Weekly Finds


Weekly Finds 8.22.14

TGIF!  Even though I am extremely happy that the weekend is here, I had another really productive week.  I am feeling really positive about this blog and hope you guys have been enjoying my recent posts!  I think one of the reasons why I’ve been so pumped lately is that my favorite season is almost here and I’ve been having a blast preparing for it.  Now I know that some of you are in a bit of denial.  It’s hard to say goodbye to warm days, the beach, and rooftop bars, but there are good times ahead too. I promise!   Since this is one of the last weekends left for the summer, I hope you all take some time to play outdoors.  I, for one, am heading to the country for some quality family time and, hopefully, some poolside action.  But before you jet off on your wild weekend adventure, check out my latest Weekly Finds post.  There are a lot of great stories online and I am happy to share with you my favorites.  I’d love to hear what you’ve discovered recently, so don’t be shy. Leave me a comment below!

PIN OF THE WEEK:  Remember when you were a kid and you drank root beer floats?  Well this week I discovered this fabulous drink on Pinterest. I can’t wait to try the adult take on a classic drink.

IF IT AINT BROKE:  Rumors are floating around that Tiffany’s new creative director, Francesca Amfitheatrof is thinking about to give the classic blue box a makeover.  I understand that she wants to make her own mark in the company but don’t mess with a good thing!

HEALTHY LIVING:  Do you love restaurants as much as I do?  Then this story about how you can eat healthy while dining out can really help.

FALL CLEANING:  It is that time of year again when I need to give my home a deep cleaning and de-clutter my life.  That is why I am taking on this challenge. Wish me luck!

D’OH:  If you are a fan of The Simpsons then start from the beginning by watching the entire series with FXX’s 12 day marathon.

FASHION INSPIRATION:  I love everything about old Hollywood: the films and fashion.  That’s why I chose this article about how Hollywood starlets like Katherine Hepburn and Rita Hayworth are influencing fashion this fall.

SMART SHOPPING:  Shopping is always a fun adventure but why not make it a smart one with these great tips from one of my favorite blogs, A Sparkle Factor!

BEAUTY:  I am always on the lookout for a new skincare regime, which is why this story on Verso Day and Night Cream caught my eye.  If it really does make your acne spots run away screaming, I have to test it out for myself.

Happy Weekend!

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