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I am so happy to report that I am now home and finished with my travels for the year.  I’ve been away so much that I can’t remember what my girlfriends look like, my puppy is giving me the cold shoulder, and my apartment is a pigsty.   It’s a great feeling to know that I won’t be boarding another plane until 2015. Even though I love to travel, I need some quality time with NYC.  I feel like we aren’t speaking the same language and it’s because I haven’t been home for seven days straight in months.  I’m planning on doing some exploring this weekend by visiting an area I rarely go to and play.  I’ll visit a museum, shop in quant boutiques, take a walk in Highline Park (before it’s too cold), and enjoy a meal at a new restaurant.  It has taken me a couple of days to recuperate from my recent trip.   I have spent a lot of my time catching up on my weekly reading from my favorite bloggers, online magazines, and researching online.  Here is what I found, and I’d love for you to share with me what has inspired you this week.  Happy weekend and stop by the blog next week where I’ll be back sharing all sorts of fall fashion inspired stories.

DINING OUT:  One of my favorite things about fall is pumpkin.  Whether it is in lattes, pie, or soup, I can’t get enough of it.  That’s why I was happy to find this roundup of the best pumpkin dishes in NYC.  After I try them, I’ll report back to you.

HOW DARLING:  Thanks to One Brass Fox, I discovered Darling Magazine and I’m already in love.  So many articles stood out to me but, maybe, the “ A Perfectly Imperfect Host” piece is my current favorite.

TAKE YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO: Stephanie, from A Sparkle Factor, helps you get prepared with these lessons in fashion that every girl should know before she’s 30.  Having turned 30 this year, I can say this is a great list!

OOTD:  When I think fall fashion, two words come to mind: texture and tweed.  That is why I am absolutely in love with this affordable outfit post from Penny Pincher Fashion. 

MONTHLY FUN:  I may have missed the first part of October due to my travels, but it’s not over yet!  Find out what fun activities NYC offers this month here.

STYLISH COSTUMES:  Want to dress up for Halloween but not spend the money?  The gals from Dearest Darling have come up with four stylish costume ideas that can be found in your very own closet.

BEAUTY TREND:  Lately, we’ve been seeing less and less makeup on magazine covers and runway shows.  Next month, Kerri Washington shows that going without makeup is the new trend on the cover of Allure.  Get a sneak peek here.

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