Chic Costumes You’ll Still Wear After Halloween

The leaves are changing, there are pumpkins everywhere, and the heat has turned on in your apartment.  What does all this mean?  Halloween is here!  For most, Halloween costumes consists of elaborate DIY creations, or expensive store bought (often slutty) costumes.  But when November 1st is here, what do you do with your festive attire?  If you can save it, you probably store it away to possibly wear again next year.  But how often do you repeat your costumes?  By taking inspiration from style icons, we’ve given you four costumes you can even wear after Halloween.  Either you already have the essentials in your closet, or they will be purchases you won’t mind making.  In fact, most of the items are wardrobe essentials: blazer, LBD, black heels, etc..


1. Stella & Dot – Lucia Necklace | 2. Asos – Quilted Clutch | 3. Chanel –  Rouge Allure Lipstick | 4. Mango – Cap Sleeve Dress | 5. Milly  – Tweed Jacket  | 6. Nine West – Cacey Flats

If you want a classic, sophisticated look for Halloween, then we suggest you go as this famous designer.  All you’ll need to pull it off is a tweed jacket, a fabulous LBD, and pearls. It would be a crime to be Coco Chanel without wearing the designer.  That’s why we suggest you capture her sultry red lips with a Chanel lipstick.  This isn’t just a creative costume, this classic look can be worn again, and again.


1. BaubleBar – Leaf Necklace | 2. Mango – Studded Tote Bag  | 3. Dorothy Perkins – Floral Dress | 4. Michael Kors – Fur Scarf  | 5. Forever 21 – Sunglasses | 6. Vince Camuto – Signature Browynn Pumps

If Coco was the queen of yesteryear style, then Anna Wintour reins today.  You don’t have to have access to Vogue’s fashion closet to perfect this look.  Wear a flowy floral dress, (Anna loves her prints), black pumps, and a chunky collar necklace.  This fantastic costume is also can be worn for the office, brunch, or a date night.  Just don’t forget a pair of oversized sunglasses.  You’ll be able to secretly judge others’ costumes like Anna judges runway designs.

Costumes You'll Still Wear After Halloween

1. H&M – Knit Vest | 2. Asos – Backpack |3.  J.Crew – Blouse | 4. TopShop – Pelmet Skirt | 5. Phard – Blazer |6. Zara Block Heel Ballerina Shoe

As if!  That’s right!  Everyone’s favorite 90’s style icon, Cher Horowitz, is back!  Clueless was the one movie that defined my childhood.  I can recite every line; I was influenced by her confidence, and let’s not forget her incredible closet!   I’m sure a plaid skirt is already on your fall fashion must-haves list, because it’s on ours.  The fact that this look is back, and in a big way, makes it the perfect Halloween costume!

Costumes You Can Wear After Halloween

1. DKNY Tie |  2. Forever 21 – Boho Hat  | 3. Mango – Pinstripe Vest | 4. J.Crew – Flared Trousers | 5.H&M – Blouse | 6. Andre Machado – Oxford Pump

Annie Hall is an iconic film character that single handedly created the menswear style.  This is a great costume for Halloween; you wouldn’t even need to go home and change after work.  All you need are wide leg trousers, button up blouse, a vest, and a big floppy hat.  Borrow your guy’s tie and your look will be complete.  Since menswear is a trend this fall, this comfortable costume is a great investment.

Happy Halloween!

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