Friends, Bloody Mary’s, and Cookshop Oh My!

photo 2

What better way to enjoy brunch in New York than the one and only Cookshop!   Not only is the food delicious, but it is also located in fabulous Chelsea, just steps away from the lovely Highline Park.  Cookshop has been a trendy neighborhood spot for a while now, but it always feels new.  With its’ open space and large group tables, it is the perfect spot to go with a large group.  In fact, the most recent experience I had at Cookshop was a brunch with my gal pals.  With our busy schedules, it is very rare for us to all get together.  We needed a spot where we could sit comfortably to catch up and have a beautiful meal to remember the day by.   That is why we chose Cookshop, not just because it is a happening brunch spot, but it holds good memories of delicious food, great conversations, and is a perfect city experience.

Now let’s get to what’s most important here: the food!  Cookshop is known for its seasonal farm to table menus.  Right now, their menu is filled with beautiful spring vegetables and fruity dessert goodies.  Cookshop also has a fantastic dinner menu, which I highly recommend. One piece of advice is that as their portions are huge, just order two appetizers which should be plenty of food.  But this article isn’t about dinner, it’s about a New Yorker’s favorite meal and pastime:  brunch! When brunching at Cookshop, number one on your must order list are their Spiced Apple Beignets.  They are perfect for sharing, but order two because one just isn’t enough!  The great thing about going with a group is if everyone orders different things, you get to try more options, which you’ll want as well.  From the poached eggs with wild mushrooms,  the broccoli & cheddar scramble, to a large plate of pancakes, there’s something delicious for everyone.  No brunch is complete without tasty drinks and their Bloody Mary’s are to die for!  If you can’t tell, I am a big fan of this restaurant and once you see the images below of the wonderful dishes we consumed, you’ll become a fan too!  Now that it’s spring, there are so many more reasons to visit this eatery.  Because of their prime street corner position, they have a large sidewalk prime for outdoor seating.  And what New Yorker doesn’t like to sit outside sipping mimosas all day?  Share with us your favorite brunch spots in the city that you think I should review next!   Happy brunching!

Check out their website for additional information:


photo 1

Spiced Apple Beignets


photo 3

Fried Egg Sandwich


photo 4

Roasted Broccoli and Cheddar Scramble


photo 5

Poached Egg with Wild Mushrooms, Spinach & Buckwheat Crepes


Bloody Mary

Classic Bloody Mary


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