Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving Day is not just about football, parades, and food.  It’s about coming together with family and friends and being thankful for what you have. What better way to give thanks but to bring your hostess a lovely gift?  While you can never go wrong with a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine, think outside the box this year with these delightful and thoughtful treats.  Any one of these will be sure to impress and score you an invite for next year.

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

1. Anthropologie Anemone Mezzo Vases – There isn’t much from Anthropologie’s home store that I don’t love.  These colorful and whimsical vases look so pretty empty imagine how nice they’ll look with flowers.  Your host will love them and be sure to put them in a place of honor for dinner.

2. C.Wonder Cheese Board – Who doesn’t love cheese?  Cheese boards are the perfect gift for a host who loves to entertain.  What’s even more special about this item is that it is monogramed which makes it a very thoughtful and personal gift.

3. Henri Bendell Party On Coasters – Going to a girlfriend’s house for Thanksgiving?  Add a chic touch to her home with these Girl Coasters.  The iconic Izak illustrations will make all of her future entertaining evenings a little more stylish. Plus all the complements she’s sure to receive will give you tons of points.

4. Cashmere Hand Warmers – Winter is almost here and we’ve got the perfect gift your host will love.  She’s been through enough with decorating and cooking dinner that she should have one less worry.  Cashmere hand warmers will keep her hands toasty when the temperature drops.   She’ll be forever grateful.

5. Voluspa Candles  – You can’t go wrong with candles when bringing a gift for your host. Voluspa Candles are my favorite brand of candles.  I love them because their unique and extraordinary scents aren’t too sweet for me.  With rustic and earthy aromas like Crisp Champagne, Muscari, and Vervaine Olive Leaf, your host will be sure to love them.

6. Cupcakes by Melissa – There is no shortage of food on Thanksgiving, however, we think it’s always a great idea to bring along some tasty treats for the host.  Cupcakes by Melissa are taking over NYC and these bite size goodies which will be perfect for guests or if the hosts want to save them after everyone’s gone home.

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