Weekly Finds

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Did everyone have a nice Memorial Day Weekend?  I had a fabulous time hanging out at a beer garden, going to a baseball game, and playing in the park.  It was so much fun enjoying lots of food, friends, and laughs.  Then, it all came to an end and I spent the rest of my week playing catch up.  Even though it’s nice knowing you don’t have to deal with Monday blues, you still need to make up for all the lost time.  I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time connecting and reading on the web.  However, here are a few things that I discovered that I am excited to have found.  Are you taking it easy this weekend after the holiday, or are you picking up where you left off?  Feel free to share with us your favorite finds from this week!

SHOPPING LIST:  I am attending a bridal shower in early June and I need a pretty summery dress.  I’ve searched long and far and I hope that this is the one!

AFTERNOON TEA: In a perfect world, I would have a traditional British afternoon tea every day.  However un-realistic that may be, I can at least enjoy it every once in awhile.  After a bit of research, I found this hidden gem in the West Village that I cannot wait to try.  It sure is cheaper than a plane ticket to London!

BEAUTY SECRETS:  Once the humidity hits, it’s very difficult to get through the day with our makeup looking fresh.  Most of us don’t even attempt it, knowing it will have melted off before we get to the office.  Check out these makeup tricks from Byrdie.  It is exactly what we need to get us through the summer looking fabulous.

PIN OBSESSIONS:  All gold everything from skincare, nails, to jewelry.

RUMOUR MILL:  Who else was shocked when Community got the axe from NBC?  Now sources are saying that the very popular show could find a new home on HULU.  Crossing my fingers that this is true.   I’m not ready to say goodbye to the Greendale gang just yet!

ALL THE RAGE: Are Showrooms and Pop-Up boutiques the new way of shopping?  I, for one, am a big fan of them.  It will be interesting to see how they change the way we shop.

RIP:  Remembering the life of the remarkable and inspirational Maya Angelou.

BUCKET LIST: Summer may have just begun, but it’s going to be over before we know it!  There are so many great things to do, but this bucket list is a great place to start.  Make sure you make the most of the warm weather!

FORGET THE GYM:  Who wants to be running on the treadmill in the gym when it’s gorgeous outside?  This tennis club is the perfect way to get a great workout, mix up your routine, and have some fun!


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