Beauty Review: Tea MD Facial Cleanser


When it comes to beauty products I am a very low maintenance kind of girl.  I want an all-natural product, something that’s not too floral (I have a very sensitive nose), and something that provides good results.  It can take years to find the perfect beauty regime for oneself, but for as long as I can remember, I have sworn by tea tree oil.  It is the best way to fight blemishes quickly and efficiently.  That is why when I discovered Tea MD’s Daily Facial Cleanser, with its key ingredient being tea tree oil, I was eager to give this cleanser a try.

I am very diligent about my skincare regime and I was very pleased with how this cleanser worked with my other products.  In fact, don’t tell my moisturizer, but my skin was so soft and hydrated following the cleansing process, I didn’t even feel I needed moisturizer.  This is a first for me when it comes to cleansers.  I have naturally dry skin and I usually feel the need to apply a heavy amount of moisturizing cream after I’ve used a cleanser.   Another plus for me was the scent.  As I said before, I am very sensitive when it comes to aromas.  When I visit a department store, I have to run through the fragrance section with my nose covered to avoid a serious headache.  That being said, this cleanser has an aroma that is refreshing and light.  I found that using it in the morning woke me up before I even had a sip of coffee.   I think it has a lot to do with the tea tree oil, as it has always been a smell I’ve enjoyed.  Speaking of tea tree oil, I am excited to see how it affects my skin in the long term and if it will keep those unwanted blemishes at bay.  In the past, tea tree oil has worked wonders and it is about time I found a product that features it.  Finally, because this cleanser is an all-natural product and free of toxins and harsh chemicals, it is healthy for your skin and gentle enough to be used daily.

Tea MD’s Daily Facial Cleanser is an excellent product that has come into my life at the absolute right time.  After only a few weeks into winter, my skin was already starting to feel like sandpaper.  Now, it feels refreshed and restored to it’s fabulous self.  This is Tea MD’s signature product, and I am looking forward to seeing what else they have to offer for beautiful skin.

Tea MD is offering my loyal readers a special discount code for 20% off your purchase.  All you have to do is use code BC1413 at checkout.   For additional information about Tea MD Skincare, visit their website:


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