Chic Accessories For The Office

As a kid, getting new school supplies wasn’t just about the cool patterns, vibrant colors, and relevant themes, it was about a fresh start and the exciting things to come.   Now that we’re adults, it doesn’t mean we don’t need that little boost of excitement in our daily lives.  We may not be going to school every day, but we’re still sitting at a desk with projects to complete.  Whether you go to an office or work from home, the standard workplace accessories you are using can seem a little dull.  Just because they are essential for your day-to-day life doesn’t mean they can’t be quirky.  The area that you spend the most time in should never be boring!  Here are some workplace must-haves that will give your desk a facelift and bring some creativity to your life.  Your workday will never be the same!

Chic Office Accessories


1. Kaufman Mercantile Inc – All-Brass Pen Case | 2. The Carbon Crusader – Day of Week Pencils | 3. Kate Spade – Storage Box Set | 4. Jonathan Adler – Monogrammed Acapulco Paperweight | 5. J.Crew – Printed Notepad | 6. Aduro – Retro Phone Handset  | 7. Snow & Graham – Wall Art Calendar  | 8. Kate Spade – Sticky Note Set

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