Style Guide: Winter Whites

Staring at my clothes, trying to find something warm to wear, my white jeans are calling out to me to be worn.  I know that there are several people who are against white jeans because they get dirty easily.  The key is to buy a reasonably priced pair, like the ones below, so that you won’t be terribly upset when they get stained.   Despite their flaws, I love white jeans.  I always looked at them as a spring and summer item, but today I saw them in a new light.  Who cares if it’s negative degrees outside?   I refuse to wait until spring to wear these jeans.  I dug through my wardrobe and put together an outfit that, I believe, works perfectly for winter.  All you need is a cozy sweater and you’re good to go.  My favorite way to style white jeans during the winter is with a pastel sweater like blush or lavender.  When pairing soft colors with crisp winter white pants, you have yourself a polished and clean outfit.  I would love to hear from you if you end up giving it a try!

Style Guide: Winter Whites

1. Michael Kors – Stud Earrings | 2. Vita Fede – Titan Bracelet | 3. Ivanka Trump – Vivian Hobo Bag | 4. Mango – Julie Jeans | 5. Dorothy Perkins – Blush Pleat Back Sweater | 6. SixtySeven – Sophia Perforated Bootie

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2 responses

    • Thank you! I used to think it was too dirty to wear white in the winter too, but then i realized it’s even riskier in the summertime, so why not? I cannot wait for spring too, hope it hurries up and gets here already!


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