10 Colorful Coats to Brighten Up Your Mood


As I write this I can’t help but stare out my window, watching the icy rainfall, thinking to myself that fall is quickly turning into winter.  There is no escaping it.   The best thing we can all do is embrace it.  For me, the holidays help a lot because, with the cold days, there are so many festive reminders to distract you.  However, winter lasts a lot longer than the holidays, so it is well past time to get prepared.  When it comes to seasons, I always have my favorite piece to purchase, and for winter, it is coats.  I have loved them for as long as I can remember, and it has actually affected where I’ve moved to in the past.  My recent inspiration for coat styles has been Mindy Kaling’s character on “The Mindy Project” (see image above).  If you aren’t familiar with the show, Mindy often wears brightly colored coats that stand out in the crowd.  Even though I own one, two, okay, five black coats, I want to break the habit and introduce some color to my winter wardrobe.  If you think about it, a colorful coat will definitely help cheer you up during the cold long months.  I have put together a selection of outerwear that I love this season.  I hope you will consider ditching the black and choosing a vibrant and patterned style to fight the winter blues.  In addition, I have added a few wintery trends like blush pastels and plaid prints for you to consider.


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Dorothy Perkins




Pim + Larkin



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