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This week has flown by!  I blinked on Monday and all of a sudden it’s Friday!  I traveled to San Diego last weekend, which was a blast, but it’s good to be back to my normal schedule.  Because of my trip, it was a short week and I am so ready for some quiet time at home.   This weekend should be relaxing with a bit of fun.  Saturday will be spent with friends wine tasting in Long Island (look for my story next week).  Then, Sunday I will shut off my phone and head to the park for a little R&R time.  I love summer in NYC but I feel that, so far, I haven’t spent any time here!  That’s going to change for the rest of June!   Here’s hoping that these links inspire you.  Share with us in the comments below the things you found online that were interesting to you.

BOOK CLUB: Social media is crucial for my career and I am constantly trying to better myself.  This list of the Top 5 Social Media books is high on my summer reading list.

ART LOVER: One of my favorite museums in the city, the Frick Collection, announced this week that it is expanding.  I can’t wait to see the new exhibits and changes!

FASHION:  If you’re a fan of this blog, you’re probably a fan of shopping. Unfortunately, due to the fact that money doesn’t grow on trees, we can’t always get what we want. Therefore, this article, The Broke Girl’s Guide to Looking Expensive, has helpful styling tips for spending less.

PIN OF THE WEEK:  After my post last week, I was inspired to start a pin board of NYC’s best one of a kind shops.  One of my favorite pins is the specialty spice market, Kalustyan’s.  Follow the Pinterest board for all of my favorite spots.

FOR THE PUP:  Have you heard of the BarkBox?  Every month, your dog receives a box full of treats, toys, bones, and hygiene products.  It sounds fantastic and something my pup Gigi would love!

LIFESTYLE:  When do you see a doctor?  I may be 30 but that doesn’t mean I know any better than I did at 20.  I found this article, from my favorite online magazine’s Verily, very helpful.

YES WAY ROSÉ: I love rosé wine so much that I drink it all year round, but there is something special about it in the warmer months.  Check out this Vogue article about why it’s the most popular drink for summer.

SUMMERTIME FUN:  When it’s warm out, all we New Yorkers want to do is enjoy some summer fun at a rooftop bar.  Here are some fabulous new hot spots to add to your list.

TRAVEL: It’s been ten years since I lived in Paris and, this September, I know my trip to the City of Lights will be very different.  I have enjoyed catching up on The Cut’s 30 Days in Paris.  So much has changed but it looks just as beautiful as ever!

Bon weekend!!

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  1. Thank you! I’m going to pick up one of the books this weekend. They all seem really interesting and useful. My summer has been a lot of fun but it is flying by and I haven’t had any time to lay by a pool and relax! Hopefully that’ll change this weekend. Have a great one!


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