Eating Out in NYC at Public


Earlier this month I celebrated my 30th Birthday by enjoying an incredible dinner out with my husband.  We happen to be major foodies and always open to trying new things.  That being said, I don’t like going to a new restaurant for a special occasion.  I want to know what I am getting in regards to the ambiance, service, and cuisine.  But this year, all my preferred eateries where I wanted to spend my birthday, were booked.  I didn’t know it then, but it was a blessing in disguise, because it led us to our favorite new restaurants: Public

Public, located in NOLITA, from start to finish was a very special dining experience.  After seeing the restaurant photos on the website, I was surprised at how large the space actually was.  But the ambiance with its decorative plants, lively bar, and romantic candlelight made it warm and cozy.  Public’s American-born, London trained chef, Brad Farmerie, created an original cuisine he considers Australian-Asian.  The menu was fascinating and we had a hard time narrowing down the choices because it all sounded so intriguing.  Since it was my birthday, we started off with one of their signature cocktails.  Then the sommelier assisted us in finding the right Australian wine to go with our meal.

For the first course, I chose the Kangaroo Carpaccio because I was so curious that I had to discover what it tasted like.  The dish was light, flavorful, and original.   My husband chose the Scallops with Sweet Chili Sauce.  I am not a big fan of scallops, so I never order them, but these melted in my mouth.  When the second course arrived, it met our, now high, expectations.  While my husband’s Red Snapper was delicious, my dish won the night.  I had the Trout with Edamame with Sea Urchin Risotto.  I rarely order fish when going out (unless at a seafood restaurant) because I cook it so much at home.  However, this was cooked to perfection and the risotto was the right amount of richness that I look for in a meatless meal.  To end the night right, I tried the chocolate cake.  I’m not normally a dessert girl, but since it was my birthday, I had to indulge.  I’m very glad that I did because not only was the dessert the right amount of sweetness but we paired it with lovely dessert wines.

Visit Public’s website for information about them like their mailbox wine club (more on that later), and special Sunday night’s tasting menu.  All in all this was an exceptional experience that made the day even more wonderful.  We look forward to returning and building even more tasty memories.

We discovered this restaurant via OpenTable, visit them to book your next fabulous meal!  Public is located at 210 Elizabeth Street.

Kangaroo Carpaccio

Kangaroo Carpaccio



Scallops with Sweet Chili Sauce


Red Snapper with Curry Sauce

Red Snapper with Curry Sauce


Trout with Edamame and Sea Urchin Risotto

Trout with Edamame and Sea Urchin Risotto


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