Oscars 2015 Best Dressed List

Last night was the movie event of the year: The Oscars.  But, before any awards can be handed out, there is the highly anticipated red carpet show.  After NYC’s fashion week, you’d think we’d be sick of fashion, but think again!  Out of all of the red carpet events, this is the one where the stars are expected to bring out the big guns and impress.  There shouldn’t be wild or extreme statements, like at the Grammys.  Instead, the Oscars are about Hollywood glamor and elegance.   Can we expect everyone to be as stylish as Lupita Nyong’o?  Of course not!  She is a style icon and those don’t grow on trees.  If I were going to the Oscars, I would pick a dress I could move in, walk up stairs without tripping (looking at you Jennifer Lawrence), and sit comfortably for hours.  I know there are a lot of people out there who wonder, why we should care about the red carpet.  When the Oscars were first filmed live, it was exciting for those at home to see their favorite stars in glamorous outfits.  Even though today the stars are over exposed, the tradition continues.  One reason why I love the Oscars is because of the history of filmmaking and fashion is a big part of that.  In the past, the stars wore either clothes they owned or what the studio costume designer like Edith Head designed for them.  One memorable moment in Oscar history is when Claudette Colbert showed up in her traveling suit after winning for “It Happened One Night”.  She was so sure she wouldn’t win that she was on board a train to New York when she was brought to the award ceremony.

I found myself intrigued more than ever to watch last night’s red carpet show because of the female actors, like Reese Witherspoon, who launched the #askhermore campaign.   Taking to social media, actresses are requesting that reporters ask them more compelling questions than “Who are you wearing?”.  You saw some change, not from the E! Network, but, there was promise for a brighter future.  We will always want to know what the actresses are wearing but that can be answered without making them feel obsolete.

Each year the stars are criticized for not taking enough risks and being boring.  Viewers long for gowns that are works of art, amaze us, and become iconic.  So what’s the verdict?  Which celebrity made your best-dressed list?  There were a lot of surprises and some let downs.  I found myself having to go back and review a lot of the gowns before making my mind up about them.  I felt that, unlike pervious years, there was a lot of originality, fewer trends, and more risk takers.  For instance, only Marion Cotillard could wear a 60’s mod Dior gown and not look like she’s wearing a puffy sheet.  Even though most dresses stood on their own, there was still a lot of red and sequins, but that’s to be expected for this event.  After a lot of back and forth, here is my complete list of the best dressed of the night.  Leave a comment below if you agree or disagree and let’s discuss!

#1. Lupita Nyong’o – Calvin Klein

Oscars Best Dressed - Lupita Nyong'o

It took 6,000 pearls to complete Lupita’s stunning dress and it paid off.   When I first saw this dress, it was a very up close shot and I wasn’t in love with it.   I couldn’t believe it was by Calvin Klein who is notorious for their clean simple silhouettes.  But as I saw her from afar posing for photos, I could see how elegant and dramatic it was.  She was the only one there who could pull off this dress.

#2. Rosamund Pike – Givenchy

Oscars 2015 Best Dressed List

Red was definitely a popular color for the night but no one did it better than Rosamund Pike.  I loved the delicate lace, hourglass shape, and sexy slit.  It was sophisticated, elegant, and felt modern.  It crossed the lines between Jessica Rabbit and Grace Kelly.  She may not always be on my best-dressed list, but last night, she delivered an unforgettable look from head to toe.

#3. Emma Stone – Elie Saab

Oscars 2015 Best Dressed List - Emma Stone

Emma Stone wore one of my favorite eveningwear designers, Elie Saab.  I was on the fence all night about whether or not I liked the color.  Regardless, the color suits her personality and the silhouette is too stunning to not be on this list.  I am looking forward to more award seasons with this gal.

#4. Julianne Moore


I was shocked when Julianne Moore stated that she was wearing custom Chanel instead of her usual Tom Ford.  Even though I prefer this red headed beauty to wear color like emerald, this was a stunning dress on her.  Was it my favorite thing she’s ever worn?  No, but it fit her like a glove, it had the right kind of sparkle, and it looks great with the accessory of the night; an Oscar.

#5. Jennifer Lopez – Elie Saab


Jennifer Lopez is known for showing a lot of skin in a very tight dress but she is smart enough to know that for the Oscars you need to tone it down.  This sparkly Elie Saab gown showed enough skin in front but left enough to the imagination.

#6. Marion Cotillard – Dior Haute Couture


This name has been put on and off my list about ten times.  What is it about this dress that I love so much?  Only Marion Cotillard could wear this pillowy silhouette and pull off the 60’s mod girl silhouette.  This white eyelet Dior haute couture gown was a little too reminiscent to her perfect 2008 Oscar dress.  I can let that go only because there is no one like her and Marion always takes chances and is true to her personal style.

Best Looking Couple – Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter (Lanvin)

Handsome, talented, and well dressed, Sophie Hunter is one lucky woman. Sophie Hunter may be new to the red carpet but, if this is what she wears when pregnant, I can’t wait to see more of her beautiful style.


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