Bah Humbug!

Is it just me or is there very little holiday spirit this year?  I know for me, December has flown by, but now, I am in total denial that Christmas is next week!  However, it does feel that anytime I mention the impending holiday, I am met with eye rolls, exasperation, and annoyance.  I personally feel that we are all too young to be so jaded!  Just because our busy lives have sped up instead of slowing down, it doesn’t mean we have to turn into Grinches during the holiday season.  Now, there is a lot to blame for this season’s Debbie-downers.  Thanksgiving was so late this year that we lost the last week of November, which was always a nice breather between holiday craziness; not to mention that holiday shopping has become an extreme sport.  We’ve forgotten why we celebrate this holiday.  It should be about giving your friends and family a thoughtful gift they would love.   So how can we lose the Scrooge attitude and remember what Christmas is about?  I am not asking anyone to stand in the snow and sing carols door to door, just to find a way to enjoy this time of year!  Hopefully then you’ll start the New Year off on a high note!

Here are some ways I think will help finding the Christmas lover deep within.

Remembering Family Traditions – Whether or not you’re spending the holidays with family, you should adopt one of your favorite childhood holiday traditions.  On Christmas Eve spend some quality time with those you love and set out eggnog and cookies (or in my house scotch and biscotti).

Holiday Movies – This was the year for nostalgia and what better way to embrace it than to watch your favorite holiday movies?  My personal favorites are “A Christmas Story” or “White Christmas”.   Of course, there’s no forgetting the best holiday specials like, “Charlie Brown Christmas”!

Decorate Your Home – NYC apartments are small but that doesn’t mean they have to be bare this time of year.  Fill your home with festive and decorative lights and ornaments.  If you don’t feel like spending the extra dough, go back to when you were a kid and make your own decorations with construction paper and glitter!  Make a day out of it by baking cookies and listening to Christmas music.

Give back – Do you ever just buy gifts just because?  Why not donate instead to a wonderful charity organization in your friends or family members name?  It’s thoughtful, generous, and you’ll help change lives. Think about your gift recipient’s passion and find an organization that matches their interests.  If they’re a dog lover donate to your local animal shelter.  Finding their local charities and giving back to their community will really touch their hearts.

Wishing all of my readers out there a very happy holiday!  See you in the New Year!

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