Currently Coveting: Scalloped Edge

If you’re looking for a feminine piece to wear this summer, then look no further than the scalloped edge.  Flirty scalloped hems are the perfect way to embrace a summery outfit, especially if you’re traveling to the seaside.  Just don’t overdo it; make sure you limit yourself to one scalloped item when putting together your ensemble.  A little goes a long way, but it is a lovely detail that can really elevate a look in a very minimalist sort of way.  The style is versatile and effortless.  It’s a trend that can easily pass as a classic piece.  I highly recommend you give it a try this season!


Currently Coveting: Scalloped Edge Currently Coveting: Scalloped EdgeCurrently Coveting: Scalloped Edge



1. Kate Spade – Sweetheart Scallop Necklace |  2. Asos – Scallop Trim Cross Body Bag | 3. Dorothy Perkins – Scallop Hemed Shorts | 4. TopShop – Striped Scallop Mini Skirt | 5. Kate Spade – Brittany Leather Slides | 6. Daisy Street – Scallop Dress | 7. Double Zero – Scalloped Romper | 8. Victoria Secret – Scalloped Bikini Top | 9. Victoria Secret – Scalloped Bikini Bottoms | 10. Oasis – Crochet Scallop Hem Top


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