Weekly Finds

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This week has been a weird one.  My husband went out of town and my normal routine went right out the window.  But he’s back today and just in time for Memorial Day weekend.  I love long weekends and I always try to make the most out of them.  Whether it’s trying a new restaurant, sunbathing on my roof, going to a BBQ, or shopping the sales, it’s always a fun time.   As a married lady, one thing I am not used to is time alone.  That being said, I spent a lot of time online this week finding new things to add to my favorites list.  I had very specific things that I was browsing for this week.  I wanted to find activities for the holiday weekend, get a game plan of what I want to buy for the upcoming sales, and items for redecorating my apartment.  I believe that my Weekly Finds will lead to a fabulous weekend.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, would love to hear your fun weekend plans.

This week I discovered…

FUN ON THE WATER: Have you ever wanted to explore New York City by canoe?  Here’s how

BE A KID AGAIN: Did you know that there is miniature golf and beach volleyball at Pier 25?

CITY LIVING:  Check out my Memorial Weekend Activities post from last year.  All of these places are still high on my must try list!

CURRENT OBSESSIONS: J.Crew is launching a stationary line and letter writing never looked so good.  I am already in love; I must have them all!

PIN OF THE WEEK: Lillet Basil Cocktail….um….yes please!

SALES, SALES, SALES: Who doesn’t love it when their favorite stores have major holiday sales?  To make it even better, Nordstrom is having their half yearly anniversary sale.  Load up that shopping cart and stock up on summer staples.  In addition, this site has all of the sales broken down for you along with their codes.  Happy shopping!

REDECORATING: Like I said above, my apartment needs a face-lift.  Only problem is I live in NYC so the space is very small.  That is why this article about small space living tips is exactly what I need!

LIGHT UP THE GRILL:  It’s barbecue time!  Whether you’re the host or a guest, the holiday weekend is the perfect excuse to have an old fashioned BBQ.  Here are some delicious rib recipes that will make the day memorable.

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