Currently Coveting: A Trench Coat for Spring

Let’s talk wardrobe essentials.  There are a lot of items that are necessary for every woman’s closet.  If yours doesn’t have a trench coat, that has to change right now!  When I think must-have-for-spring, I immediately think of a trench coat.  That is why it is being featured in today’s Currently Coveting post.  Just because it is spring, doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods when it comes to cold weather.  We still need layers, especially for those April showers, and a trench coat is just what we need.  This coat is classic, chic, and elegant.  It polishes any outfit and outerwear is always the first thing people see.  Most trenches come in classic khaki, and it’s by far my favorite color for this coat.  But while doing my research, I found several different colors like blush, grey, and navy that really spoke to me.  Take a look at my top choices for trenches to add to your closet this spring.  No matter which color you choose the results will always be timeless and chic.

Currently Coveting: Trench Coat Currently Coveting: Trench Coat


Currently Coveting: Trench Coat






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