Eat’s Favorite Chinese Restaurants in NYC

After a month of craving Chinese staples like chow fun noodles, dumpling soup, and egg rolls I couldn’t take it anymore!  Yes I am on a strict pre-wedding diet, and Chinese food breaks all the rules, but I felt I owed it to my readers and my taste buds to indulge.  Here are my some of my favorite Chinese food restaurants in the city that are worth checking out.

Grand Sichuan (Chelsea) 229 9th Ave, New York NY 10001

Even though reviews may be mixed I have always heard great things about this Chinese restaurant, but had never been until recently.  You will find very traditional (but tasty) dishes on their menu like General Tso’s chicken and sesame beef.  But when you go out of your comfort zone that’s when you find what they do best.  Beware that when a dish says it’s spicy they are not exaggerating!  We recommend you ordering the pork dumpling soup, Dan Dan noodles (very spicy), and double spiced cooked pork.


(Dan Dan Noodles)

Hop Kee (Chinatown) 21 Mott St  New York, NY 10013

If you are looking for a restaurant in Chinatown look no further than Hop Kee. This basement restaurant is very casual, serving deliciously traditional Cantonese style dishes.   It’s open late, reasonably priced, and there is rarely a wait despite big word of mouth among celebs.  I highly recommend the pan-fried flounder, spare ribs, shredded pork with peppers, and my favorite spicy beef chow fun.  **Cash only

photo 2(Spicy Beef Chow Fun)

Mission Chinese (LES) –  154 Orchard Street, New York NY 10002

This San Francisco favorite has opened it’s doors in downtown Manhattan. The restaurant is very small and very difficult to get into.  I suggest going at odd times (also great for takeout).  Mission Chinese is very aware that their popularity is inconvenient so they provide free beer for waiting customers.  This is not the place to go for Americanized Chinese food.  Instead you will find creatively crafted Sichuan cuisine.  You must try the Kung Pao pastrami, crispy pig ears, thrice cooked bacon with rice cakes, and the spicy peanut noodles with brisket.

Slide1(Kung Pao Pastrami)

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