5 Steps to Cure Your Monday Blues

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Have you ever heard anyone say, “Yay!  It’s Monday morning”?  That is because no one ever thinks it!  Lately I have been having such a great weekend that when Monday rolls around, I wake up in the worst mood.  Too often we meet Mondays with the negative lyrics:  “It’s just another manic Monday, I wish it was Sunday”.  Catchy? Yes.  Helpful?  No.  Of course we all wish it was still the weekend, but we need to find a way to approach Monday mornings in a more positive way.  It doesn’t help that you wake up to Twitter messages and memes about how miserable everyone else is as well.  Instead of mourning your weekend and all of the fun times you had, look to the new week as a fresh start.  It’s not a punishment; it’s a new beginning.  If you think about it, we choose to be miserable about our Mondays, so as an alternative, why not choose to be happy?  Thanks to these five simple steps, you are going to start off your week on a high note.  Soon, when Sunday nights roll around you’ll be saying, “Is it Monday yet?”.  Hope you find these inspiring so that you can take charge of your week with a positive outlook.


Step 1: Rock Out

Every Sunday, put together a playlist that will get you up and moving the second the alarm goes off.  If it’s a new mix, it won’t get boring and it’s something to look forward to.  This is a trick I’ve been using since high school when we had (gasp) clock radios!  I can assure you that it works.  Plus, a little dancing when you’re brushing your teeth is great cardio.


Step 2: Always Be Prepared

This is a big one.  Have your outfit a ready to go when you wake up.  Also, try it on the night before.  There is nothing worst then having your heart set on wearing your favorite red dress, only to find a big stain on it.  Don’t forget to plan ahead with your accessories and shoes.  I have been late many a morning because I am staring at a row of shoes unsure of which ones to wear.

Make sure that you set the coffee pot to start brewing when your alarm goes off.  If you aren’t a coffee drinker, have your juices or tea set up to refresh you for the morning ahead.  Also, put aside your lunch and snacks the night before.  Have the bag prepared and in the fridge so you can just grab and run.  Go the extra mile and cook a dish in a crockpot so you have leftovers for the week.  This way you will have something delicious to look forward to for lunch.


Step 3: Transportation

Every Friday, make it a habit to refill your metro card.  Just by standing in the long metro card line can put you in a bad mood, or worse,  make you miss your train.  Think that’s no big deal?  How often on Monday mornings are the trains running smoothly?  By refilling Friday on your way home, you won’t have to wait in any lines. It is the little things that will keep stress away and make you a happier Monday morning commuter.


Step 4: Try A New Look

A lot of times, we save our best fashion and beauty looks for later in the week or only for the weekend.  How about wearing your fabulous new outfit on Monday?  You’d be surprised at how excited you’ll be waking up that morning when you get to wear new purchases.  If there is a beauty look or new hairstyle you’ve wanted to try, reserve it for Monday as well.  Just make sure you practice them that weekend so you aren’t running late to work.


Step 5: Have Something to Look Forward To

If you want to hang out with your friends during the week, why not pick Monday? You’ll spend the day at work knowing that you have exciting plans to look forward to.  Whether it’s drinks, dinner, or a meeting for a gym class, it will start your week off on the right foot.  If you enjoy spending time with your co-workers, set a Monday lunch date in the break room.  No work talk, just gab about your weekends and the exciting things you have coming up that week.


If you are not interested in going out because you want to pace yourself, you still have things to look forward to.  Wait until Monday to start a new book, TV show, or project. This way you’ll have something new to read on your commute.  If you drive to work, you can listen to a book on tape or a podcast.  Also, think of how excited you’ll be to get through your Monday so you can go home and binge watch that new show on TV or to start that DIY project you pinned earlier.


Now that you have these five steps, get ready to enjoy your Monday mornings and start the week off right!


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