Investment Pieces Every Woman Should Own

It seems that we are on a never-ending mission to create the perfect closet.  You may feel like no matter how much you shop, you never have anything to wear.  A well-balanced wardrobe is a little bit trendy mixed in with classic investment pieces.  Try out my shopping motto: less quantity, more quality.  It’s more important to spend more on a few classic pieces that will never go out of style rather than trendier styles that you’ll throw away after a year.  There are certain items that belong in every girl’s closet.  If you are thinking to yourself that it sounds super boring, then clearly you don’t know the power a crisp white button-down shirt can do.  Once you have filled your wardrobe with the perfect staples, you can build your closet around them.  This task is even more useful to those who haven’t quite found what their personal style looks like.  Once you have a strong selection, you will have a better understanding of what you want your clothes to say about you.  Everyone is different but when it comes to the following, I believe we can all get onboard and say that they are pieces every girl should invest in.

 The Right Jean

You can own dozens of pairs of jeans but what is most important is finding the style that works for your body type.  It doesn’t matter if flared is currently the “in-style” jean, if your body type is best for skinny jeans, then spend the money on the perfect pair and take care of them.



If you do not own a little black dress, turn your computer off, and buy one right now!  The LBD is the most important item in a girl’s closet.  It can be worn for any occasion, and it has versatile style options.  When investing in the perfect one for you, make sure it is feminine but not too revealing.   You want to make it appropriate for work and for cocktail hour.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.52.54 AM

Tailored Blazer

Whether it is black, navy, or nude, we can all agree that the key word in this title is tailored.  If the blazer does not fit to your body, then what’s the point?  I own a few (okay 10) blazers and each one is classic and goes with everything.  It can be worn conservatively with trousers for the office, add sophistication to a flowy dress, or dress up a pair of jeans.  There is really no end to what a classic blazer can do!


Black Pumps

Why black pumps?  They go with everything!  We should start referring to them as the LBP because they are as important as a black dress.  Whether they are pointy or round toed, black pumps can be sophisticated, professional, and sexy all at once.  The most important thing when buying your perfect pair is to make sure they are comfortable.   Most women are drawn to high heels but, if they aren’t comfortable to walk in, what’s the point?



Every woman should own a structured tote.  It can be in whatever color you choose.  In my opinion, sticking to neutral colors is the best way to go.  You need at least one bag that is chic,  fits the necessary belongings, and can be worn throughout the day.


White Buttoned Down Shirt

This is the perfect layering piece that also looks good when set apart.  If you put it together with your tailored blazer, jeans of choice, and black pumps, you have an outfit that will never go out of style.  Make sure it is crisp, high quality, and take care of it with trips to the dry cleaners.


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  1. Great list of investment pieces!! Investing in the basics is the best way to start building your wardrobe. These are definitely all must-haves! I’m more of a nude-pump gal myself… I don’t know why I’ve just never been crazy about black pumps. But, it’s true that they’re a definite staple! Great post.

    xx Stephanie

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