A Few of My Favorite Things 5.10.13

my favorite things

1. The Great Gatsby – This is one of my favorite books.  I love the era and Fitzgerald work best captured the jazz age.  I highly recommend you to read the book especially if you’re going to see the film.

2. Zodiac Coin Necklace – Obsessed with long chain coin necklaces and these fun zodiac pendants are perfect way to personalize them.  Also serve as great gifts

3. Soul-Cycle – This innovative indoor cycling workout out has taken over manhattan and completely changed with way I work out.  It’s not just about working out your body it’s about taking care of your soul.

4. Heirloom Tomatos – Spring is here and so are all the veggies I love.  Every winter I miss tomatos the most and these are like candy.   This recipe, from Food & Wine Magazine, is a must try.   But go to your local farmer’s market for the best produce options.

5. YSL Corail Incandescent Lipstick – Coral is the hot new color for spring/summer.  I purchased this last week and have worn it every day since.  It’s one of those lipsticks you need to buy two of so you always have it with you.

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