Weekly Finds

Weekly Finds

What a week!  Hope you had a good one!  Mine was spent either glued to my computer or working out my frustrations at the gym.  I had very little time to play and have fun, but I feel like I wasn’t alone.  There was a lot of sad news this week and I felt tension all around me.  One positive thing was the weather.  Usually in August, we have to endure uncomfortable humidity, but this week, was so cool.  My usual ensemble of shorts and summer dresses wasn’t enough coverage.  I cannot remember the last time I wore jeans in August, can you?   I don’t know about you, but I am intrigued for what this means for the upcoming months.  Early fall, delayed summer, snow in September?  Who knows at this point!  All I do know is that I feel a cold coming on and think it’s best to stay close to home this weekend.  I am planning on trying a new restaurant, do a little fall shopping, and go to one of these movies.  Below are some fun links that I want to share with you.  Enjoy the weekend share with us your fun plans in the comments below!

HAIR: I have struggled with my fine hair all of my whole life.  This article could be just what I’ve been praying for!

FOR THE HOME:  This article gives great tips on how to decorate as a couple and turn two styles into one.  I think it’s time for a home makeover!

RECIPE:  We cooked in a lot this week and tried out a couple of new recipes.  I highly recommend this Mahimahi with Sage and Garlic dish.  It was delicious, satisfying, and healthy.

PIN OF THE WEEK:  I came across this idea for entertaining on Pinterest and now I must host a bagel brunch!

RIP:  There were two great losses this week:  the talented Robin Williams, and the legendary Lauren Bacall.  I have already watched my favorite William’s movie, “The Birdcage”, and now I had to share this tribute to Bacall’s iconic style.

GETAWAY:  Still want to go on a trip but don’t have the time to plan a last minute getaway?  Why not stay in the city and enjoy a staycation.  Here’s how!

BIG SHAKEUP:  Lucky Magazine announced this week that they are cutting ties with Condé Nast and creating an entirely new company called The Lucky Group.  Read the full story here.

BEFORE SUMMER ENDS:  Can we please talk about how perfect Reese Witherspoon’s Eyelet outfit is?  This outfit will keep us warm all winter long!

Happy Weekend!

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