Meet JUNGWON Outerwear


Last week I was introduced to a fabulous collection, JUNGWON.  What is unique and exciting about this line is that they strictly design raincoats and outerwear.  When I visited their pop-up shop in Tribeca, I was met with a sea of colorful raincoats that will brighten up any rainy day.   After having the opportunity to speak with designer June Sohn, I was immediately taken in by how stylish the designs were for such a practical and functional item.  Each style is unique with fun details, like a neon chord to tie the coat, so that you can be seen in stormy weather by cabs and bikes.  Besides their chic style, all of the raincoats are waterproof, windproof, wrinkle free, and breathable.  It will make your morning commute in NYC, or wherever you reside, much more enjoyable.  You will be protected from the wind and rain and still look fabulously fresh all day.  An added bonus is because of their light fabric that doesn’t wrinkle, this coat is perfect for the fashionable traveler.

The coats come in various colors from neutral black and beiges, to vibrant blue and orange.  The bright colors are all eye catching, but my favorites were from Sohn’s spring collection of pastel hues like powder blue, blush, and pale yellow.  In fact, I left the store with my very own pale yellow sleeveless trench with a fabulous puffy collar. My favorite thing about the raincoat I picked out is that it doesn’t even need to be raining for me to wear it.  I have recently become obsessed with sleeveless trenches, so when I saw that they created coats sans sleeves, I was totally on board.

JUNGWON has taken a classic twist on your typical raincoat.  Even though the styles are on trend, they are everyday timeless pieces that you will have for years to come.    If you are a coat lover like me, I suggest you check out JUNGWON.  If you are in the New York area you can visit JUNGWON’s pop-up shop at 49 Warren Street or visit the website for additional information:

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Finally, a picture of the coat I chose.  Remember, I am eight months pregnant so proceed at your own risk…


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  1. That rain coat is super cute! Living in Vancouver (Canada) I am always on the lookout for stuff that keeps me dry and doesn’t make me look like I’m wearing a plastic bag lol! Thanks for sharing!


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