Style Guide for the Weekend

The day we’ve been waiting for has arrived; it’s finally Saturday!  However, just when we thought the weather couldn’t get any worse, this weekend, we’re expected to get hit with even more snow!   Instead of cooping yourself up in your apartment, I encourage you to go out and enjoy the city.  For this edition of our Style Guide for the Weekend, I’ve put together an outfit that is classic, comfy, chic, and gives you a pop of color that will get you motivated to go out and have some fun!  Go to a museum, enjoy a snowball fight in the park, see a movie, or go out to a bar with friends.  Have some fun and forget about those winter blues in this stylish ensemble.  To transition this look into night, change into leopard print pumps.



1. Humble Chic – Circle Scarf | 2. Kate Spade – Stud Earrings | 3. Michael Kors – Weston Crossbody Bag | 4. Mango – Patty Jeans | 5. Joie – Emari Sweater | 6. Asos – Antwerp Leather Boot | 7. J.Crew – Lady Day Coat 

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