Discovering L’Cheriyve in Bryant Park’s Winter Village

There are many ways to shop this time of year but my all time favorite is to go to the Bryant Park’s Winter Village.  This market is the perfect one stop shop for everyone on your Christmas list (including something special for you).  There are fun activities to be had like ice skating in the giant outdoor rink or singing karaoke in a 7-foot freezer while testing out a Columbia Omni-Heat jacket.  And there are lots of tasty treats like hot chocolate, Wichcraft’s grilled cheese, dumplings at Hong Kong Street Cart, and a beer garden equipped with fire pits.  Seriously, what’s not to love?

I made my first of many stops to Bryant Park the other day and was introduced to L’Cheriyve’s Trenchcapades.  This is the first year that designer Yvette Poole has brought her glamorous collection to the park’s market and it’s unlike anything you’ll find there.  L’Cheriyve’s has done a fabulous job recreating their LA showroom and brought the essence and playfulness to NYC.  The L’Cheriyve’s Trenchcapade collection is sexy, yet sophisticated with renditions of the iconic trench coat designed for women who want to be adored.  The designer, Yvette, will greet shoppers who visit L’Cheriyve’s booth (#B03) where she’ll assist you in finding the perfect gift for the holidays.  L’Cheriyve’s intriguing message, “be adored”, works for both the male and female shopper.  Buy your wife a gift that will make her feel amazing, or buy your husband a sexy you.

When I dropped by I got the opportunity to sample the line and discover my favorite Trenchcapade.  What I loved most about the collection was the line’s versatility. The lightweight and luxurious materials not only make it the perfect trench, but you can wear it as a dress. The L’ Brielle, featured on ABC’s Scandal, is a professional wool navy pinstripe trench that’s perfect for the boardroom and the bedroom.  If you want a trench for next spring season, look no further than the L’ Chloe.  This coat is the perfect shade of grey with large vibrant floral print silk lining which gives it comfort and feminine style. My absolute favorite coat almost came with me if I could run fast enough.  The L’Cherie is a sophisticated and dramatic trench that makes a statement. Like all the Trenchapades I tried on, I felt like I was wearing a bathrobe but I looked effortlessly stylish.  See for yourself below!

I highly recommend you stop by Bryant Park’s Winter Village and when you do visit Yvette and her team at L’Cheriyve’s Booth B03. Check out L’Cheriyve’s website for additional information

L'Brielle trench | L'Cheriyve






photo 1

 (Me wearing the L’Cherie)

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