Workout Clothes for the Gym and Beyond

The days of going to the gym in old worn out clothes are dead and gone.  It all started when working out became trendy with specialty classes like CrossFit and SoulCycle.  The key to achieving the perfect workout style is to find a balance between functionality and fashion. When choosing what to wear, we are drawn to bright colors, bold designs, and something suitable to wear out in public.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with flying under the radar in an all black ensemble, but going to the gym should be fun, so a brighter outfit is more uplifting.  Feeling good in your fitness attire will only give you more confidence and the motivation you need during your workout to help you reach your goals.  Looking good once you leave the gym can be achieved with the newly designed fitness attire.  It is becoming a trend to attend classes in groups, which leads to post workout juice and salad dates.  In order to go from the gym to a social activity without changing your clothes, you need to feel confident in what you are wearing.  It is hard enough to find time in our busy schedules to get to the gym.  That is why the pressure of looking put-together after a class should not stress you out.  I’m always on the hunt for chic workout clothes that can be worn beyond the gym.  That is why I have gathered a few stylish options that will meet your fitness and fashion needs.

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Workout Wear For the Gym and Beyond

1. H&M – Sports Bra | 2. Lorna Jane – Audrina Tee Shirt | 3. Forever 21 –  Love Athletic Socks | 4. SoulCycle – Check Skull Cami | 5. Lorna Jane – Cropped Mesh Maxum | 6. H&M – Sports Tights | 7. Nike – Free 5.0 V4 Running Shoes

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