“Life is good” Event Recap

Last week I attended a pop up showroom event by the company, Life is good.  Based in Boston, this very popular apparel line offers a mix of graphic tees, hoodies, hats, home accents, and accessories that provide positive state-of-mind messages for their customers.  The brand also has a connection with music as many of their designs are inspired by musicians and songs.  In addition, the company also hosts music festivals in Boston to bring their fans together.  Life is good collections are sold online at Lifeisgood.com and in various retail stores across the country.   I was very surprised at how reasonable the prices were; a signature tee retails for $32, which is a bargain considering the high quality of its products.  Life is good takes their positive message even further by donating 10% of their net profits to help kids in need through the Life is good Kids Foundation.


The showroom was set up perfectly with each theme and style getting its own space, from beachwear to outdoorsy.   Each section has a real identity and focus.  I think, as a Northern Californian, I was drawn to the outdoorsy designs.  The clothing may not be my personal everyday style, but I can see myself relaxing in their “Keep it Real” hoody and carrying the “Relax, Life is Good” tote.  I also enjoyed the whimsical play on words, for example, “Seas the Day”. Living in Manhattan, it is very easy to become jaded and pessimistic.  I was truly inspired by this collection and I left my meeting with an incredible amount of positive energy.  I think we New Yorkers could really use some Life is Good products in our life.



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