Style Guide For Your Weekend

This spring, with every step we take to warmer weather, we take two steps back!  While I was on vacation last week in California, spring arrived in New York City.  Now there are beautiful cherry blossoms on the trees and daffodils planted on the sidewalks.  Then, before we knew it, the snow returned!   Now we’re all left shaking our heads and wondering why we’re still wearing our wintery coats!  I have studied this weekend’s forecast report and am confident (or in denial) that it will be sunny and warm.  The blossoming flowers and Easter Egg pastels have influenced this weekend style guide.  Regardless if you are celebrating the holiday with family or enjoying a quiet weekend with friends, you’re going to need this refreshing outfit that screams spring!  Enjoy!

Weekend Style Guide

1. BaubleBar – Celestial Opal Collar | 2. Steve Madden – Nonstop Boot | 3. Kate Spade – Carlyle Watch Bracelet | 4. Madewell – Silk Ruffled Blouse  | 5. Zara – Pleated Print Skirt | 6. H&M – Denim Jacket | 7. Aldo – Adelaide Handbag

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