Weekly Finds

Weekly Finds

For those of you who work in the fashion industry, I assume you spent the week heavily invested in New York Fashion Week shows.  It is always a thrill when it’s here and a relief when it’s gone.  I, for one, enjoyed staying on top of the shows and, next week, I will be posting my summary of the Spring/Summer 2015 collections.   Despite my busy NYFW schedule, I was able to get my fall 2014 shoe trends story out on the blog so check it out.   For those of you who do not follow NYFW, I hope you had a productive week and enjoyed the cooler days.  It was very depressing for me as I came out of my evening SoulCycle class on Wednesday to find it dark.  As much as I love fall, summer is a hard one to let go of!  Do you have any fun plans this weekend?  I will be preparing for my upcoming trip to Europe.  I cannot believe that I leave a week from today!  I will be traveling to London and Paris.   My wardrobe isn’t ready yet for such fashionable cities so I need to tackle my long shopping list.  With preparations, brunch plans, and football Sunday, it’s shaping up to be a perfect weekend in NYC.  I didn’t spend a lot of my days off in the city over the summer so it’s good staying close to home.  Because of Fashion Week and my trip, this edition of Weekly Links is very fashion and travel heavy.  Let me know in the comments below what you have recently discovered.  Enjoy the weekend!

FOOD & TRAVEL: I have been researching restaurants in Paris for months so when I came across this list of restaurants, I was happy to add them to my list of places to try. Can’t wait to share my favorite restaurants with you!

THE QUEEN:  Ever want to know what’s in Anna Wintour’s handbag or what her favorite book is?  In this very special edition of Vogue’s 73 Questions, Anna was asked a series of fun questions.  I particularly love her answer for her favorite travel destination. And, how gorgeous is her office!

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY:  As a lifestyle blogger and foodie, I struggle with not only taking quality photos of my food, but also not being rude while doing it. Hopefully this article will have some useful tips.

WHAT’S IN A NAME:  Any bloggers out there know that coming up your name for your site is half the battle.  The Cut has come up with an entertaining way to create with your perfect blog title.  Mine is Foam and Diamonds; what’s yours?

GET ORGANIZED: Being a freelancer and full-time blogger has its perks such as building your own hours, schedule, and deadlines, but it’s also hard to stay organized.  That is why this article, The 5 Work Rules Every Highly Productive Person Lives By, is the perfect read for me.

HELPFUL TIPS:  The Poor Little It Girl has a lot of helpful advice for bloggers about lessons she has learned about blogging.

FALL FASHION: Street style from NYFW is a great place to find inspiration for your fall outfits!

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    • Thank you! I lived in Paris about 10 years ago so I’m not as familiar with the city anymore. I can’t wait to go shopping and will share with you what I bring back.

      Armani Asparagus is silly but cute! Thanks for the comment and visit again soon! XOXO


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