Shop. Chic Summer Accessories: Anthropologie Clutches

Getting summer chic from head-to-toe calls for the perfect accessories.  Clutches are essential for these hot summer months.  No one wants to be dragged down by a heavy tote.   My current accessory obsession is these beaded pouches from Anthropologie.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an Anthro girl.  I have always loved the unique style and hidden gems you find there.  What makes these delicate bags special is the care that is put into them.  They feel like one-of-a-kind clutches and that’s becoming harder to find.  These versatile clutches are perfect to dress down with a white tee or dress up with an LBD.   These are my favorite picks from Anthropologie’s beaded collection.  Hopefully, one of them will become your favorite too!

Anthropologie clutches

Check out Anthropologie’s website or visit your local store for more options.

1. Beaded Bali Pouch

2. Pomflora Pouch

3. Tropic Bird Clutch

4. Swirled Mirrors Pouch

5. Bejeweled Pearls Pouch

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