A Few Of My Favorite Things For December


A Few of My Favorite Things for December


We have made it to the final month of the year!  I love everything about December!  The holiday season is very special with lots of fun parties where you get to dress up, listen to Christmas carols and watch classic movies like these, make cookies, and decorate a tree.  The best part is, no matter how cold it can be, New York City is beautiful this time of year.  Next month all of the lights and decorations will come down and we’ll be left with a gloomy grey winter.  But now, everything is lit up with a beautiful magical glow.  So, how do you spend this month?  Do you have any special traditions?  I know that some may be a bit of a Scrooge, but take this time to really spend it with those you love because soon it will be a whole new year!  Here are the things that I am loving this month, and I’d love to hear your favorites as well.


FESTIVE TREATS:  When I was a kid, my mom would go to a Christmas cookie exchange party and would bring home a basket full of goodies.  This year, I want to start a tradition with my family by having a day full of cookie making.  It’ll be nice to have treats around the house but also to give away as gifts.


ONLINE SHOPPING:  Unless you want to go and see the Christmas windows, which I highly recommend, I suggest you spend your shopping days in your pjs.  The holidays can be a very stressful time and, with the crowds, it’s so much easier to get your shopping list done at home.


A TIME TO GIVE:  Even though I love finding items for my family and friends, I believe that the best gift you could give is a donation to a charity of your choice in their name.  We all have a lot of stuff so why not spread the love?


CHRISTMAS MOVIES:  I am a total sucker for any holiday special.  Even the really bad Hallmark movies where all of the lead characters names are Holly and they’re about the same thing.  Check out The Christmas Card, it was filmed in my hometown! Here is a list that our movie reviewer Johnny Pomatto did last year.  What is your favorite holiday movie?  I love them all but if I had to choose it’d be A Christmas Story.


SANTA VISITS:  Now that I am a mother, it is my duty to take my little one to meet Santa.  I know it can be stressful.   What will he wear?  Will the lines be horrendously long?  Will he scream the whole time?  Regardless, it is a fun thing to do with your family.  I hear that Bloomingdales and ABC Home are a must for a really great Santa.


HOLIDAY PARTIES:  Every year I look forward to holiday parties.  What’s not to love; getting dressed up, all of the decorations, people are in good moods.  It’s a fun time for all and a great excuse to wear sequins!   Coming up I will have some fun style guides dedicated finding you the perfect holiday outfit. So stay tuned!


TRADITIONS:  I think the most important part of the holidays isn’t gifts; it’s spending time with each other.  I love creating holiday traditions, whether it is a catch up lunch with a friend (you know who you are), decorating the tree while watching your favorite movie, going to watch a tree lighting and listening to carolers.  Forget the crowds, the pressure of finding the right gift, or any other stresses December can bring.  Just have fun!




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