How to Wear White After Labor Day

I know, I know, no white after Labor Day. Who made up that stupid rule? In my opinion, in fashion, there are no rules. Being a stylista is all about self-expression, and we shouldn’t allow anyone to tell us what we should and shouldn’t wear.   The idea of retiring your whites after Labor Day is outdated. I love wearing white in the fall and winter just as much as spring and summer.   When it comes to transitioning white into your fall wardrobe, remember that it’s all about the fabric. Lighter summer fabrics like linen, eyelet, and seersucker are too delicate. Make sure you stick to chunky wool, cashmere, and leather. Textures are key in any fall outfit especially when you wear a lighter hue. Also, mixing white with a dark contrasting color like burgundy, navy, and black will help you achieve the perfect fall look. To further prove that white should be a staple in your fall wardrobe, take a look at the three outfits I put together. Hopefully this will convince and inspire you.



How To Wear White After Labor Day

1. Madewell – Meridian Striped Cardigan | 2. Clare V. – Clutch | 3. J.Crew – White Jeans | 4. Madewell – Black Crepe Tank | 5. Sole Society – Black Bootie


How To Wear White After Labor Day

1. Mango – Polka Dot Sweater | 2. Gigi New York – Claire Clutch | 3. Mango – Cut-Out Skirt | 4. Peyton William – Vera Earrings | 5. Vince Camuto – Lavette Bootie


How To Wear White After Labor Day

1. J.Crew – Jackie Sweater Shell | 2. Zara – City Bag | 3. Zara – Polka Dot Trousers | 4. Jigsaw – Cardigan | 5. L.K. Bennett – Sersha Pump

What’s in My Diaper Bag: Traveling Essentials

Traveling with a baby anytime soon?   Whether you’re going by train, plane, or automobile, what you pack for your little one is very important.   Motherhood has changed me a lot and one way in particular is what’s in my handbag. In fact, I rarely get to carry a purse anymore. I just cram my personal belongings into Cooper’s diaper bag. When we go on a trip, what I put in that diaper bag is very important. If I left his soother behind there would be hell to pay. This year alone we’ve flown four times. After each trip I feel like a get a stronger grasp on exactly what I need to pack to survive. Since we’re approaching the summer, I am sure many of you have some vacations planned.   Let me help take some stress away with my list of essentials that will make your travel time a lot easier.


My Diaper Bag Travel Essentials My Diaper Bag Travel Essentials
My Diaper Bag Travel Essentials


1. SkipHop – Backpack Diaper Bag | 2. Lamaze Clip and Go | 3. Aden and Anais – Burp Cloths | 4. Honest Company Diapers | 5. Travel Wipes | 6. WabbaNub Monkey Pacifier | 7. Tea – Romper | 8. Aden and Anais – Dream Blanket | 9. Moby Dick Book | 10. Munchkin Teether | 11. JellyCat – Giraffe Soother | 12. BabyGanics – Hand Sanitizer | 13. Happybaby – Puffs | 14. Tucker + Tate – Striped Hoodie



Let’s start with the most important item, the diaper bag. I have a great tip for you. Instead of a typical shoulder bag, get a backpack! It’s easier to carry around especially if you have your baby strapped to you.



You don’t have to take every toy your baby owns, just his favorites. An important thing to keep in mind is how versatile the toy is. Does it make noise? Can he chew on it? You don’t want something too loud so not to disrupt the other passengers. But let’s get real. A crying baby is disruptive. Board books are a must have. Whether you read or just look at the images, it can be a good distraction. Here’s a little tip. The week before you travel, hide away their favorite toy so when you give it to them on the plane it’s more exciting.



I am always freezing on a plane so it’s important to keep your little one comfortable. Have a sweater and a blanket so that they’re cozy and warm. Also, bring a change of clothes because accidents happen. Diapers, wipes, burp cloths go without saying but I had to include them. Always bring one more than you think you need of these items. Babies are very messy especially when you add solid foods to the mix.



A soother! Whether they love their pacifier, teddy bear, or blankie, a baby’s soother is a necessity. I never take Cooper’s out of the house but when we travel it is my secret weapon.


Happy travels!

Weekly Finds

Weekly Finds |


RIP:  First David Bowie, and now music icon Prince has passed away.  His music will live on forever and there will not be another like him.  Raise your hand if you are watching Purple Rain and blasting his albums all weekend.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUR MAJESTY:  Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the big 9-0!  The celebration has only just begun but the best part has to be these gorgeous photos taken by Annie Leibovitz.


PIN OF THE WEEK:  Never know what shoes to wear with your outfit?  I stumbled upon this article on Pinterest, and even though it’s a bit dated, I love Who What Wear’s tips on what to wear with every shoe color.


FASHION ICON:  Grace Codington sat down with Refinery 29 about maintaining that infamous red hair, Vogue, and more!  Is it just me, or does Grace seem totally down to earth and chill?


DIY:  I stumbled on this inspiring article by Sugar & Cloth about creating a garland for over your chandelier.  I mean how beautiful is this?  And it is so perfect for spring!


FOR THE HOME:  I have wanted to do a gallery wall in my apartment for a while now.  I need to collect prints and find the best frames and layout.  Love Taza has amazing style and, after seeing her gallery wall, it makes me want one even more!


SUPPER TIME:  Cooper is almost 10 months old and solid foods are becoming a big deal in our lives.  I am constantly looking for new and fun ways to make sure Cooper gets his fruits and veggies.  I am hoping that one of these cookbooks will motivate me to start thinking outside the box for meals.


BRUNCH:  Going to brunch on the weekends in NYC is practically a requirement.  However, why go out when it could be so easy to host your own brunch?  Don’t know where to start?  Don’t worry; Glitter Guide will help you out!


That’s a wrap for this edition of Weekly Finds.  Check out my posts this week like guest blogger Johnny Pomatto’s review of The Jungle Book and 12 Dresses for Spring.  Have a great weekend!


Weekly Finds



While brainstorming my upcoming weekend plans I discovered that there is snow coming our way!  I suppose I was naïve to think that we were out of the woods and on our way to spring; I was so wrong.  I am so over sweaters and wintery layers.  I have purchased so many things for spring, I want to start wearing them.  If you’re in the same boat as me, check out this post I did a little bit ago about wearing your spring purchases in winter.  My original plan this weekend was to go to the park with my family and take my son to the playground.  We’ve been cooped up for way too long and I am sick and tired of it.  Regardless of the weather, I still plan on making the most of the weekend.  On that note, I am bringing back an old favorite post today, Weekly Finds.  This is where I share with you all the links I discovered this week that inspired me in some way.  Taking care of a baby 24/7 makes it difficult to spend lots of time on the computer.  However, in order to keep the creative juices flowing, I need to make time for it.  I hope you all have a great weekend and check back next week for even more fashion inspiration.


ACTIVITIES FOR TOTS:  My favorite mom blogger, Love Taza, did a story this week recapping a build-your-own tree house model event.  While the event date has passed, I think it’s a great project to do with your kids and is easy to recreate at home.  So, while it’s snowing this weekend, get the kiddies together and see who can build the best tree house model.

DIY:  Easter is just around the corner and that means it’s decorating time.  Whether you have a small child or not, it’s fun to use your creativity to bring a holiday to life in your home.  This DIY project teaches you how to make your very own flower pressed eggs.  They are beautiful and it’s a project I can’t wait to try.

THE OSCARS OF FASHION:  This week, the CFDA nominations were announced.  Find out here which designers have been selected for the coveted fashion award and pick who you think should win.  While we wait eagerly for the majority of winners to be announced in June, certain winners have already been announced.

STARTING THEM YOUNG:  Now that I have a baby, I’m shopping for two.  As spring fashions are out, I am spending a lot of time looking for the perfect outfits for my stylish offspring.  Here are some adorable outfits to put in your shopping cart that are unique and fun for your little fashion miss or mister.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  For a year I have been coveting these Joie Kidmore Sneakers.  In fact, I have featured them several times on my blog, like here and here.  Now I am happy to say that I finally pulled the trigger and added them to my shoe collection.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK:  You know what they say about New York, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”.  If you’re going to live in the city, you have to dress the part.  This article gives you the lowdown on how to dress like a New Yorker.




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Currently Coveting: Winter Accessories

Today’s Currently Coveting post is all about a major fashion necessity: winter accessories.  Now this season has been a bit confusing.  One day the weather is in the fifties and the next in the thirties.  I am not one to complain about a warmer winter, but I don’t think it’s going to stay that way.  That being said, we need to have a plan of attack and that means stocking up on winter accessories. Good news is that, due to incoming spring fashions, most stores are having sales on these items, so it’s the perfect time to buy.  When picking my new winter accessories, I keep certain things in mind.  I want accessories that keep me warm and are unique and stylish.  When you’re bundled up the first think people see are your accessories.  So I am all for making a statement instead of picking dark colors that will just blend in.  Have fun with prints, colors, and texture.  My favorite styles right now are faux fur accents, sparkly embellishments, and the classic blanket scarf.  Anything that makes you stand out in a crowd of black coats is good in my book.  I have rounded up a few items that I love and think would complement any winter coat from a wool variety to a puffy marshmallow style.  The ultimate goal is to stay warm, but there is no reason why you can’t be cute at the same time!

Currently Coveting: Winter AccessoriesCurrently Coveting: Winter Accessories Currently Coveting: Winter Accessories Currently Coveting: Winter Accessories


1. Kate Spade New York – Felted Hat | 2.  Mm6 by Maison Margiela | 3. Humble Chic – Plaid Blanket Scarf | 4. La Double 7  – Blanket Scarf | 5. Spyder – Faux Fur Fingerless Gloves | 6. Zara – Faux Fur Snood | 7. Club Monaco – Cheska Headband | 8. Club Monaco – Blena Hat

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Weekly Finds

Links I Discovered This Week


Usually every Friday I post my Weekly Finds and share with you stories and brands I have recently discovered.  However, I have decided to change things up a bit.  In case you’ve missed it, four wonderful months ago, I had a beautiful baby boy.  Cooper has changed my life for the better and, until today, I haven’t found a place for him and my role as a mother in this blog.  I have decided that from now on I am going to dedicate my Weekly Finds to mommy specific articles.  What I have discovered since I became pregnant is that you never feel more alone and stuck on a desert island.  But we moms aren’t alone, and it’s time I start connecting with my readers about what I am really going through on a day-to-day basis.  So without further ado, my little boy Cooper turned four months last weekend.  I cannot believe how fast time as flown by.  Everyday he is changing and growing more confident and independent.  It makes me so happy and yet so sad for the days where he just laid in my arms all day.  This week was a fun one; we had a few play dates and I actually got to have my very own date night with my husband.  I encourage all of you moms out there to do this as much as possible.  Spending time with your husband is key and It’s amazing how little of a priority it becomes.  In other news, the weather was beautiful in the city.  I can’t believe I was walking around yesterday in short sleeves.  I definitely did not let the nice weather go to waste, Cooper and I practically lived in Central Park.  I am looking forward to this weekend.  We have some plans but mostly I am looking forward to getting some time for myself.  Do any of you mothers out there struggle with wanting to leave the baby with your husband for some R&R and spending it all together?  There is a balance out there and I plan on finding it this weekend.  So, without further ado, here are the mommy links that I discovered out there. When it comes to being a mom, the Internet can be your worst enemy.  But when you are in need of some advice because you’re confused, scared, or just tired, it can be your best friend.


BRANDS I LOVE:  I have recently discovered the store Sweet William.  It is a bit on the pricey side but it has some beautiful clothes and toys.  Considering how messy kids are, this stuff can be extravagant.  But every now and then it’s fun to splurge on something special and unique.


DECISIONS, DECISIONS:  Are you a working or stay at home mom?  Let’s get one thing straight, either way you are working, it just looks different.  I am choosing to do a part time work situation.  Right now spending 70% at home and 30% at work.  This article really helped put my choice in perspective.  Just remember that sometimes we have a choice and sometimes we don’t, but no matter what, we need to respect each other.


PIN OF THE WEEK:  The way we talk to our children is key and this article breaks down exactly how important communication is for their development.  I particularly like the part where it says that parents think because they are bad at math they have no business teaching it to their kids.  I totally related to this.


FOODIE IN TRAINING:  Next month I will be starting Cooper on solid foods.  With most milestones, we feel inclined to study up on all of the pros, cons, strategies, and trendy methods.  I may not be one of those research heavy moms, but this is something I want to get right.  If you are in the same boat as me, hopefully this article will help.


BLOGGERS I LOVE:  For a while now I have been in an avid reader of the blog, Love Taza.   Naomi is a stylish mom living in Manhattan and raising her three kids.  I look up to her with awe and I will probably feature her weekly in this section.  Today’s post I am sharing with you is all about her experiences with the company Blue Apron.  I have heard a lot about them and I love how she is using it to keep her little one entertained.  Do you use Blue Apron?  Would love to hear what you think!


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A Few of My Favorite Things for April



Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief because April is here!  I am a spring baby so whenever the flowers start blooming, the sun is shinning, and my puffy coat is packed away, I am one happy girl.  We got through the winter and even though there may be some chill in the air and rain in the forecast, it’ll be a piece of cake compared to slushy snow.  Since we are starting a new month, I wanted to share with you what items I am loving right now.  With Pinterest and my favorite bloggers, there are so many things out there that I am inspired by.  I really want to hear what’s on your list too!


Pretty in Pink

I may not always leave the house wearing makeup, but if there is one thing I always apply, it’s lipstick.  Lip-gloss is too tame for me; I prefer a bold matted color and this month I am all about pink!  From Chanel, to YSL, to MAC, there are so many different hues of pink that I am excited to wear this month.  (click on image for options)



Fresh Flowers

No more gloominess calls for colorful, pretty flowers.  If you’ve noticed on Pinterest or Instagram, bloggers love to have fresh flowers everywhere.  Now I do not have a green thumb, but I do want to be better about having flowers in my apartment regularly.  They add color and life to your home, who doesn’t like that?



Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Opening day of baseball season is right around the corner, and it may surprise you to know, but I love going to the ballpark.  I can’t stand watching baseball at home; it’s like watching paint dry.  But there is just something about spending the day outdoors watching a game, drinking beers, and eating food that is bad for you that I just love.



Chop it Off

I have talked about it in the past that I am ready for a new hairstyle.  Right now, it’s too long and unkempt.  Everyday a new celebrity is chopping off her hair and I am ready to jump on that bandwagon.  Not sure how short I will end up going, but I’m ready for a fresh new haircut to go with spring!



Piperlime Forever

Very soon Piperlime will be leaving us.  I recently visited the site and there are so many cute spring fashion items, from floral prints to pretty pastels, I want it all!  It’s going to be hard to see Piperlime go away and only the dropping prices will ease my pain.  Are you a Piperlime shopper?  If so, what retailer will take its place for you? (click on image for Piperlime’s new arrivals)



Strappy Spring Heels

We all love boots, but let’s face it, after a long winter, we need some time apart.  No matter how warm it gets in April, I am ready for any shoe that let’s our skin to breathe.  Whether it’s a mule, strappy heel, or an espadrille, it’s time for a new look! (click on image for direct link to shoes)


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