Currently Coveting: Embroidered Detail

There is something about the warmer weather that makes me gravitate towards festive patterns and fabrics.  I have always had a soft spot for embroidered garments, and there is no better time to wear them during the spring/summer season.  Blouses, skirts, and dresses all etched with detailed designs make me smile.  Often times when you think of embroidery, it conjures up visions of your grandmother’s furniture.  However, recently designers have taken a more modern approach and incorporated this art form into their collections in a youthful way.  A lot of times the embroidery is created on loose fitting garments.  While I rarely wear boho inspired clothing, there is something about these flowy decorated styles that look lovely.  Most of the pieces that I found had floral designs. I also loved the flamingo shoes below.  There are a lot of fun ways to wear this trend.  For one, embroidery on a white shirt or blouse really elevates the look.  Secondly, I love to carry embroidered bags.  It’s a fun way to bring color and texture to your outfit.  I will definitely be giving this trend a try this season, but first I needed to round up my favorites to decide how I’ll be wearing it.  Which one of these do you want to add to your spring/summer wardrobe?



Currently Coveting: Embroidered Details
Currently Coveting: Embroidered Details
Currently Coveting: Embroidered Details


Currently Coveting: Embroidered Details



1. H&M – Embroidered Blouse | 2. Glamorous – Cold Shoulder Dress | 3. H&M – Embroidered Skirt | 4. Mango – Embroidered Panel Dress | 5. Soludos – Smoking Slippers | 6. J.Crew – Embroidered Top | 7. Madewell – Embroidered Mini Dress | 8. Asos – Palm Tree Clutch | 9. Madewell – Embroidered Blouse | 10. Club Monaco – Elasaid Denim Skirt | 11. Mango – Embroidered Envelope Bag

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