Fashion Must-Haves For Fall

Fashion Must-Haves For Fall Fashion Must-Haves For FallFashion Must-Haves For Fall
Fashion Must-Haves For Fall



 1. CAMEL COAT:  This time of year, I always invest in a new coat. Winter can be long and cold and by the end of it you can be sick and tired of your outerwear.  That is why I like to start off fall with a new coat; it gets me excited for the colder days instead of dreading them.  If winter depresses you, good news!  Brighter colored coats are in and my favorite color of the moment is the chic and elegant camel.


2. SATCHEL:  There are no rules about what bag you should be carrying for fall, but we do tend to need more stuff this time of year.  That is why I love carrying a larger bag and I am a big fan of this satchel. It’s versatile, sleek, and perfect for carrying around and organizing my crazy life.


3. TURTLENECK:  When choosing a warm layer, make sure that a turtleneck is high on your list. Sure it’s a classics, but it seems to be a very popular choice for your go-to sweater this season. Wear it with wide leg pants, a mini skirt, or underneath a sleeveless dress.


 4. SWEATER DRESS:  I love dresses and cold weather doesn’t keep me from wearing them.  I am very happy that sweater dresses are making a comeback this season because nothing keeps you warmer than chunky knitwear.


 5. SUEDE BOOTS:  Fall and boots go together like peanut butter and jelly.  They don’t make sense without each other.  Since suede is trending right now, it only makes sense that you invest in a great pair of suede boots.  Whether they have a short or tall heel, over the knee, or a bootie, you should have at least one pair in your closet.


6.  DANGLY EARRINGS:  Out of all of the accessory options, I have always favored earrings.  This season, I am happy to say that long dangly earrings are making a comeback and I couldn’t be happier.  Dangly earrings can be delicate or make a statement.  Either way, they are a fabulous accessory that will only elevate your style.


7.  MINI SKIRT:  Because the 70’s are influencing fashion right now, mini skirts are in.  Whether you wear them flared or straight, this style is coming in all kinds of prints and colors.  Wear them with tights, tall boots, and a turtleneck and you will be a street style star in no time!


8.  WIDE LEG TROUSERS:  I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I am not happy that bellbottoms are in-style right now.  That being said, if I am going to break away from my skinny jeans, I am definitely on board with the wide legged pant trend.  They are sophisticated and elegant.  I highly suggest you get a pair in white, but if you aren’t ready for that commitment, any color will do.




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