Live. French Your Day Event with Palais des Thés

In the beginning of this month I enjoyed a lovely evening at the Palais des Thés event: “French up Your Day”.  As you may remember from a previous post, the Palais des Thés tea shop in SOHO is a favorite of mine.

This French soiree was a wonderful demonstration of how tea can be a part of your daily routine.  There were three tea stations broken up by different times of the day; Breakfast/Brunch, Afternoon Tea, and Cocktail Hour.  Can you guess which one was my favorite?  If that wasn’t enough of a treat, they paired each station with decadent treats by Canelé by Céline, Alain Milliat juices, and delicious Pommery Champagne.

The event was an eye opening experience to the world of tea and how it can be a enjoyed throughout the day from morning to night.  FYI tea is wonderful when paired with truffle canelés and Champagne.

IMG_4194Perfect way to start the day with the Breakfast/Brunch Station featuring a pairing of Chocolate Canelé with “Thés des Lords”.  I’m a big fan of breakfast teas so this was probably my favorite tea table.


Afternoon tea – Break up the day with my favorite from the table; the Berry Elixer: “Thés du Hammam” with Alain Milliat Blueberry Juice. This very popular combination was refreshing perfect for a hot summer afternoon.


Cocktail Hour –  My favorite tea was the “Thés des Vahines Rooibos”.  These teas had a very sweet aroma but the taste was smooth and refreshing.  At this table they were serving savory truffle Canele and Pommery Brut Royal with a dash of Carla Lavender Essence Syrup.  It was delicious!

Thank you again to Palais des Thés!

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