Holiday Gift Guides: For the Man in Your Life

Why are boys so hard to shop for?  It would be so much easier if they liked clothes as much as big screen TVs.  Whether you’re shopping for your boyfriend, husband, brother, or dad, it can take some time to find a gift that they really need.  The way I approach the men in my life is that I start the year doing undercover detective work.  I listen for hints and see things that are missing from their lives that they might benefit from.  I am sure it may not be as fun as, let’s say, a new Playstation, but it’s the thought that counts, right?  If your guy wears a suit for work, why not find some fun socks or a tie that will brighten up his look.  A tie is only cliche if he doesn’t wear or like them.  All men need to shave, so why not sign them up for the Dollar Shave Club?  They will receive razors in the mail every month for a very low price.  If you’re lucky enough to have a guy who loves to cook, a wonderful  cookbook is a great idea because you can use it together.  If all else fails, a bottle of his favorite Scotch is the way to go, trust me! I always find that a pair of sunglasses or a new wallet really brings a smile to someone’s face.  It is something they will use every day and they may not think to replace it themselves.  Take a look at this holiday gift guide I have put together and hopefully you’ll find the perfect thing for the man in your life. Remember next year to keep an ear out for what they need and write it down so you don’t forget.  You can thank me later!


Holiday Gift Guides: For the Man in Your Life Holiday Gift Guides: For the Man in Your Life Holiday Gift Guides: For the Man in Your Life Holiday Gift Guides: For the Man in Your Life


1. Lagavulin | 2. Jimmy Lion – Socks | 3. Everlane – Modern Lane Backpack | 4. Tumi – Monoco Wallet | 5. J.Crew – Leather Flask | 6. Club Monaco – Plaid Shirt | 7. J.Crew – Dotted Scarf | 8. Club Monaco – Donegal Edward Hat | 9. Dollar Shave Club | 10. Hugo Boss – Leather Gloves | 11. Eton of Sweden – Tie



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