A Few of My Favorite Things for October

A Few of My Favorite Things For October

Just when I was finally getting used to September and the end of summer, October arrived!  I love the month of October; it is full of spices, pumpkins, and crisp fall days.  The only thing that would make me happier is if I had a fireplace in my apartment to cozy up by.  I truly cannot believe that we are only three months from the end of the year.  To get myself prepared for the holidays, I always like to take the month of October nice and slow.  It seems the closer we get to the holidays the busier life becomes.  It’s nice to spend these crisp fall days inside with your loved ones baking apple pies, starting a fun DIY project, and reading a great book.  Now that I have a baby, I cannot wait for the days that we carve pumpkins and the excitement of Halloween.  As we’re now well into the first week of the month, I think it’s about time I share with you a few of my favorite things for October.  I would love to hear what’s on your list, so don’t be shy and leave a comment!

HALLOWEEN:  I may never have really liked the holiday myself, but children make this event even more fun.  I am definitely not one for dressing up, but I cannot wait to put Cooper in a costume.  He won’t remember a thing but I only have a few Halloweens before he starts calling the shots so it’s time to have some fun.

TRICK OR TREAT:  While some may love to dress up, my favorite part of Halloween is the treats.  I have always had a weak spot for candy, and if you live in NYC then you have to make a visit to Economy Candy.  It is a tiny store jam packed with every candy known to man.  It isn’t cutesy like other stores; it is an old-fashioned candy shop.

HOME GOODIES:  Curling up with a book and some tea by the fire is my favorite fall day activity.  As I mentioned above, I am lacking a fireplace.  However, candles are the next best thing and I am now obsessed with Diptyque’s beautiful scents.

DAMON THE MARTIAN:  Let’s go to the movies!  Around this time, the films that are vying for an Oscar start to trickle into theaters.  Last weekend Martian was released and, even though I have a fear of being lost in space, I really want to see this one.  If you’re on the fence, check out the podcast Movies & Films with Johnny and Friends to hear what our guest reviewer thinks of the film.

BUNGEE BALLET:  I need to get serious about working out now that I am over my recovery stage after giving birth.  I have a wedding and the holidays to get through and I want to look my best.  I recently tried a new Pilates workout where they combine ballet moves with bungee cords.  Let’s just say I am in pain and it’s awesome!

NECK SCARVES:  Make a statement this fall with my favorite new accessory: silk neck scarves.  This style has flown under the radar for too long and now it is their time to shine.  I am very fortunate to have inherited lovely silk scarves from my grandmother, but I suggest you visit your local vintage shop and find the perfect one to rock this season.

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