It Bag For Spring: Zara’s City Bag

If you’re going to carry one bag this spring, make it Zara’s City Bag. This is Zara’s signature bag and every season it is re-designed to be better than ever. There are three different styles to choose from and I really can’t decide which color to get. Maybe I should just get all three? My favorite element of these designs is the two-toned color. You can carry one in nude and white, navy and white, and a light to dark pink variation. Since I primarily wear white, navy, and nude, these bags will go with my wardrobe seamlessly. Other than their color, the size is also why I’m drawn to it. I always tend to carry less with me when it’s warmer because I don’t need as many accessories like hats and gloves. I have only just scraped the surface of the fashions being offered for spring, but I do know that this is what I will be carrying around this season. It is sophisticated, polished, and practical; all things that I look for when choosing my spring bag. Wear it with white jeans, a shift dress, or shorts. It’s very versatile and you’ll get a lot of use out of it. So what do you think? Is this the bag of your dreams, because it sure is mine!


Visit Zara to get your very own City Bag!


It Bag For Spring: Zara's City Bag It Bag For Spring: Zara's City Bag

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