12 Dresses for Spring

After a long winter of covering up, it’s that glorious time of year when we can wear dresses with bare legs!  It’s a liberating feeling that I cannot wait to experience.  Every girl needs that secret style weapon she can use when she needs to look her best.  For me that is a dress!  There is nothing out there that makes me feel as good as I do when I have a dress on.  I wear them year round, even when it’s below zero outside.  Of course I get the most enjoyment out of the style when it’s warmer.  To me, there is nothing more freeing then wearing a dress.  It definitely puts an extra pep in my step and my confidence soars.  Not only is it comfortable, when it is accessorized properly, it is appropriate for work, nightlife, and chic events.  Basically, it is the most versatile piece that I have in my closet, and it’s a rare day when I’m not wearing one.  In my opinion, everyone needs a throw-on-and-go dress.  It’s an easy, one-piece outfit that you can just throw on when you need to leave the house in a pinch.  Not only are dresses easy to wear, but also the style options are endless due to the variety of silhouettes, patterns, and colors.  You can find a dress that is sexy, edgy, feminine, sophisticated, or casual.  There is a style for anyone to embrace, rock, and love.  You just need to discover the dress of your dreams, and I suggest that you start with these fabulous finds.  I am always on the lookout for new dresses, so it wasn’t hard for me to do the research for this post.  Now that it is spring, there are so many choices out there for any and all occasions.  As for me, I am looking for a great weekend worthy shift dress that is casual but not frumpy.  Happy shopping and I can’t wait to hear from you which of these is your favorite!


12 Dresses for Spring12 Dresses for Spring 12 Dresses for Spring12 Dresses for Spring







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