Handbag Essentials for Rooftop Fun


Over the weekend we had beautiful weather and I took full advantage of my apartment building’s best feature; the sky deck.  Living on the UES, the roof has beautiful views of midtown, brooklyn, UWS, and several NYC bridges.  My favorite is that I can see the Met as well as the tops of Central Park’s trees.  Whenever I get annoyed with the city, it’s wonderful to be able to come to the roof and see it in a whole other light.  It gives me new appreciation and joy about living in this incredible city.  Most weekends you can find me on the sky deck lounging on the chairs, reading my book, catching up on magazines, and sipping a gin and tonic.  I’m fortunate to have this luxury at my fingertips and I take total advantage of it.  It was no surprise that when the weather reached the high 70s I found myself on the roof soaking in the much needed sun.  The weekend inspired me put together this post of essential items you must have in your bag for a rooftop afternoon.


1. L’Oreal Sunscreen | 2. Corkcicle Wine Chiller | 3. The Great Gatsby | 4. Natori Beach Towel | 5. C.Wonder  Tote Bag | 6. Nasty Gal – Gritty in Pink Shades | 7. Banana Republic – Striped Sun Hat | 8. TopShop – Black Batik Printed Bikini | 9. Lay It On Me – Smartphone Speaker

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