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Hello, Friday! Do you have any fun plans this weekend? I personally hope that the weather stays this lovely mixture of warm and cool. As of right now, I have no plans and I am trying to enjoy the peace and quiet before the baby arrives. I cannot believe that we’re almost at Memorial Day weekend! Time is flying by. There is still a lot to do before my little guy arrives and I need this weekend to get things organized and checked off my to-do list. The baby’s room is nowhere near organized and, because I am nesting, it is driving me crazy. While my husband plays golf, I will be enjoying some personal time with all of my guilty pleasure shows on the DVR. It may seem trivial, but it is exactly what I need to unwind. That’s pretty much it for us, laying low and enjoying every moment of it. Hope you all have a great weekend and check back in next week for some Memorial Day Weekend themed posts you don’t wan to miss. In the meantime, here are some links that I discovered this week that you should check out! Make sure you’re following Eat Shop Live NYC on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram if you aren’t already!

SAVE LIKE A FASHIONISTA: Even the most stylish women in the fashion industry like to save money when they can. Find out what fashion industry girls buy at Target.

IRIS: Last weekend I went to the documentary, Iris, about the legendary fashion icon Iris Apfel. She is a real spitfire who is not your typical fashion lover. If you can’t see it yet, hopefully this Vogue interview with Iris herself will tide you over.

TRAVEL IN STYLE: If you follow fashion bloggers on their site or Instagram, you see that they love to travel. This is an interesting piece on how style bloggers are changing the travel industry. Will this change how you travel?

TASTY DELIGHTS: I have always wanted to live in a world where it was acceptable to have afternoon tea with all of the trimmings. That is why these recipes for petit fours and Earl Grey Madeleines are right up my alley!

TIDY UP: When spring rolls around you change your wardrobe and clean out your closet, but what about your blog? This is a helpful article that shows even your blog needs a good spring-cleaning.

THE NEXT BIG THING: I can’t deny it anymore; Snapchat is here to stay and it’s time to get onboard. I consider myself social media savvy but it’s good to find these helpful tips on how to conquer Snapchat like a pro.

Happy weekend!!!

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