A Few of My Favorite Things for March

A Few of My Favorite Things For March


It’s March!!!!!!!! This means that, even if it’s still cool out, we have gotten through the dreary boring winter months. Put away your puffy coat because March is all about getting ready for spring to arrive.   Flowers will be starting to bloom and trench coats will be the new outerwear of choice. As for me, there will be some traveling back and forth from New York to California. I am looking forward to spending more time outside with the little one; being cooped up in a tiny apartment with a baby is not fun. But now that it’s warming up, not only will I be outside more but I will be getting ready for spring fashions. I’m just now starting my spring shopping so stay tuned for a month full of stories about what to wear and do this month.


WHAT TO WEAR: It should be no surprise to you that I will be posting a lot of style guides focusing on spring fashions. After all, a new season is very exciting for us shopaholics and, I think, we should start now by browsing for a new trench coat.


INSPIRATION: I get most of my style inspiration from street style pictures and my fellow bloggers.  A new season of fashion can be a bit overwhelming.  That is why I like to create a mood board with images I have found in magazines or on blogs.  It really helps to keep the ideas organized and to be your very own stylist. Don’t forget that Pinterest is also a great way to compile these images; just make sure you’re following me.


GET ORGANIZED: March is a great time to do a little spring-cleaning!  This may be a dreaded event for some, but it’s a great way to clean out the clutter, get rid of that sparkly top you’ve had since your club days, and get organized.  If you need some help getting started, check out this article I did for tips on doing it right.


WHAT TO DO: Like I said, being stuck indoors during the wintery months can be brutal. That is why, when the weather starts getting warmer, all you want to be is outside.  Here are fun activities that are being held this month in the city that you can enjoy with your friends, significant other, or family!


IN BLOOM: I absolutely love flowers and, even though I’m allergic to a lot of them, it’s wonderful to have fresh flowers in my home. I thought it could be fun to take a class in floral arranging like this one.




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