What’s in My Diaper Bag: Traveling Essentials

Traveling with a baby anytime soon?   Whether you’re going by train, plane, or automobile, what you pack for your little one is very important.   Motherhood has changed me a lot and one way in particular is what’s in my handbag. In fact, I rarely get to carry a purse anymore. I just cram my personal belongings into Cooper’s diaper bag. When we go on a trip, what I put in that diaper bag is very important. If I left his soother behind there would be hell to pay. This year alone we’ve flown four times. After each trip I feel like a get a stronger grasp on exactly what I need to pack to survive. Since we’re approaching the summer, I am sure many of you have some vacations planned.   Let me help take some stress away with my list of essentials that will make your travel time a lot easier.


My Diaper Bag Travel Essentials My Diaper Bag Travel Essentials
My Diaper Bag Travel Essentials


1. SkipHop – Backpack Diaper Bag | 2. Lamaze Clip and Go | 3. Aden and Anais – Burp Cloths | 4. Honest Company Diapers | 5. Travel Wipes | 6. WabbaNub Monkey Pacifier | 7. Tea – Romper | 8. Aden and Anais – Dream Blanket | 9. Moby Dick Book | 10. Munchkin Teether | 11. JellyCat – Giraffe Soother | 12. BabyGanics – Hand Sanitizer | 13. Happybaby – Puffs | 14. Tucker + Tate – Striped Hoodie



Let’s start with the most important item, the diaper bag. I have a great tip for you. Instead of a typical shoulder bag, get a backpack! It’s easier to carry around especially if you have your baby strapped to you.



You don’t have to take every toy your baby owns, just his favorites. An important thing to keep in mind is how versatile the toy is. Does it make noise? Can he chew on it? You don’t want something too loud so not to disrupt the other passengers. But let’s get real. A crying baby is disruptive. Board books are a must have. Whether you read or just look at the images, it can be a good distraction. Here’s a little tip. The week before you travel, hide away their favorite toy so when you give it to them on the plane it’s more exciting.



I am always freezing on a plane so it’s important to keep your little one comfortable. Have a sweater and a blanket so that they’re cozy and warm. Also, bring a change of clothes because accidents happen. Diapers, wipes, burp cloths go without saying but I had to include them. Always bring one more than you think you need of these items. Babies are very messy especially when you add solid foods to the mix.



A soother! Whether they love their pacifier, teddy bear, or blankie, a baby’s soother is a necessity. I never take Cooper’s out of the house but when we travel it is my secret weapon.


Happy travels!

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