


1. Loren Hope – Abba Earrings | 2. Loren Hope – Sarra Cuff | 3. Asos – Oil Slick Foldover Clutch | 4. Reiss – Clark Cutout Dress  | 5. Mango – Wool Cape | 6. French Connection – Ellis Pump

Brunch With Friends…

This year, Valentine’s Day is really popular, and why not?   There is nothing in the rulebook that says you must spend Valentine’s Day with a significant other.  Go out to brunch, do a little shopping, and spend quality time with your besties.


 1. BaubleBar – Pearl Studs | 2. Gorjana – Carina Midi Ring | 3. Gigi New York – All In One Bag | 4. Zara – Striped Mini Skirt | 5. Uniqlo – Oxford Blouse | 6. Vince Camuto – Elvin Bootie

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