Weekly Finds


TGIF!  Can you believe it’s Friday already?  I spent the majority of this week at a desk with my eyes fixated on my computer screen.  Don’t get me wrong, I got a lot of rewarding work done, and I enjoyed every moment of it.  But it is nice to put the laptop down, move away from the desk, and get outside for a different kind of research.  That’s my plan for the weekend: to pick an area of New York City and explore it.   Let me know where you want me to go in the comments below!  This weekend is the first of the summer where I don’t have any commitments.  I cannot wait to enjoy some much-needed down time with my husband and puppy.  We will be enjoying great food starting with lunch at Le Bernadin, shopping at a few funky street fairs, and reading in Central Park.  I cannot wait!  Enjoy my weekly finds and share with us in the comments below the things you found online that were interesting to you.

Happy Weekend!

DIY: I love having flowers in my house 24/7 but they always die so fast.  I would love to try to make these pretty felt peonies.

I’M SO EXCITED:  Did you know that there is a podcast out there where the hosts watch and analyze an episode of Saved by the Bell?  Well it’s out there and it’s awesome!

SHOPPING ADDICT:  While researching for a post I stumbled onto Zara’s website and discovered that everything, and I mean everything, is on sale.  It’s definitely worth a drop by!

PERFECT HAIR:  My mornings are often very busy and I am always rushing to the subway to get to work.  That is why this article, overnight hair tips, is just what I need.

FITNESS: It’s bikini season so a flat belly is a must!

PIN OF THE WEEK:  I’ve started to plan for my Fourth of July party, this recipe sounds like the perfect bite.

ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE:  I’m always looking for new ways to keep my closet neat and tidy and this video has a lot of useful tips.

SO CHIC: I love wearing scarves in the summer and no one ties it better than the French.

BEAUTY TIPS: Loving this list of Best Summer Beauty Products, I see so much that I want to try out!

ICYMI: Lupita Nyong’o’s first Vogue cover is finally here, and it’s gorgeous!  Seriously, how did it take them this long to feature her?

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