Weekly Finds

Weekly Finds 5.16.14


One thing that I have recently discovered is that I spend a lot of my personal and professional blogging time browsing the Internet. I love discovering new sites, articles, and products that interest me. I find it stimulating to connect with those out there with similar interests.  I’ve decided that every Friday, I’m going to share with you a roundup of the links I have found that have inspired and bettered my life. My goal is to build better relationships and connections with bloggers that I respect. I hope that they will, in turn, motivate you as well. I look forward to sharing my weekly finds as well as my own personal insights to the week/weekend. I hope to engage in conversations with my readers and learn what inspires you weekly.

This week I discovered….

GOOD EATS: Madison Square Eats returned to Worth Square earlier this month.  After discovering it last year, I cannot wait to return to the food truck fair soon. I’ll report back to you with my favorite bites.

MILK DOES THE BODY GOOD: This past winter did a number on my skin.  So, I’ve been looking for a new moisturizing skincare product.  I discovered the Au Lait Milk Bath and really want to try it.  I mean, who doesn’t want to take a bath with milk and get silky smooth skin?

BOOK CLUB: Summertime is when life slows down and I finally find the time to read a book.  I am hoping to find a great read from this list of books.  Are any of these books on your list too?  If I can get enough people interested, it would be fun to start an Eat.Shop.Live.NYC Book Club!

PARIS: I am really excited for my honeymoon/anniversary trip to Paris in September.  Having lived in Paris, I am familiar with the city, but my knowledge is a bit rusty.  This is a blog, that I found, is about a woman’s experience living in Paris.   Now I already have fantastic ideas for where to eat and shop in Paris!

PINTEREST DISCOVERIES: Who doesn’t love Pinterest?  I, for one, am completely obsessed with it and this pin was my favorite of the week.   I have been yearning to throw a dinner party and these party theme ideas are exactly what I need!  Follow my BOARDS to stay up to date with all my favorite new discoveries.

FLORAL DESIGN: Lately, I have had the desire to learn how to garden.  Unfortunately, I live in Manhattan.  Therefore, I am interested in taking a floral arrangement class in the city and unleash my inner Martha Stewart.

RESTAURANT TO TRY: As I said before, I am going to Paris later this year, and I am currently obsessed with all things French.  Buvette is a quant French restaurant in the West Village that I’ve always wanted to try.  Check back soon for my review.

TGIF and happy weekend!

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