Shop. Palais des Thés – Perfume in a Cup (SOHO)

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When Palais des Thés sent me an invitation to visit their boutique I jumped at the chance. As a longtime tea lover, I’ve wanted to shop at this well-known Parisian tea company’s shop.  Founded by Francois-Xavier Delmas in 1986, the Parisian based company travels worldwide to tea fields in India, China, Japan, and Nepal to create the perfect flavor combinations.

Palais des Thés is located in the heart of SOHO.  It’s the second location for NYC, the first is in the UWS.   As you may recall from my previous post, “My Day in SOHO“, this is one of my favorite areas in Manhattan to shop and a perfect location for an artisan tea shop.

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Upon arriving I was greeted with a complementary cup of their daily tea. The tealeaves are displayed along the walls filling the room with wonderful aromas that entice your senses.  They have every flavor and variety you could possibly want with stations for you to smell each tea and pick the perfect one.  The store’s mission is for each customer to discover and embrace tea as a drink they can enjoy throughout the day.  It’s a healthy “time out” and perfect for New Yorkers’ and our hectic city life.

After sampling an assortment of diverse teas, my favorites were from their premium brand “Les Creations”.  Each “Les Creations” is inspired by a moment of pleasure, such as a perfume of flowers and exotic fruits (Thes des Songes), a hot bath in Istanbul (The du Hammam), or the delicate smell of cherry trees in Kyoto (Fleur de Geisha).  Before you go thinking it’s too hot for tea try their “Le Thé Glacé” which is an elegant French take on a summer sun tea.

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In addition, Le Palais des Thés has brought its long-standing commitment to tea education to their SOHO location with approachable and engaging weekend tea classes.  It’s a wonderful way to discover each tea, its origin, and even how to cook with it.

Next time you find yourself wandering the streets of SOHO you must pop into Palais des Thés and discover a favorite tea.

Store Location: 156 Prince Street (btw West Broadway & Thompson)

(See the links below for additional information on the “Les Creations” and “Le Thé Glacé” teas and the company website)

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