A Few of My Favorite Things for June

One of my favorite things about the summer is escaping the city for a quiet weekend away in the country.  My husband and I are very fortunate to have family just steps away from NYC but far enough away that we feel like we’ve traveled a great distance.  In fact, while writing this post, I am sitting on my in-laws deck surrounded by trees and listening to birds chirping in the background.  It has inspired me to dedicate this month’s favorite things post to what I am coveting for a weekend adventure.  What items are on your list?

A Few of My Favorite Things for June


1. Eat.Shop.Live’s Book Club: Believe me, reading classic literature is a lot more inspiring while surrounded by nature instead of on your morning subway ride.

2. Summer Music: When getting out of the city, I like to leave all distractions at home.  It’s wonderful to completely disconnect from electronics and get back to the basics.  That being said, I still need some music to listen to on walks, by the pool, or in the background during a BBQ.  That’s why I need an IPod shuffle to listen to music and not get distracted with emails.  Check out this playlist of the best summertime tunes.

3. Footwear: Unless you have fancy plans you don’t need to bring a ton of shoes.  I am loving Birkenstocks right now and this is a very versatile pair that will get you through all of your weekend activities.

 4. Weekender: You’re not going on a plane so it’s not necessary to carry a large rollaway suitcase.  All you need is this chic and sophisticated weekend duffle bag to carry your fabulous outfits.

5. Easy Does It:  High on my summer wardrobe list is the effortlessly chic: the maxi dress.  It’s perfect for a getaway because it’s comfortable, stylish, and can be dressed up or down according to your accessories.  In my opinion, when packing for a trip, it’s priority number one.

6. Sunnies:  I know that sunglasses are a given and go without saying, but look, how cute are these?  Finding a new pair of sunnies that both fit your face and look adorable is very important.  I must have these!

7. Cover-Up:  Most likely you’re going somewhere where there is access to water.  This week I posted my favorite swimwear trends and, after you find your perfect suit, you’re going to need this cover-up to complete the look.

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