Currently Coveting: Mules

Today’s Currently Coveting post is all about my favorite footwear: mules.  We may be going through a bit of a heat wave right now, but last week there was a crispness in the air that made me think that fall isn’t far behind.  So, I thought it was the perfect time to talk about my love for mules.  They are the perfect shoes for transitioning from summer to fall. They look great with skirts, shorts, and jeans; you really can’t go wrong styling your mules.  Mules have a look like boots but, because they aren’t closed around your foot, you can still wear them when it’s on the hot side.  Since they are a favorite style for fall, there are dozens of stylish mules out there right now.  I’ve rounded up my favorites, plus, I will be styling them in a lot of my upcoming fall posts.  Hopefully, you won’t get sick of them because I never could!

Currently Coveting: Mules Currently Coveting: Mules
Currently Coveting: Mules


1.  J.Crew – Marlow Mule | 2. Mango – Suede Mules | 3. Asos – Hendon Mules | 4. Vince Camuto – Annetta Mule | 5. Kate Spade – Imma Sandal | 6. Banana Republic – Jolyn Mule  

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