The Month Ahead: November




November 1st has arrived and it brought with it a cold front.  All of a sudden, there are puffy coats everywhere and I am piling on the knitwear to stay warm.  The weather is always unpredictable, but it feels like fall has already turned to winter.   I love all seasons and, as long as the snow holds off, I don’t mind having to wear my winter coat so soon.  When I was a kid, Christmas wasn’t mentioned until the day after Thanksgiving.  Now, Christmas commercials and decorations are up before we’ve taken off our Halloween costumes.  I refuse to participate in this because there is a whole month left!  Let us take this month to relax and not heap unwanted holiday pressure on us.  There is still a family holiday called Thanksgiving where there are no gifts or expectations required.  You can visit with your loved ones, eat great food, and throw the football around, before the holiday madness should begin.

Coming up this month on the blog, get ready for some fabulous brand features, styling tips, outfits to inspire you, exciting movie reviews, and holiday goodies!  So far this year has been an exciting one for the blog and I plan to end it on a high note.  I would love to hear from you about all the things you love about November and what stories you’d like to see this month.   Hope you all have a wonderful November and a fun-filled, drama free Thanksgiving!

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